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    Sorry to piggy back on my last reply above, but I figured since I mentioned working on learning how to do home recording I would share this as well. Since we have been in lock down and unable to gig, my band has been writing and recording remotely. This is the first song I did after finally learning how to use the studio one I had for 6 years and didn't touch. Everyone records at home and sends me their stuff and I engineer it. Besides my singer's rhythm guitar parts which were done with my Atomic Amplifire box I loaned him, all other guitars are Kemper on here. My rhythm parts and solo are all the 3rd Power Black from the 2020 pack. The solo has whatever green screamer drive Mike used on the profile. No tweaks, its completely stock. There is also a Tone Junkie Trainwreck Liverpool profile, one of the free ones they offered when they released it, on the more distorted chorus part on top of the 3rd Power black.

    I am a Marshall amp type guy, but man the 3rd power black and brown from the 2020 pack are fantastic.

    Nkissac, sorry I didn't reply sooner. I have gone down the rabbit hole of "home recording" and have been spending months upgrading my modest little home studio and then trying to learn what hell I am doing, all the while trying to engineer the new songs my band has been writing. As far as the solo goes on this song, I am pretty sure I used my 2009 R9 with Throwbak pickups in it. But I don't think it's the guitar that makes the biggest difference. We did fully formed demos of the songs before we went into the studio and on the demos I used a different guitar and it sounded exactly the same. I will see if I can find the demos. I just deleted most of them that were in my dropbox because I was running out of room. To me, just like amps, some profiles just record better. A buddy of mine owns a Bogner Shiva that he never plays live but will never sell because he says the amp sounds better in the studio than any other amp he has. And he has a bunch. So I don't know if you tried recording with the LDW or are you saying it doesn't sound like that to you in the room when you play? I don't really used the profile live, so I really can only speak for how it records. When I was doing the demos I decided to just ignore my first inclination of what I would normally use and go through a bunch of profiles till I found one I thought sounded great. When I pulled up the LDW, it was just perfect. It ended up being the amp profile I used for the solo on all 4 songs we did in the studio. It's not on any of the rhythm tracks.

    Ok, final new song from the same sessions I posted above. Once again. All Kemper and all MBritt. Pretty much the same profiles as above. 65 champ. 69 Marshall and LDW on the solo. There is also an MBritt AC30 in there to give the chugging part a little more punch. This time we added the green screamer on the solo because the LDW is super thick sounding and we needed it to cut through everything that was going on underneath it, and we wanted it to give it a little bit of a fuzz or hair. The solo is at the end in the jam part.

    Here is another one we just released yesterday from the same sessions. All guitars Kemper. All Mbritt profiles. I can't remember all the profiles we used but I do know that the cleaner rhythm guitars are once again the 65 champ. Most of the dirtier guitars are the Mbritt 69 Marshall and once again the solo is the LDW 2.2 from his first pack. I think there is an AC15 profile on this one somewhere as well. None of the profile's are tweaked. I never tweak profiles for recording or live. I just go through them until I find the one that works and use it. I ended up using the LDW 2.2 for all the solos on the 4 songs. Something about that profile is magic when I record with it. Solo is the profile straight with no stomps in front.

    My band is releasing new music. All guitars done with Kemper. All MBritt profiles. All the rhythm guitars on this track are his 65champ and the slide solo is his LDW 2.2 from pack one. Outro has his 69 Marshall profile for the more gainy guitar.

    Demoing a new song for my band July Fighter last night. Decided to give the solo section a couple passes. Got out my 335 and even though I am a “marshall guy” I decided to give the 3rd power AD black 4 profile a shot because I am absolutely loving these new 3rd power “fender” profiles from the 2020 pack with humbuckers. I just put on whatever drive Michael put with the profile and his delay setting as well. Not tweaks.

    I got the 2020 pack. Unfortunately with my wife working from home, she has taken over the desk and the computer in my studio/office. So I have to try and disconnect all of her stuff to play during the week and then I have it during the weekend. So I haven't spent a large around of time with all the profiles, but I can tell you this pack is spectacular. So initially, here are the 3 profiles that I absolutely love.

    68 Mars-7 I am a Marshall guy and Mike's 70SL3 has been my main gigging profile for years. This profile is absolutely spectacular. Great bite and it's very "woody" with my R9. It reminds me of the Germino Lead55's I have played and the Germino Massonette I owned.

    T Royalty - 2-5 With my Es335 this profile is one of the best sounding if not the best sounding AC Profiles I have played. It's punchy and jangly and all the things that make a loud AC30 so great, but it's not quite as brittle on the top end. Which I love

    3P- AD brown6- I just spent the last hour with this profile and my R9. Its absolutely incredible. With a Les Paul and humbuckers it sounds like an early marshall. The pick attack is amazing and it has the punch of a real speaker moving air. Think real early zz top. I have a feeling I am gonna spend the rest of the weekend on just this profile alone.

    Ok, at this point I just want to load what's in my rack, into my stage. On the KPA facebook page, a guy said he just made a backup of the rack on a usb stick, stuck it into the stage and hit "restore". When I stick the USB into the stage it offers me the backup on the usb stick, but when I click restore, it says "restoring from back up" but the progress bar never moves and end up having to pull the stick and unplug the unit it to get it out of that state. Any suggestions?

    My questions are two fold. First, I am trying to import rigs from rack to my new stage. It was suggested I save them to a usb stick and export and import them. Most of them are performance rigs, so I saved them to the pool and then exported them to a usb stick. It was a total of about 14 rigs. When I put the usb stick in the stage and did import, it only imported 2 new rigs and said that either rigs were already in the browse pool or I had reached by rig limit. Is there something wrong with my rig names, since most began as MBritt profiles, so the stage sees them as similar or the same? I tried renaming a few but that didn't work. Is there another way using rig manager to accomplish what I want to accomplish?

    Second, when I watched the tone junkie video, it shows the scrolling button as being touch sensitive. Mine doesn't do that. It pushed down and scrolls just fine, but I don't see any reaction when I just touch it.

    I have been using Mike's profiles for 4-5 years now. From day one of getting my Kemper. Now I finally get a chance to try them on recordings. I have been blown away by the tones I am getting and how easy this has made tracking guitars. The best part is, I can focus on trying to write and play the best parts and don't have to waste any time trying to get the best tones, because I have them at the touch of the space bar. In this video, all the rhythm guitars are my Les Paul jr and my tele through one of Mike's 65 Champ profiles. I think its in the vintage pack. The lead tone is the LDW 2.2 from pack 1 or 2. Not a single tweak to the profiles. These are the profiles as I downloaded them.

    Great playing and great tones. All I use it Mbritt profiles but I have never used the 69 Marshall profile live. I have the pack. Are there any tweaks to that profile or is it straight out of the box?

    I ran into Mike at NAMM a few weeks ago and during out conversation he mentioned he went back and rediscovered his old /13 LDW profile. He talked about how much louder it was for some reason and how big it sounded. The guy I was with at NAMM actually owns that same amp and I know its a great amp. It's like a tube rectified early JMP from 70's. We compared it to his Suhr Sl68 and his JCM800 and seemed to sit right in the middle of those two tone wise. Anyway I went back and tried the profile. I realized why I passed it up. It had too much sizzle for my humbuckers for my taste. So this time I tried it with my single p90 Les Paul Jr. and I think it's absolutely killer.

    Loved the song, thanks for sharing that! :-)

    Man I don't know how you play WAH left footed! I'd fall down! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Even though I am right handed, I am left footed and I hold a hockey stick lefty for some reason. Don’t ask me why