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    So I got the SD Power Stage 170 and the HB Custom Line Thunder 99 for comparison. Especially from the view of a stage user who wants a solution that fits on pedalboard.

    Tested with the Kabinet.

    Both devices have their Pros and Cons. I will list my impressions of them so far.

    In common I think that both are suitable solutions for the Kone/Kabinet and unpowered Kempers.


    Custom Line Thunder 99



    - Nice price at 89€

    - Enough power for rehearsels, gig monitoring and I would say also as main audio source for small to medium club gigs (see power/volume example at the end)

    - Good quality construction/design, feels stable

    - Significant smaller and more lightweight than the Power Stage

    - Mute foot switch


    - Power adapter very big (way bigger than the pedal itself and even bigger then most laptop power adapters I've seen the last years)


    Power Stage 170



    - Even better quality construction/design, feels massive and even more stable

    - Equalizer (but I won't need it because its in the Kemper already)

    - Even more power, so you won't be worried about

    - Integrated fan and control lamps to prevent overheating

    - General On/Off Switch


    - Hefty price tag (nearly same than the Kabinet itself, so easily doubles the price of the fun)

    - Significant bigger and more weighty than the Thunder 99

    - In quiet places you can hear the fan (so if you want to let your equipment running ready in the background at home this could be annoying)

    As an rough example for the power/volume of both:

    Both devices on 12 o clock.

    In my 20m² room it starts already being too loud at Kemper volume:

    Power Stage

    -25 db

    Thunder 99

    -23 db

    Other way round. With Kemper at nearly 50% Volume (-11 db):

    Power Stage

    max. 3 o clock

    Thunder 99

    max. 4-5 o clock

    Yeah that isn't an objektive laboratory measurement. But it should be enough as an orientation for the ones that can't imagine the difference between the power of both solution at all or aren't sure if especially the Thunder 99 has enough power for their home jamming or rehearsels.

    I haven't made my decision because due to obvious reasons I couldn't test it in rehearsel yet.

    Hope that helps somebody.

    At the moment Rig Manager 3 can already be used with touchscreen in the most parts (like finger scrolling through the performances) but there is one big problem: The dial knobs in the editor section.

    If you touch a dial knob and move your finger for just millimeters the dial knob will switch between highest and lowest value.

    This makes the editor section mostly unusable on touchscreens.

    Please consider this (I think small) fix. Being able to use touchscreen devices like windows tablets or convertibles makes it much more easy to use the editor "on the fly" like in a rehearsal when you could make changes on a dial knob with one hand while holding or playing the guitar with the other.

    I am speaking mostly for Stage users which don't have the hardware knobs near them. But making the editor more touchscreen friendly and therefore more compatible for tablets will increase its use cases and easy to use.

    Time zones?
    Plus time slows down when in close proximity of something of a great mass. Trying to get away from my ego some meters now to speed things up ;-)

    Correct. So the closer you are to this thread of great mass, the longer it will take until the editor release.

    It's less about when tomorrow or next year is, but who will be there when.

    And maybe Kemper uses his own time zone: UTC + Tomorrow.

    They have been consistent. One update on September 30th. Then another on October 22nd. November will either see the release or an update advising we won't see it. But based on history, we're at least ten days early on an update.

    The issue I think people are having isn't with consistency. It's that they want all the details. Or a hard date, neither of which we will get.

    It is not only about when the updates appear but also what they contain. Personally, I think it would be better to show a schedule tendency that may allow more time than is needed than speaking about "a few days" or "we are close".

    I know it's well meant and I'm glad Kemper is letting us know anything at all but I don't think it's such a good idea to communicate it in such a way that people drag themselves from update to update and repeatedly get false hopes.
    Such information, however well meant it may have been, has certainly also influenced the one or the other purchase decision regarding Profiler Stage for people which are now in need for an editor. And you can't really blame them for trusting that informations or get wrong expectations from it.

    So after it has already changed now from late summer to late year and maybe get even later, I'd rather communicate a period further into the future than feed people repeatedly at short intervals and raise false hopes.

    This is meant to be constructive criticism, not complaint or moaning.

    A current status would be desirable. If they say that the editor won't come this month or this year then so be it. That would be very annoying but at least you could adjust to it. The latest status reports have given the impression that the release is imminent. Now it is almost mid-November and there is still no editor and even no new status. Nobody knows what's going on now and it's not good to leave people with it.

    Before somebody says again that Kemper doesn't have to give status reports: Correct. But it would be both consistent and more considerate towards the users after the last reports.

    I’m not sure how much easier using an editor would be on a laptop in a band room than just making changes on the head itself, but I’m just basing this on rooms I played in so I could be totally wrong!

    I'm thinking about switching to the Stage because I would like to put my complete system on a pedalboard solution. So for the Stage the editor could surely bring a better/easier handling. But yeah, on the Toaster/Rack its another thing. If the editor will be helpful just for Stage users or for every Kemper user will completely depend on the features and handling the editor will get. I think that having a better view over all the functions, effects etc. on a tablet/laptop screen versus the gameboy screen and button combination on the Kemper could already be the big point.

    Its surely gonna be interesting how the editor will change over time. Adding features etc. just like it happened with the Kemper. And how it will affect the style people use their Kempers.

    The editor could also be the first step in the direction of an app (and therefor needed module) in the ((really) far) future. Who knows. One can hope. Maybe they release it in a really far future when time travel devices have been developed, then travel back in time and bring it to us tomorrow. But I think all the wormhole-timeloop-paradox type of things would cause too many critical bugs really hard to fix nowadays. So yeah patience is what we need. But this shouldnt stop the ideas we discuss here and even the wishful thinking :)

    I'm considering to buy a laptop for using the editor in our band room. Maybe a convertible one. But I will wait for the editor release first to check if it's worth it and if the editor can be used with a touchscreen in a practical way.

    If the drag and drop implementation and the GUI itself works well with a touchscreen this would be a great benefit. It would even be a kind of replacement for the missing tablet app resp. missing bluetooth/wlan module.

    I am very curious how the editor will finally be implemented. But the kemper journey continues either way ;)