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    I am 53 years old and my vision is not as good that it used to be, so when i am in stage with my Kemper and remote, i have to duck to read the screen. This is neither good for rock and roll, nor for my back :D

    I have the idea of get a tablet (Ipad), with a midi interface, conect it to the Kemper and try to read the midi commands when change presets so I can get the preset name of performance and the names of the profilles assigned in the five buttons of it. That is the idea, but no idea of how to make it ^^^^ I Know that midi designer 2 app let you design a interface in Ipad with buttons rollers... etc to send and read midi commands to any midi device and make you own control surface for your midi device, so it can be a good start point.

    Some idea?

    Thank you

    Me too. Same problem. SPDIF output here. Looks like the cabsim changes with the patch changes when looper are active and there some recorded in the looper (the sound changes in the recorded sound of the looper,the live sound in the guitar is normal)

    Let's see if someone can think of something:I have a Behringer controller with the UNOforKemper chip. I use the morph to make a booster by modifying the rig to my liking for solos (+ volume, + gain, slightly EQ modify, delay ...), and I activate it by pressing the same preset button on the pedal board that is set (so switch between the two modes you have set the morphing for that preset). Everything works perfect, but I have no way of knowing visually in which of the modes I am, in the screen of the Kemper only comes a thin line in morph mode that I cant see at two feet. I would like to have a led, screen color change or some way of knowing if I am in solo or rhythm mode (often it is not something evident in the sound with the band), and I dont have idea that what I can do for that.

    Well, think that in the songs there is more things than guitars, and the benefits of more sampling rate is not only high max frecuency, but also more resolution for internal processing of the effects, mix, less aliasing...... If only the max frecuency were important, then no more of 44100 hz. would be used to record in any case.
    My question is if a D-A/A-D conversion from analog out kemper to analog in of the interface at higher sample rate will sound better at final mix than a SPdif direct digital recording at lower samplerate (with a lower samplerate cubase project)

    Hello, I just have bought a used Focusrite Sappire Pro 26 IO, and making figure of what better recording settings I must use. Previously I have a Lexicon Omega and becouse its mediocre AD/DA conversors, I always record guitars thru SPdif and make the cubase projects at 44100 for compatibility, but now I wonder if would be better to forget SPdif (and the 44100 limitation) and go thru analog and set higher samplerates (96k/192K). What do you think that will be better for the quality of the complete project? do you think that use analog inputs (and high samplerate) will compromise quality of guitar tracks with regard to using spdif?
    Thank you

    I think that your problem may be that you have set your sounds to sound good on headphones, and you are used to listen your guitar throught headphones. When you change the output device ALWAYS must adjust global EQ to that device in main or monitor output, because every speaker/cab (or location of the cab) will change the apreciation of the EQ and must be corrected

    I see the specs for the Fender Frontman 212R and in the the power amp input I can see this:

    SENSITIVITY: 930mV for 100W into 4Ω @ 1 kHz

    Anyone knows the output of the Kemper in mV?

    Yesterday I use for first time my new Fender Frontman to monitor my Kemper in a live gig. My first attempt was to use monitor output on the Kemper to power amp in the Amp, because I dont want the coloration of the normal input of the amp, but the power amp looks dont have enought sensivility for the monitor output of the Kemper, and I have to set it to max volume, and still would need a little more volume. There is some setting in kemper to up the monitor signal? (like the -12 db for the normal output setting).

    My workaround was to plug the kemper in normal input of the amp, and playing a little with the EQ, not bad sound, but I would prefer to use the power amp input. If the kemper can not give more level on monitor, I will try to modify the power amp input of the Amp, by lower the first resistor of the amp's input.
    Some advice to up the monitor output level?

    Thank you in advance

    FR/FR = same sound that you have in PA, better overall emulation (cab sound the same that profile), no cab-like sound, and possible pickup feedback in hi-gain/high volume because the tweeter. -if you use multiple sounds, this is your better choice-

    real cab= cab-like sound (logical, it's a cab), more real amp sound, but the sound in the stage will be different that the sound on PA, and the profiles will sound different in the Stage that originally was designed, because the cab. -If you use only a few sounds, this is your better choice-

    its my opinion... :)

    I have a fernandes Sustainer that works perfect in my toaster, but when I bought the guitar (used) it comes to me with lots of stranger noises when turn on the sustainer. I opened the guitar and adjust the internal trimmers for the sustainer (there is documentation for sustainer in the web). After that, it works perfect.

    The morph feature is beatifull. Now I can set the parameters for a rhytm/solo and change it inside of every preset. Cool
    But I think thatIt would be great that the line status display of the morph was wider (even if there were a different color display for both morph modes)
    The problem is that on real stage situation, a few feew away, we can't see if we are in A or B status of the morph. I use a FCB1010 UNO and no expresion pedal for morph, only 1-5 buttons.

    I think that I know the exact date of releasing 4.0 firmware!!
    I guess That it is actually ready for release right now, and only waiting for one week with nobody asking every minute: hey, when will 4.0 firmware get launched? :D
    so it will be launched next week (if we stop begging for it now) :)

    Internal features. For me, Kemper is perfect in terms of accuracy of clone amps (or simply getting superb sound of amps if you just buy some good profiles). In the area of effects, the kemper is a little less strong. I dont say that effects are bad (the delays maybe a little simple for me), but most of the profiles that I find are good sounds of naked (or almost naked) amps, with few or no effects other than a little reverb&delay. I'd like to have more flexibility with effects routing for example, and the posibility of change "set of effects" more easily.