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    I give up. I tried again so many times this morning. Amp in the other room. Different mike positions. Different settings on the amp. No effects, not on the Kemper, not on the amp. Refining profile several times... I also bought the VM2266 profiles from Andy, they don't sound like the original either. Too much bass, not enough attack, hard mid... I'm just gonna keep the Marshall and not sell it anymore.

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and your help.

    Hi Per, Thanks for the useful tips.. I'll try all of that.

    The problem is that the result doesn't sound anything like the real amp. Nowhere near. It sounds harsh. The other amps I mentioned gave no problem. Just put a mike in front, start profiling, and it's done. And it sounds the same. Not so with the vintage modern. I love this amp because it sounds so sexy, so classic 70ies. I like to turn up the mids on this amp. Tried to mike it with several positions. I also realize the speakers are a big part of the sound, but I'm hooking up the Kemper to a G12H speaker, as where the VM2266C have internal G12C speakers (close to G12M), so the difference is not that huge in my humble opinion.

    A variable number of slots in Performance mode. A system parameter that lets you define the number of slots you have in a performance (which of course, depends on the foot controller you use: one with 3 programs per bank, one with 4 programs per bank, ...).
    Generating the right midi program change depending on this value (if for example 3 programs per bank: performance 1 slot 1 = pgm chg 1, performance 1 slot 2 = pgm chg 2, performance 1 slot 3 = pgm chg 3, performance 2 slot 1 = pgm chg 4, ...)

    I don't get it. What about renaming the perfomances according to the setlist? This is what I do.. If you need 6 or more sounds, use 2 or more perfomances.

    It feels complicated to me

    I also have this need, as I mentioned in an earlier post. Not complicated at all to me. Just make a new parameter in the system menu, which lets you define the number of slots in a performance (let's say between 1 and 5). And then dynamically calculate the midi program number needed per slot, based on that new parameter. Peace of cake.

    The Digitech Harmony Man, which I used to own, allows you to vary the key of the song you solo on, by listening what comes in on the sidechain input. Practically speaking, another guitar player (or keyboard player for that matter) could play the chords, and be hooked onto your Harmony Man in the sidechain input, and the key would change automatically by following his chords. This is really a great feature! Would it be possible to add this feature to the Harmony Pitch plugin (which has very good audio quality by the way), by using for example the alternate input?

    I know he also used an Aiwa tape recorder as a preamp, which influenced his sound. I realize it will be impossible to get his sound entirely, but I think and hope that a Marshall Major would get me closer already. I think my Strat is OK after discussing with many Blackmore freaks. It's a Mexican 50ies model but the tremelo is diecast iron and I changed the pickups with Custom Shop 69 Fender pickups.

    Here's a great reference: : 16th Century Greensleeves (Rainbow) - listen especially to that neck pickup sound!

    Thanks for your help!

    You can already stipulate how many rigs you have in a performance. Just leave the ones you don't use blank. Send the appropriate midi messages when you switch to another performance and you should be good. No rule that you have to use all five rigs in a performance ^^

    I tried that, doesn't work X( If I leave a rig slot empty, the corresponding program change will redirect to the slot in the first position of the performance. That's not at all what I want. Since my foot controller has only 3 patches or programs in a bank, if I go to the second bank, the first patch will generate a program change of 4. I'm in my second song (second bank) on my foot controller. In the Kemper, I would still be in the same performance (same song) and initiate rig slot 1. I want to be in the second performance, first slot!

    First of all, congrats for this magnificient piece of work! I am quite a purist concerning my sounds... I was quite sceptical about the sound quality of the Kemper, being a non-tubes amp. I have to say I'm very impressed!

    I have a new feature request. Performance mode has been designed for pedal boards that have 5 buttons. There are 5 rig slots per performance, meaning you can have 5 sounds per song. Some pedal boards however have 3 or 4 buttons per bank. This is a serious problem when you want to use that pedal board. For example, I have a GR-33 with 3 patches per bank. It doesn't send bank select midi messages. The first bank sends program change 1, 2 and 3. The second bank sends program change 4, 5 and 6. And so forth. It would be nice if those 3 patches correspond to 3 rig slots in a performance.

    What I propose is the following. Right now, when receiving program changes in performance mode, you apply the following formula to assign the program change to the right performance and rig slot:

    (#performance x 5) - 5 + (#slot - 1)

    If you have a new system parameter called "Number of rigs per performance", going from possible values 1 to 5, this would help many users who have already a pedalboard and who want to continue it to send program changes to several devices at the same time. The new formula would be:

    (#performance x "Number of rigs per performance") - "Number of rigs per performance" + (#slot - 1)