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    Ok, so I know how to send midi pc # to an external effect for say favorite recall per rig But Im trying to figure out sending CC # via expression pedals. Can I only send the CC listed for morph, volume, wah and pitch ? How would I change the CC# sent ? pasted from manual here...

    Transmitting Pedal Controllers for Morphing, Wah, Volume, and Pitch
    to Two External Devices
    The four pedal controllers for Morphing (control change #11), Wah (control change #1), Volume (control change #7),
    and Pitch (control change #4) can also be sent via MIDI to those two external devices configured on the “Perform
    Mode: MIDI” page in System Settings. This works even if the expression pedals are connected to the PROFILER
    directly, or to the PROFILER Remote.

    New reverbs are pretty insane. They can actually be used as well. This still doesn't have the sorting of effects the way the video described unless I missed something. For instance if I pick ionissphere on type then browsE on presets it still goes throuGh everything

    It would be great if Rig manager would duplicate the tree folder structure of whatever folder you decide to use on your computer for rigs. As it is If I drag and drop my rigs folder to local in RM it syncs all the rigs with no folder structure and I would need to go create each folder individually. Ridiculous. This Should sync as well so that when organization or clean up happens on the computer it gets synced with Rm.

    In RM I've got two mains folders "Live" and "Studio" of 30 rigs or so each which consist of all my favorites mostly already tweaked and sorted by gain, 90% of what I use at any given time is somewhere in there.

    For the rest, since I mostly use the profiles of two commercial profilers these days, I've got a folder Vendor 1, Vendor 2, "Others" (mostly from rig exchange and other vendors), and one "Effects" (which are rigs where just a specific effect have been worked out like a cool shimmer or whatnot) Then a sub folder for every amp within each vendor.

    Inside the profiler, I just keep the content of those two folders "live" and "studio", so 60 rigs or so and the 10 or so performances I use most of the time.

    Do Your folders and sub folders in rig manager match what is on your pc and how did you get there ? Do we have to recreate every folder in rig manager ? Any easier way ?

    Is there any easy way to duplicate my local folder structure in rig manager without creating each individual folder in rig manager ? For Example, my pc has a folder RIGS inside that I have THEAMPFACTORY and inside that I have 56TWEED which has those rigs. IF I drag the rigs folder to local library it copies all the rigs but no tree folder structure just a million rigs.

    I havent really been using Rig manager to its full potential. I would like to get more organized with my rigs and possibly slim down whats on the profiler knowing I can easily access or add back rigs. I think the thing Im missing most is the clear understanding of what folder structure on the PC translates to what in the rig manager. Not much in The video tutorial on this front. Is there only one folder level allowed in rig manager ?

    Thanks for taking the time to post. This was very helpful to me. Really was just trying to wrap my head around how I should be utilizing the spdif more as Im thinking of doing some more recording and in doing so some reamping as well. This helped me to do Just that and more. Thanks again !

    Im a bit of a newb when it comes to Spdif though I get that it transmits digital audio . What might be some typical ways I would want to take advantage of it in recording and or reamping vs just analogue ? Why the input on the kemper as welI as the output? I have a focusrite 18i8 .with ins and out as well. Thanks in advance.

    You cannot connect it directly to the Remote. You can put it between the guitar and KPA, or in an FX loop.

    Use it in the FX loop. Then in the Stomp section but the effect Loop Distortion on.

    I realize the sound doesn't travel through the remote. I guess perhaps what I meant was is there anyone who has found an overdrive they like controllable via midi and the effects loop or other means of using an external overdrive in conjunction with the remote that works well for you.

    I have a yam dxr10 which is pretty good and extremely loud as may be required for some. I think the highs can be a bit brittle or piercing and not quite so pleasing to the ears yet it seems fairly accurate. I now own the dynacord axm12a which I like better and is not so easy to get in the US. and not exactly cheap either. It does seem to be more accurate and revealing of profiles to me yet very pleasing to the ears in a lightweight powered wedge solution. More than enough volume as a monitor for Church Venues. Iflat ts also very versatile and comes with many inputs and dsp for flat response, FOH , and two monitor versions. There is also a 4x12 guitar cab sim that sounds terrible in my experience but maybe with some other modeler straight into it ?

    Yah, but it would also give me a backup of everything except for a foot controller (using a HD500x). I'm thinking that the Alto may be more versatile, and may not require me to tweak as much, going between FRFR (the XiTone) and a PA speaker, than going FRFR to cab. I've never used anything made by Alto though, so I'm a little hesitant.

    I wasnt saying the Alto is a bad idea, more like the opposite. a back up amplifier for that much that isnt likely to get used in other ways I dont thinks is great idea. A powered frfr could be used a million ways. Lots of positive reviews for the Alto around but i have no experience.

    I think the thing is the iem show more accurately how much difference there really is in the profiles. Try to to get your lead tone to set out front via eq as well and not just volume boost.

    Thank you for this contribution. Seems mostly all has been said about how great these are. Dynamic. I will say this, having never owned a real Marshall I never really understood the hype, sure I knew the sound, and was able to get there to cover it via other means mostly. Even with the profiler, the other profiles had that classic sound but just seemed lifeless and uninspiring to me. Now I get it. These have that classic sound and the dynamics of the real Amp. Well done