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    Yep, definitely gaining momentum :)

    Lest Hope so. Ive sold my Kemper. I still like what it can do in terms of sound. However , in not att desk recording guy. For my taste iT´s not ready for beeing a live tool . Sure , u can buy pedalboards and stuff from other makers. I do feel that that is a compromise that im not confortable with. Also , i spent to much time getting it to sound and feel right. When i brought it to a gig the work to get it sound and feel at home was to hard. I can get there so much faster with a ordinary amp.
    I still feel its a greate product. Im sure i will revisit when it has come further as a complete pakage that fits me. A day im sure will come !
    Thanks for all of your help . /P

    "At any rate, I might well be wrong here but if the KPB is what I'd expect it to be, it seems to me that it would be under-priced @ 300 £."

    Yes, but that would only be true if the unit acctually exist :-) It`s a bit frustrating for me atleast. I cant use my Kemper live because i would need a pedal for the delay settings and program changes. Sure i could go buy one but then what should i do when the Kemper version comes out ? Im sure alot of users feel this way because the rumors about the kemper board has been going on for some time now. Some real info on the release of a product that actualy makes the Kemper useble is not to much to ask for. Q4 is over in a few days so maybe it will be displayed a NAAM then (22-25/1 )? If not im starting to doubt this thing..

    What works and what Would be good are 2 different things (-: most Stage monitors Maybe take both but not all . studio monitors does not. All genelecs in the 4 series and up for instance use xlr only . Also on stage with a LOT of interferance , lights, and stuff that makes noice i rather have a ballanced cable. As i Said , not a big deal but not the best solution for me a least.

    Maybe but then the main outs should be tele to. Not a big deal but still. Have to have a converter to use My genelec and a LOT of high end speakers only have xlr. If the monitor out should be used on stage then i Would prefer the benefits of the xlr aswell.
    Btw, i played the kemper direct into 2 genelec 8260a speakers the other day. That Was crazy !



    So i got the DBR10 , brought to to rehersals and found an issue that i did not se comming.
    I play mostly semi acoustic music and the DBR just produced to much low end energy. It did not realy cut well in the mix and when i tried to EQ and diffrent placement but it i just messed up my sound.
    Ok , what to do ??? I returned it and brought home a DXR8. Brought it to rehersals and yes ! very diffrent. The smaller speaker and sound projection profile works much better for me. It`s clear, tight, cut well and has more than enough low end. The 10/12 speakers sound big and nice when i practice and have them in my house but
    for me the 8 was perfect by not messing as much with the energy of the room. I realy recomend Jazz players to give it a try.


    So i got one to try out !

    I play Jazz and not much else. I use clean profiles with a LOT of headroom . Sometimes a bit of overdrive ! Mostly delay and reverb for ambience.

    The size and weight is greate. About 10kg. Nice filters to control the bas depending on placement works well . It has plenty of power. The cab is designed so that if can be angled as a stage monitor .

    The 10" speaker makes is a bit les bas heavy and its very clear in the highs without getting to sharp. The sound is very detailed.

    The compact format and large sound is perfect for me. Im buying one !
    [Blocked Image:]

    Would also be greate to control a delay stomp with a expression pedal. Very strange that u cant do that with the standard delays and reverbs at the moment .

    OOOOOOOOOooo maaaaaaaaaan ...

    Ok , i borrowed my friends unit , used the same Rig on his and the problem was NOT there on his !!!! They had the same OS version and we could not find anything that was different in the settings. We the did a factory restore on mine and went on to load the Rig again. No compression !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked to the music store that i got my Kemper from. They said that i maybe had a compressor on the output (???) that had somehow got stuck. I know i checked all the setting and i did not se anything so i don’t know about that ! Anyways, now it works :-) Sorry for the chaos !!

    Nightlight, I tried the AC20. It was good for chords but a bit to weak for solo stuff. Im working on a rig with the toneKing Galaxy Amp. I can email it to you when it`s done if you want it.

    Btw , my Kemper was a demo unit when i bought it. Maybe they did some vierd stuff to it in the store ..

    Yes i agree in theory. But, how i hear sound is what matter and i want it to behave more like a real amp. I guess its about getting used to and setting things up abit diffrent to what you are used to aswell to get there. There is so many more parameters to control in the begining so im sure it will get clearer along the way.
    To clearify , its not your typical preamp breakup or overloading sound that is my problem. Its more of a compressing kind of saturation in the signal that is hard to explain. My guitar is not cousing it because i have the same "problem" with all my guitars. Ive tweaked most of it away now although i can still hear some in the dry signal and more so in the reverb and delay tales.

    Could you please explain number 4 a bit further "you're not driving hard a (virtual) cab coming from a distorted rig" ?

    Im starting to sound negative here , thats not the case. I love this thing :-)

    Thanks Nightlight , my paypal account is burning with transactions to get more clean Amps !


    "Yes - the preamp behavior is the thing. If a non-master amp is profiled with a low channel volume, the profile will react differently to guitar volume than the same amp profiled with a high channel volume.

    Turning down the Gain control on a Kemper profile is like turning down the channel volume on the original amp - it will restore the needed headroom. "

    Yes !! In my opinion most clean profiles that i tried so far are profiled with to little volume. Some of the important character of a 100w clean Amp is missing. People do a better Jobb with high gain stuff it seems. Thats related to my personal taste ofcourse. I`ll hve to try to profile something myselt lofcourse to try to validate that idea. Maybe im way off !!!!

    No viabcroce not realy. The red is maybe flashing if i realy dig ig in but just a little. Not much. Yes, it seems that the volume knob can take care of most iof that as you say. But i also think that lowering the Volume changes the energy of the sound in a way that i dont like. But im sure its a question of ballance and im just not there yes i guess :-)

    Thanks Noyan , yes i have to experiment a bit with the Compressor settings.

    Regards /Peter


    Real Twin amps, silver or BF have enough Headroom for my sound so im kind of relating to the real amp in terms of Preamp behaviour. Could be an issue with the profiles im trying or the way they where miced.
    Anyways , i found a ToneKing Galaxy profile that works greate now. Im still kind of bummed out on the Mouse gain situation. U cant have everything i guess :-)
    Thanks Paults /Peter