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    Hey team!

    I was wondering if you can help. I'm using a GigRig G3 Atom to send expression over midi, and when I'm trying to control the wah there's a slight delay between moving the expression and hearing the wah 'move'. Is there anything I'm missing to work with latency, a mode on the Kemper I'm missing?

    I work for GigRig and I can confirm that the Midi is leaving the G3 instantly (or as close to instant as midi can), so the delay seems to be on the Kemper's side. Not sure if its getting information dump and its catching up.

    Any experiences with Expression over Midi would be super handy.

    Thank you gang!

    Hey Guys,

    I hope you're all well.

    Im having a bit of a weird issue with tap tempo. For some reason it changes tempo when I move from slots 3 to 4 even though a new tempo isn't set.

    Any reason why you guys think it would do this? Anything im missing? Something that I've got turned on I shouldn't?

    Tried with both a GigRig G3 atom, scrolling between the two with my fingers, and a Kemper Remote, all seem to change tempo when no new tempo information is sent.

    Thank you!



    Hey All,

    I hope you're all doing well.

    Forgive me if this is something very simple, im relatively new to using a Midi controller with the Kemper.

    So I'm sending CC 17 on a footswitch, this activates the A stomp menu as desired, I press it again (and it should be sending CC17 again) and the stomp A does not turn off.

    Just in case its a weirdness with the controller im using I set another footswitch to also send CC17, either one will turn it on, but if I hit the other, it won't turn the Stomp back off. Its the same with all 4 stomps.

    Any advice here would be super appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,

    Jake x

    Yo. Last night setting up for a show my band mate’s Kemper’s screen just showed ‘updating power amp’ or something similar to that, and it wouldn’t boot up. Took literally 40 minutes to snap out of it and boot up, but that point she had to borrow a different head and make do! Anyone had this before? We’ve been nutters previously and using the software betas so maybe we need to revert to a solid release. Any ideas?

    Anyone seen this before?

    Thank you in advance.

    Picture of our rig below if you're interested!

    Jake x

    Hey guys!

    Hope you’re all good.

    I want delay trails off between each footswitch press. I tick the ‘rig spillover off’ box, but even with that box ticked, it still spills over. Any ideas?



    Hey Guys,
    Me again with my noob questions.
    Im confused on how to put a reverb in the front stomp modules.
    If i click on the reverb module at the end, click copy, and then paste in one of the 4 front modules, it says 'Paste buffer'?

    How do i get my reverbs in that front space?

    Thanks in Advance,


    Hey Guys.

    Hope you're all good.

    Im thinking of adding my HOF Mini into the effects loop of my KPA.
    I've hooked it all up following the instructions, and with the mono loop engaged it works perfectly.
    However, when i turn the loop off, after a few seconds, i can also hear the sound of just 'straight into the power amp' (completely clean) and the reverb slightly!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hey Guys!

    Im currently borrowing a Pigtronix Mission dual expression pedal off a friend.

    I want to be able to use this as a volume pedal, but when i kick on a stomp as a 'whammy pedal' pitch effect, it swaps usage. The Expression pedal doesn't have a footswitch inside like the EP1-KP does.
    I can get both effects to work, but at the moment the volume is still effected when the pitch is activated.

    Is there any way i can set this up to do this with the remote?

    Thanks in advance,


    Really really loving the new delays!
    Found a bit of a weird glitch, where a few delays wont tempo sync.
    For a sound like:
    Clean delay
    Dirty Delay
    Lead with Delay

    The clean is to the tempo but the dirty isn't. Even if i copy and paste the delay from the 'clean delay' to 'Dirty delay'!

    Oh well. These new delays are absolutely incredible! :)