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    I bought the filmo pack the other day and it fantastic! I haven't been buying packs lately but this caught my eye cause - 1. I love Berts profiles and 2. I'm always looking for unusual tones with an edge that work in quirky styles and more modern productions. Well done!! These inspire me.

    I have been impressed by many of the tones in Bert's youtubes and soundcloud examples and I'm thinking about buying some profiles during this holiday sale. One question to those that have all the packs.

    Has the Wisseloord pack replaced your need to use profiles from his older packs or do you still use them as well?


    I pretty much only use the Wisseloord pack now. Thats a big FWIW and YMMV.

    I did some session work on a Black Keys style tune and these profiles killed! I only used them and I'll be using them a lot more in the future. I've got a bunch of profiles so these kind of got forgotten but damn, theres is gold in here. I'm straight up in love with this pack right now. The profiles with fuzz pedals are insane! I've been wanting something like this for a while and it was right under my nose the whole time. Good shit man, good shit!

    I'd love some more from you! Please, more fuzz pedals and small quirky amps. I'm so into dirty vintage lofi odd sounds - but done well. I haven't heard anyone else doing that. Please bring on the black keys, white stripes, modern vintage goodness. I just wish the Kemper had good reverb for that kind of sound - or am I missing something?

    I got the sample pack and excited to play em. I'm excited to have possibly found a new company I like! I have a lot of profiles at this point but this looks promising.

    It seems like other guys are using the initial thread by adding new releases etc in order to keep all info and attention at a single source. Might be a good idea?

    Hi Mike,

    Love the 65 ACE 30 bundle. Got it the other day. Best AC profiles I've tried. Now the only problem is deciding which ones to regularly use! The profiles with the 3rd power cab were extra special as well. When playing those with headphones, I swear it was like the cabinet was sitting in the room next to me. Extra magical. But I liked the blue alnico profiles in their own way. Interestingly I have a few other of your bundles, pack 1, guyatron, and the 69 marsh pack, and the ones profiled with the 3rd power cab are usually my favorites.

    I'm also a fan of the ACE 30. I love the alnico speakers and find that for recording the different speakers help the profiles layer without sounding so similar. The 3rd power cab is a nice neutral sound but to my ears definitely has a sound that colors the amps. Given a choice I always record with the non 3rd cab when I'm laying down more than one guitar part.

    I recommend starting with pack 2. Lots of variety. Pack 1, I think, has more clean sounds. If you specifically want cleans and singing round lead tones the Dumble pack could be the right one for you. But I still would start with pack 2 and then get pack 1. Listen to the samples on his site and see if you agree.

    Ok guys ....I'm going out on a limb here ........ but

    These profiles didn't really jump out at me as that 'great' . Couple of useable ones alright and nicely eq'd , ready to play etc... but they didn't really grip me the way a lot of Mike Britts did.

    There .I said it!

    I only use the Kemper for recording. Berts, to me, record the best. I still bounce around to other profiles but when I'm on a time crunch its just Berts. I also dig Britts profiles and I use them a lot also. I like that Bert uses different cabs - to me that makes them more useful when layering parts. Its all personal opinion but coming from recording amps in a room, Berts just sound more "right" to me. The beautiful thing is that there are so many nuggets to choose from in the Kemper world. Life is good.

    any chance you could put together a box mini pack?

    I'd love this with some alnico speakers. To me personally it'd be all about the speakers. It would be sweet if a cool Vox or two could be profiled with some cool old brand appropriate cabs.

    I like Guidorists Antpak (Ampeg SVT) pack. I don't play much bass, but these sound great to me when needed.

    I agree, these are my favorite Bass profiles so far. I have several from various sources that I use as well but these just sound "right" to me. I'm doing acoustic to modern rock and pop with these.

    I do indeed have the Wooly Coats Extra Spanky and I've done some profiles already. It just got back from getting Jamie's newest tweaks so I'll try to get more profiles next week. I'm still waiting for Chris to get finished .45 Cal and Lenny pedals so I can profile with those as well. I know it's been quiet on the MBritt thread lately but I've been working diligently to put some new profiles together. I've been working on some heavier gain profiles with a couple of guys who are in that world and I've been trying to put together a pack of some stuff that covers a pretty wide variety of stuff. On top of that, I'm doing a web re-design to try to streamline the site a little. I am just trying to make sure anything else I put out hangs with what I've done in the past.

    I've been experimenting a lot with direct/merged profiles too and while I have yielded some decent results, I've personally ended up going back to studio profiles for our live shows. I used the merged ones for a couple of months and it sounded good and there was a little cleaner sound coming out of the stage cab (as designed) but there's still some sort of magical mojo I hear in the studio profiles so I've gone back to using those. As a release gets closer I'll make sure everyone knows about it. I'm shooting for the next two weeks and hopefully I can hit my deadline. Thanks again for the support and hope I can make some new, fun guitar tones that folks can use.

    Exciting news! Are you using a variety of speakers or sticking with the M Britt standard?

    Unfortunately, I don't see this happening unless Bert decides to borrow or hire amps specifically for this purpose.

    He has, after all, shared (as far as we know) the profiles based on his amp collection that he's been using for years on his sessions. The refinement of the tones was borne out of practical session experience using these amps. Unless and until he finds it necessary to use different amps due to shortcomings of his existing "tone base", I reckon he'll continue to record with what he's got or the profiles thereof.

    Hey man, I choose to live in a world where Bert needs a whole new bunch of amps for his session work and will profile those, road test them and then send a new pack out. You're really bringing me down with all this "reality" garbage! :D

    Does anyone use a spring reverb unit with the Kemper? Which one and where do you place it in the chain? Another related question - How does the Strymon spring reverb stack up?