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    I prefer a rack model, but a toaster will also be considered. I also prefer an unpowered unit, but likewise, a powered unit will also be considered. Beggars can't be choosers :)

    Thanks & best wishes.

    @pamplemousse - I've got a waterproof SBK guitar case which I plan to use as a surfboard ;)

    @Monkey_Man - With regards to alcohol I can take it or leave it, as I've already had more than my fair share during this lifetime :D

    @Kulle_Wumpenteich - Thanks for the link, I'm a bit confused where I would connect the Kemper, don't I need both UPS and surge protection? But it's the kind of thing I will investigate :thumbup: "Output ports: 4x Schuko CEE 7 (Battery Backup), 4x Schuko CEE 7 (Surge Protection)"

    About where to purchase, I was thinking more about if something went wrong with the unit, how I would rectify it? It would be better to buy in Europe and then make sure it runs flawlessly for a few months, but on the flip side it's a pain in the butt to travel with gear.

    And good tip about proof of ownership, I need to investigate all the gotchas!


    I'm thinking about spending a year or two in Indonesia doing some music projects and I am tempted by the Kemper Profiler.

    My question is about price and troubleshooting any initial problems that may arise, so should I bring a tested and functioning unit with me from Europe or buy one there? Also I have heard the electricity supply is a little unstable, so what measures should I take to protect my Kemper?

    Finally, if anybody want's to hook up just let me know, I am a songwriter interested in connecting with unsigned talent, or just hanging out :)