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    Could you imagine the reaction of the KPA community if the Kemper team would be like: "Sorry guys!! Couldn't hack it!! So... the editor is not happening... but, here are 3 more reverbs so.... you're welcome! See you at NAMM!"

    I would sell my Kemper and get one of those new Fender Tonemaster amps. They don't come with an editor either lol.

    Thank you very much for the update!

    Launch whenever you like, just keep customers in the loop

    Since it's often difficult to convey emotion or attitude in text, even without language and cultural differences, emoticons are a common way of letting people know that a statement that might be read as insulting was not intended as such. I also made a point of saying that in the last paragraph.

    Yes, you called out the people on the product team, demanding that they give you an exact date for when the editor will be delivered. I explained the difficulty of exact dates, based on 30 years of paying the bills as a software developer. However, there's always something new to learn in this business, so perhaps your demands are based on your own professional experience in some area of technology where declaring and meeting precise delivery dates are the norm.

    Either way, if you felt my statements were condescending, imagine how the Kemper product team would feel about being "called out," a phrase that has its origins in one guy telling another to step outside so that they can have a fist fight.

    I'm asking for transparency and holding Kemper to account for what they announced in January.

    We're paying customers, they should have the courtesy to keep us in the loop.

    Most of this message has nothing to do with the Kemper Editor.

    I called out people on the Kemper product team. Are you on that team?

    And BTW, this: :) after an condescending message is cancer.

    For what it's worth, Rig Manager is fantastic. If that is any indication of the level at which they're aiming for the Editor, I'm all for the wait.

    Having spent a significant amount of time as a developer, it really is beneficial to all for them to get their software right, right out of the gate. Half-cooked software, ala Windows 8, is just more frustrating than it is worth!

    Blog it.

    Kemper announced in January - editor release by end of summer.

    @ Kemper product managers - Why is this release going to be late? What is the new ETA? - a specific date.

    Editor due for release in summer 2019.

    According to Google, summer in the northern hemisphere ends on 23rd September. That's 2 weeks away from today.

    @anyone who works on the Kemper product team -

    Is the editor release on schedule? Will we have it in the next 2 weeks?

    L6 just released the hx stomp. It looks pretty cool! A cut down helix in a small pedal format. :huh:

    It would be great if kemper did a similar thing, maybe just using the perform mode? So you could have a small pedal dedicated for playing only - no profiling.

    I don't use the profiling section ever. I only play other people's profiles. :)

    Just updated.

    Screamer definitely sounds better. LOVE the new mix control.

    Delay in any effects slot is cool - find the delay interface a bit tricky to use. Also all delay presets have vanished =(

    Love my Kemper. Any time I'm GASing for an amp, I can just go and get a profile. GREAT.

    But, I recorded some stuff today with my Blackstar HT-1R through the emulated out and it sounded and felt better than my favourite profiles (Carr, Marshall, Friedman) *wince*


    What a monster amp. As long as you get your gain staging right, it's phenomenal.

    Anyone else use this thing?

    Between 3 amp factory profiles -

    'LP Carr S6v clean+' for jazzy cleans and mild crunch. Boost with pure boost for really well guitar volume and tone controls.

    'A 1987x Full' for chewy Marshall crunch. Perfect blend of a jcm800 and a plexi.

    Friedman Browneye Full amp with 'A 1987x Full' cabinet - more aggressive and stiffer with a faster attack than the 1987x.

    Top one is the Carr