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    I think there is a problem with balancing Volumes when the MIX parameter is 100% wet.

    New reverbs are loud , and there is no way to set their WET level .

    It is problematic in a the situation when we want to use new reverbs as synthetic sounds.

    When we turn off the effect, the level of the guitar signal is much lower.

    An additional Volume parameter would be helpful to set the levels accordingly with the effect turned on and off.

    Did you set MIDI Base Ch and MIDI PC Rx in line 6 to MIDI In? :


    "MIDI PC Rx Determines whether the HX Effects device responds to incoming MIDI program change (PC) messages from its MIDI IN port, via USB, or both MIDI and USB. If you don't want your HX Effects device to respond to PC messages at all, set this to "Off.""

    Connect all like this:




    Read manual how to set PC changes in performance slots and set KPA external device port to MIDI thru.

    It still dos not work in this configuration?

    Does FCB works now connected with KPA only?

    Here is an updated list of FX types and number of clicks (for KAOS 6.0 firmware ) :


    Wah Wah=1

    Wah Low Pass=2

    Wah High Pass=3

    Wah Vowel Filter=4

    Wah Phaser=5

    Wah Flanger=6

    Wah Rate Reducer=7

    Wah Ring Modulator=8

    Wah Freq Shifter=9

    Wah Formant Shift=10

    Green Scream=11

    Plus DS=12

    One DS=13



    Fuzz DS=16

    Metal DS=17

    Treble Booster=18

    Lead Booster=19

    Pure Booster=20

    Wah Pedal Booster=21

    Bit Shaper=22

    Recti Shaper=23

    Soft Shaper=24

    Hard Shaper=25

    Wave Shaper=26

    Graphic Equalizer=27

    Studio Equalizer=28

    Metal Equalizer=29

    Stereo Widener=30


    Noise Gate 2:1=32

    Noise Gate 4:1=33

    Vintage Chorus=34

    Hyper Chorus=35

    Air Chorus=36

    Micro Pitch=37


    Rotary Speaker=39



    Phaser Vibe=42

    Phaser Oneway=43


    Flanger Oneway=45


    Pedal Pitch=47

    Pedal Vinyl Stop=48

    Chromatic Pitch=49

    Harmonic Pitch=50

    Analog Octaver=51

    Single Delay=52

    Dual Delay=53

    TwoTap Delay=54

    Serial TwoTap=55

    Rhythm Delay=56

    Quad Delay=57

    Legacy Delay=58

    Crystal Delay=59

    Loop Pitch Delay=60

    Frequency Shifter Delay=61

    Dual Chromatic=62

    Dual Harmonic=63

    Dual Crystal=64

    Dual Loop Pitch=65

    Melody Chromatic=66

    Melody Harmonic=67

    Quad Chromatic=68

    Quad Harmonic=69

    Spring Reverb=70

    Natural Reverb=71

    Easy Reverb=72

    Echo Reverb=73

    Cirrus Reverb=74

    Formant Reverb=75

    Ionosphere Reverb=76


    Legacy Reverb=78

    Loop Mono=79

    Loop Stereo=80

    Loop Distortion=81

    Yep, midi trough is turned on. 🤔

    And I first tried to connect it like that but it did something totaly weird. It did not receive the right messages at all in the HX. Somehow the KPA changed the the midi-info to complete different so I had to try this and it was the only way to get the right info to Line6. 😕

    Try to use PC changes in the slots - and connect Line 6 to MIDI THRU.

    In my previous post I pasted instructions from the manual how to do it.


    41 Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo

    2 MIDI ThruWhen on, MIDI OUT also acts as a MIDI THRU; that is, it passes through any MIDI messages received at the MIDI IN jack.

    Did you tur on MIDI Thru option on HX ?

    I think it is better to connect Line 6 MIDI in to KPA MIDI thru. You can use then PC command send on every slot in the performance. You can also remap PC changes for HX in the performacnes.

    From the KPA Manual:

    2) Compared to now, you could directly send via Ethernet without MIDI and additional HW.

    I agree - what I'm talking about is MIDI via ethernet like RTP MIDI so you don't need additional hardware .

    What are the benefits? You can use MIDI in almost every DAW withouth the need of special plugin. Or you can write your own plugin to automate MIDI . I bet even the RM could work with such connection instead of USB.

    I think with remote protocol you could only emulate remote behavoiur. Sure you can emulate similiar results with the morphing. But you can't send the patch to FX module A for example saved with your DAW session(with use of the CTRLR plugin for example). Whole KPA concept (rigs , presets files )are based on MIDI .

    1) Document the Ethernet communication protocol -YES

    2)You could throw away the MIDI layer of complexity -NO

    I belive Remote has a fixed logic - it sends only what was pushed and whole bonanza is in the KPA itself.

    MIDI allows you to decide what to switch with the controller button. You can achive more advenced and custom switching with MIDI.

    I would preffer MIDI implementation over ethernet like RTP MIDI.

    Never tried this(I doubt it will harm your KPA - this is just forcing old FW flashing) but your KPA system was very old and maybe upgerade did't went well. If you have some worries - send a support ticket.