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    This Months Offer; The PRS MT15!

    In reality i'm a little silly putting this for only $10 but given the demand and feedback I just want people to nab it up! So, grab the ENTIRE collection of 90 profiles including DIRECT, MERGED and STUDIO for only $10 in our store.


    The main focus of this amp would be the lead channel (Rhythm) but I've also included pre-made FX clean profiles and crafted leads and that's not including what else is covered in the pack.If people want me to buy these brand new amps and release them asap then this is the encouragement i need :)

    For more information and demos please visit the store page. This covers a lot of ground for hard rock and metal plus boosts from all my best TS/OD pedals.


    - Dan

    nerdy tree structure so you know what to expect.