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    Anyone that uses any synths or vocoder? I believe they're the only type of sounds not included in kemper. Anyone know is at anypoint is the intwntion to bring them in?

    I do use it, but not in pedal form. In the studio I use the Jam origin guitar midi and then soft synths (NI, Arturia, etc.) and for vocoder Izotope vocalsynth. Never felt the urge to use these type of effects live. But I still have a TC Helicon voicelive that has vocoder and thinking of buying the Boss SY-1. I still have an old Roland synth (GR09 with the GK2a pickup) somewhere, but haven't used that for years... Don't think they will be included with the KPA anytime soon if ever.

    My rig is 99% Kemper, but if I want to experiment during recording I dig up a fuzz/drive (OCD, Rat, Visual sound angry fuzz, Source audio kingmaker fuzz or an old germanium fuzz) . For live, the drives in the KPA are all I need.

    hi everyone,

    This is my a quest to get that 60 fuzz sound from the Kemper. I have a few fuzz pedals at home, but no Germanium pedal .

    What I like about that Germanium fuzz sound is that it cleans up well if you turn down the volume knob but also can go to wild territory ;)

    With the built in fuzz sounds I couldn't get what I was looking for.

    So what I did was looking for a Fender style profile , made some adjustments ( increase gain to +- 80%, increase power sagging to max to get that raw sound.

    I used a Top Jimi profile (Fan D'lux Rev 65 Med-2) and a strat (Fender stock '18 player, mim). I made a jam recording.

    only used the 2nd position (bridge+middle PU) clean is volume on 3, crunch volume on 6 and slowly increased it to full.

    Forgive the playing errors, it was to test if this works.

    So far I'm happy with the first results, but my question to you is if you have any tips to get that clean sparkle and the fuzz madness like a germanium fuzz gives.

    Very surprised the KPA reacted so well to volume changes.:)

    currently not playing gigs, for my home recording studio having the kemper on my desk and remote on the floor is the easiest. Else need to bend down all the time. However if I get back playing live, I will order it straight away.

    Last Saturday evening I was in my home studio profiling and I accidentally deleted a profile. As a good practice I always make a backup so I decided to perform a restore and nooooo….. (long echo) … I got an error about missing framework blah die blah and to contact support.

    A bit worried because this behavior remained after reboot attempt.

    I contacted support and expected to not hear anything the next few days. Oh boy I was wrong… on Sunday I got already a reply.

    Now I missed that message because Gmail marked it as spam.

    TIP: you will get a confirmation that your support request is registered, so if you don’t get a reply… check your spam folder.

    After one more mail exchange I got the permanent fix and all was up and running again on Tuesday evening ( day job obligations, you know…pff).

    Big shout out to Kemper support and in particular Burkhard D. , you sir are a life saver! Many thanks! :thumbup:

    Hi Mike, welcome!!

    Too bad you don't like it. I've mine now for several years and enjoy it daily with excellent results.

    I can't relate to all the functional or technical issues you experience, but yeah, a USB cable should be included.

    But if it's not your thing, you can return it and continue your quest to the ultimate guitar tone.

    We live in a great age with all the options :-)

    Cheers ,Arjan

    The advise from hjscheffler is spot on, a better audio interface with coaxial S/PDIF i/o will solve the quality problem.

    I have an 18i8 G1 and my sound is great (but with S/PDIF).
    But for now a few tips to make sure you have the best quality now with your scarlett 2i2:
    - set the 2i2 input to line
    - make sure you do not clip (stay in solid green), if the signal is still to hot, use the "Main Out -12 dB: setting in the KPA Output menu.
    - play on the KPA with pure cab on/off and the panorama option.
    - Also if you use the Focusrite mixer, is the sound muted?

    He probably uses it for, lets say, profiling his own amps and taking it on a session, rehersal, quick recordings, reamps etc... But since he has his signature amp and SL68 made for him by Suhr (as well as Reactive load and bunch of Suhr stuff) he probably has to promote the brand and the gear... Also, he is a go to guy for reviewing a shit load of gear sent by the manufacturer so he cant put Kemper in Line 6 Helix or Mooer Radar demos... :D
    Anyway, he probably uses it, but he is not sponsored or payed by Kemper to say so... And thats the best kind of gear if you ask me... Everyone uses it, because its good and extremly convinient solution, not because the company payed you to do so... ;)

    He used it for sure, he evne profiled his own signature amp :-)..

