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    does anyone think kemper can consider a looper pedal for $99? As in just a pedal/controller with the looper function?
    Id love to use it but remote is pricey for my needs since I don't really use foot controls often enough

    anyway loopers could be accessed ?


    You should if you want

    personally the looper looks like the selling point/deal breaker for its price tag, like I wanted a foot controller but not for $600, so the loopers going to be my deciding vote , tho I really hope for a sale or used price being broke atm lol

    You create a reverb vendor account, very simple 2 step:
    1 create account
    2 add a bank account/routing number to receive auto payments

    now difference here is reverb is the opposite of ebaysl size, it's not a international mess of 50 hub sites all held together by a scamstitution

    the owners are reachable for any issues, great staff support, 0- 3.5-5/7.5% commission and straight payment, so PayPal can't freeze funds for fraudulent buyers to do a reversal, and of course the financial institution is your own bank, not the PayPal bank of the Pilipino online

    simply can't lose, and I encourage any and all to leave PP cuz if u have a bank account, your institution offers the same service PayPal does but free, plus no reversal from your Own. Bank, they can protect you in event of scam unlike paypal

    so maybe step 0 would be set up your online bank account...I like buying on forums but I won't pay unless money order/bank check it Wells Fargo billpay

    look into it and I hope you drop those PayPal bastards and screw eBay/pp rediculous 15% commission

    Reverb Is the only place I'd ever sell gear if I want it sold quickly, safely, and online. Never eBay because they are inextricably tied to the international scammers PayPal and those who have a scam relationship with scamming financial Institutions can successfully steal your gear and money and still try to make more. Seriously , PayPal is a real scam site in the Philippines, I know from being scammed and someone who worked there, and eBay is full of scammers : ( if you ever wondered why /how people scam in eBay still and aren't banned nnow you know why)

    Reverb is a great service for musicians and you don't need paypal to sign up or get robbed, . I'm not keen on Craigslist though I do regular business because I'm in NYC and there the best prices on and offline and the metro area has it used if anydhere in the city does, if I am not taking online payment or shipping, otherwise Reverb is the ONLY LEGIT music marketplace, plus their fees are 0-3.5% vs eBay/paypals 15%






    <p>Stay with S1 If you like its workflow. IMO it's one of the best DAW's out there although I prefer Logic.


    <p>Ingolf I love you bro, your posts always contain a conciseness and directness that's so succinctly wise there just nothing more to add&nbsp;</p>

    <p>I do love the workflow so if you think logic is along the same track, were on the same page (I love apple but can't afford it's 4/-5x PC$ premium</p>


    I am not yet at the pc but I will be tonight

    should I use another DAW?

    pro tools went to Shyte since avid bought digidesign so I started using presonus studio 1 but I'm open to whatever is best for quad core i7 x64 win 7 and win 8

    yes, on both but it seems master volume refuses to be able to control the volume

    yes the Clr is working totally fine

    thanks gianfranco

    yes you are totally right brother you said it

    ok I'm gonna try to do that as well, don't laugh but the concept of reamping is hard to "get" but I see it makes sense from the video But I think it's cuz I'm new to digital modeling and guitar processing as direct recording

    Thank you as well

    Ok man, I'm beyond help lol

    i can NOT get this KPA set up: i/o in general , and s/pdif specifically

    can someone who has a CLR or mbox 2 please give me their settings to copy

    yes, I realize it's lazy and impractical

    but I've been troubleshooting since November and this is embarrassing