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    Hi all, hope everyone is safe and sound. Just gotta new Mbox 3rd generation interface and it has word clock Midi, Spdif connector that you need a breakout cable, I can get the breakout cable just wanna make sure that it works just as a regular spdif cable for reamping, anybody tried ? thanks in advance. stay safe. cheers.

    Hi all, just wondering before the release of the editor , there was a rig pack with all the delay effects on there, now it's gone, I have the latest rig exchange and editor installed and no where to be found. even under the stuff with Bill Rupert and all. I only ask because there was an old profile called Boo Hotel with the most beautiful clean and delay profile, now no where to be found. just thought I put this up, maybe someone knows. thanks in advance. cheers.

    Hi all. the two windows at the top where the vertical shows the folders and the rigs and the horizontal next to it where all the profiles are are so small. is there a way to make them bigger ? no view option in rig manager and usually in cases like this you can put the mouse at the bottom of any window to become a two pointed arrow and make things bigger, you can't do it in the rig manager ? is there an option ? thank so much cheers.

    Hi all. hope all is well. I updated my rack Kemper to 7.1.5 which is the latest version, than downloaded and installed the latest rig manager which is 3. and now when I start rig manager it says your profiler needs a newer update , 7.1.6 , this might take a few minutes to arrive. that version does not even exist. what am I doing wrong ? Paults ? Ingolf ? thanks so much in advance. cheers.

    Hi all. everything works when I go into rig exchange I can test all profiles within everything, but when I go to All Presets and Preset Pack > Kemper Factory, I cannot double click and have kemper switch to that profile like it does with every other profile. it only happens in All Presets and Preset Pack, funny enough it was working 2 nights ago now all of a sudden... any ideas ? greatly appreciate your time. cheers. Ed

    Hi all. now I have done reamping with my Kemper and it was pretty good, and I did it with SPDIF too but I am just curious as to what result I get if I go with an active DI box and a Re amp box. like the ones that Radial have. than you would just treat the Kemper as a regular amp, and I wouldn't have to mess with the reamp sense and all the other inputs and outputs that you have to setup. I wonder if you can still click on different rigs in the rig exchange to change sound on the fly. sorry if I sound like a noob, but I am . :-) any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. cheers. Ed

    sorry about the noob question. If you are recording a bass profile, one clean and one distorted, do you just use the DI and then reamp later if necessary, this is for metal and rock music. should i just record one clean profile and one distorted profile instead of DI ing it ? thanks in advance. cheers.

    Hi folks. Is SPDIF only for Reamping or do people usually record their guitars with it anyways because it has the cleanest signal, as they say ? Do you guys just use 1/2 jacks ? even in big studios, well known bands they just use 1/2 jacks unless they are Reamping ? thanks in advance. cheers.

    If you want a copy your rigs just use Rig Manager backup or export . All data are in users\"username"\AppData\local folder but they are in database so you cannot just extract rigs from database.

    Hey Damian thanks for the reply. so you are saying, even if I login to my Rig Manager account on a new computer everything will still be there ? like google Drive or something ? I am getting a new computer so that's why I was asking, thanks again. cheers.

    Hi all. a noob question most likely, but when you create personal folders and you add profiles to them on the rig manager software, where do they reside on the computer, on PC anyways, I went to C drive, both program files and program files (x86) they both have kemper amp folders but none of them have all the profiles that I have in rig manager, where are they ? I am on windows 10 64 bit by the way, thanks for your help in advance. cheers. Mehdi