    If he uses it now.... don't know. He has loads of gear to choose from. Even if he would play a broom I would still follow him, such a classy player!

    New delays? I’ve only heard about the upcoming new reverbs?

    They added some awsome delays a while back ( :)

    added: new pitch shifter delay types Crystal Delay, Loop Pitch Delay, Frequency Shifter Delay, Dual Chromatic Delay, Dual Harmonic Delay, Dual Loop Pitch Delay, Melody Chromatic Delay, Melody Harmonic Delay, Quad Chromatic Delay, Quad Harmonic Delay (details about these pitch shifter delay types and their parameters can be found in the Addendum manual)

    For guitars:
    Acoustic nylon Martin M120 028-043 High Tension
    Acoustic steel: Elixer 80/20 bronze but different gauges depending on guitar model (10-46 to 12-54)
    All electrics: GHS boomers but different gauges depending on guitar model (most are GBL 10-46 ,some strats 09-42 to ES335 11-49)

    I really like the Elixers on acoustic, looking for something better for a nylon string. The wounded string don't last long on this set
    For electric I prefer the GHS after years of EB and D'addario.

    I bought the Music Production bundle 2 in march 2017 (Neutron Advanced, Ozone 7 Advanced, Nectar 2 Production Suite, VocalSynth 1, Trash 2 Expanded, RX Plug-in Pack, and Insight) and use Neurton, Ozone and Insight a lot.
    The others not so much. But Nectar does have some cool features.

    For vocals I use:
    - EQ/Compressor: my DAW EQ/Compressor ( S1 Pro 4 fat channel, love it!) and sometimes a specific plugin if I need a sound (waves SSL for example)
    - some ambient delay or so to make it blend in the mix. I also like the Presonus Convology Reverbs Library but use reverb less and less these days on vocals.
    - sound shaping fx I use a TC voice-live 3 (vocoder, hard tuning) or nectar
    - harmonizing/pitch correction I use melodyne 4, works extremely easy in Studio one.

    Haven't upgraded to Music Production Suite yet. The upgrade price is too much for me now ($399 USD) .
    I do think iZotope have great products and Neutron + Ozone are awesome.

    Ok I did some troubleshooting and found the fix.

    first I rolled back to the Profiler Operating System 5.4.1 Release.

    FX loop worked normal and no issues

    Reinstalled versionPublic 5.5.0 issue reoccurred.

    After going to all the option in the Output setup page 6/6 the Aux In>Main was set to 0.7

    I rolled it back to 0.0 and it works fine again.

    Hi all!

    I’m experiencing two weird “issues” with my KPA. I never have any other FX unit connected with the KPA but this weekend I was playing with the FX loop with no results.

    Here is some background info:

    KPA on the latest FW version ( Public Beta)

    Guitar> input KPA > KPA with SPDIF (44.1 kHz) into USB Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (Gen1) > PC

    In the loop I tried a Zoom G3XN or visual sound fuzz and selected mono loop with default settings ( Mix 100%).

    I tried the zoom with only a delay selected and the FX loop volume is very low (almost not noticeable) and the direct sound bleeds in. Like it’s a parallel config with the fx set very low.

    The other weird thing is I turned the volume of the SPDIF fully down but still heard a sound bleed.

    Anyone any tips?

    I’ve not opened a support ticket yet about this issue as I wanted to do some more research….

    Cheers, Arjan

    I don't know if it is illegal, but it for sure is unethical. Now I doubt he purchased them in the first place, but even if he did, he offers 6 times this "bundle"and has sold it 9 times.
    Who buys 6 times the same profiles? That alone should be an indication of what is going on. And for those 9 buyers, you are part of this too.

    Making good profiles is hard work and should be rewarded!!!! Buy. don't steal them....