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    I think the guy behind the deep machine learning scientific paper is working with ndsp. Tre results of his work was promising. This is next step in this paradigm of profiling but with different aproach to the problem. I dont know if it will be better or worse. The most interesting part is that does this algo is working well in the regions where KPA does not working well. Maybe this will "drive" our alien technology friends to upgerade some algo... Who knows . Competition is a good thing for consumer.

    I don't understand what's the matter if a simple guy just do a simple comparison!!its not a pro comparison obviously!!I used 8 profiles from the Granophyre pack against the Neural guy above is saying that to do a comparison you should take a profile from the neural. First of all I DIDN'T try or wanted to match the sound but I wanted to find wich one was more organic and has this amp sound. If anyonewant to match the sound should profile the vst..!no problem..I did it to enjoy the sound and anyone could tell his preferences. Mine is the sounds better and you can understand this from the second part of the recorded tracks, the fast riff. The Kemper sounds better, more organic, I expeced to be more obvious but it didn't!!Also I play metal, I recorded simple chords with gain about 5-6 out of 10 and a faster part..Sinmix do the same but he is a pro..ok !! I am not telling this to compare myself with Sinmix..but complaining for everything? come on..its not the 3rd world war, its a videofor fun and maybe someone could find it helpful!!And also where is the problem with the noobs..

    It was a joke - everyone besides a SinMix are noobs :P ;)(I am not good at jokes.)

    Honestly I had much better acoustic sounds from my PRS 22 Piezo

    Off course you will have better tone from piezo.

    The piezo transducer is based on vibration and not on the signal from electromagnetic pickups. It is obvious that it will sound better because the simulation is for electromagnetic pickups. If you have piezo - use piezo. Why bother with simulation? You will never get better resutls then with piezo pickup . I see it in this way(soundwise) :

    - electric guitar with neck humbucker + SIM is worst then

    - electric guitar with neck single pickup + SIM is worts then

    - electric guitar with piezo pickup is wost then

    - acoustic guitar with piezo pickup is worst then

    -acoustic guitar with mic + preamp + good room

    In my PRS there is a push pull Vol Pot which is rewire humbacker's to singles(only one section of the humbucker is working), and you can get best results with neck single coil pickup :)

    Call me stupid... but why ?

    I think it is becouse of the input signal structure. Humbuckers tends to tame high frequency content. And the bridge pickup have less low frequency content. Simulator use existing frequency content to simulate AC guitar sound. If there is no high or low frequency in the input signal there is hard to shape this low level signals. The AC sound is based mostly on Low body resonance and High strumming sound(

    this is obviously a big simplification).

    Nope, you're not wrong. At least I hope so.

    It should make the piezo in my PRS P22 redundant.

    I'm afraid your Piezo will sound more natural then simulator. It is just harder to reproduce something that it is not avaliable at the signal input. Piezo takes more sound from the body then the magnetic pickup.

    Yes you can :


    The Whammy uses MIDI Program Change commands for effect selection. Effects can be selected in either an active or bypassed state. The following illustrations show the MIDI Program Change mappings for Classic mode and Chords mode.Effects MIDI Program Change Mapping (Classic Mode)When set to Classic mode, the following illustration outlines the Program Change commands recognized by the Whammy and the corresponding effect setting and its status.

    MIDI CC messages can then be used to control the Whammy Expression Pedal position.

    MIDI Continuous Control Using MIDI continuous control commands, the Whammy’s Expression Pedal position can be remotely controlled. MIDI CC11 adjusts the Expression Pedal position. A value of 0 on MIDI CC11 corresponds to a toe up position and a value of 127 corresponds to a toe down position.…ac1/pdfs/Whammy_OM_EN.pdf

    Whammy 4 manual :…hammy.html?page=13#manual

    Sending PC (changing slots in performance mode ) from KPA will turn on/off desired function on the whammy. Just set PC number on the desired slot in performance mode in KPA .

    You can use Pedals to MIDI feature to send CC11 message (morph in KPA) to controll whammy pedal position.

    I see no reason not to do it as long as you are happy with the sound you get.

    In a mix, most people might not even be able to tell the difference. You're always going to have the cork sniffers that demand everything be done the old fashioned way, but if we were worried about that, we wouldn't be playing through Kempers, now would we?

    If you can't tell the difference between sim and a natural acoustic in your mix, you're definitely not a cork sniffer and definitely you shouldn't deal with mixes ;) Cheers!

    Thanks @DaleOz , @CPHfx ! :)

    I'm not a good guitarists 11014-blush-gif I recorded guitars using the ORTF method in an ordinary living room.

    The sound is mainly due to the bell like sound of Furch ;)

    @CPHfx I think acoustic and electric guitar piezo doesn't need acoustic simulator.

    The sound from piezo sounds already sufficiently acoustic.

    I think simulators are designed for electromagnetic pickups.

    I watched the work on this simulator (I keep my fingers crossed for it) and tried to do the simulation myself using simulator profiling. Until I bought an acoustic guitar and a pair of stereo microphones. THIS simply has no comparison. Of course, sim is useful in stage conditions. But in the studio I'd rather use acoustics. I will post this example of my Furch guitar and NT5 rhode pair. The sim's are lacking of all the body and sting

    resonances and this is unavoidable by any sim. Try tapping an electric guitar...…ndemic_thoughts.mp3?raw=1