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    Hey Mark, I can see where you're coming from re ditching the KPA. I've had mine for three weeks and have just done my first (pub) gig with it last week,
    using one of the band's active monitor wedges.

    FOH sound was good, but wasn't so happy with "On stage" sound, but got through the gig anyway.

    When I got the KPA I wiped all the profiles off it, purchased some profiles from TAF (Marshall / Orange / Trainwreck / Fender SR), and downloaded a few (Marshall JCM800) profiles
    from Rig Exchange. The JCM800 one is the one I use most, (used to own one back in the early '80 's + 2 4x12 cabs, sold it all to finance rack (ADA MP1 / Rocktron / ART) setup).

    Currently own (& will keep) MESA Dual Rec, Mark III, Mark IV heads & Triaxis-50/50-GMajor2, Marshall JMP1-G Major1-Valve 20/20 power amp rack set up + MESA / Marshall
    Cabs, all of which sound good, but am growing tired of having to move amps,cabs etc.

    Am sure the KPA is a good piece of gear (when I learn how to set it up & get around to profiling my own amps), and will probably stick with it, but I can sympathize with what you're feeling.

    The KPA Forum seems to have a lot of folk, who are very much knowledgeable about this piece of equipment, and are willing to offer help / advice on it - Cheers guys ;-)

    Regards, Gordie.

    Hi Everybody, just got my KPA & would like to say Hi !

    Am a guitarist with 30+ years of playing / gigging, have used / owned lots of amps / racks
    over the years & must admit I am well impressed with this piece of equipment :-)