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    I was rummaging around in a draw for something else and found--an SM58 which I haven't seen for about 10 years.
    Plugged it in and it worked fine but had quite a low signal. Think I'll profile my JC120 with it and some different profiles with various condensers
    and see which sounds best.
    Hopefully pick the KPA up tomorrow, the girlfriend is getting back from France tomorrow as well but I know what my attention will be on:)

    Thanks for the replies.

    It's a MK1 pedal so only has the rj45 connector on the back, no usb or midi so it doesn't look hopeful.
    I may just bung it in part-ex along with my Pod HD when I get the Kemper unless anybody knows how to set it up with it?


    Hello all,
    Nice to be here.
    I hope to be a Kemper non-powered rack owner by next week but have a question.

    Will my Line 6 FBV Express pedal work with the Kemper?
    I've had a little through the posts but it seems a bit indefinite.

    Thanks for any help,