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    Sometimes I like to record with spring reverb - like I used to do with my Fender Deluxe Reverb. Anyone have a good way - is the Strymon the best verb now? Has anyone tried putting an actual spring reverb unit in the fx loop? I'm looking for a reverb I can either put in the fx loop or plug the Kemper into before going into the converters. Thanks

    I really like the Valco samples but I need more. Either much more then a single profile per guitar or a demo that I can try. I think for this amount of money you need to deliver more samples. I have a butt load of great profiles and while I'm tempted to get buy it, its too big a risk for 20 euro. The market is so crowed right now with solid profilers... My 2 cents : ) I wish you the best and I hope to be a costumer soon...

    Hey man, I totally respect that you can't personally envisage a use for the new features. My comment was aimed at the "unusable for recording" statement; who could've foreseen the effect on recorded music that the solid-bodied electric guitar would have? Of course, the analogy is exaggerated somewhat, but who's to say what weird and wonderful uses these new tools might be put to? They can certainly be used from a sound design viewpoint, or we might end up with a whole new sub genre of guitar-based music akin to 'glitch' in the EDM world. It's not such a big stretch of the imagination, I don't think.

    Okay. As I pointed out earlier I only watched the NAMM video so I'm not sure of all the new features. Did you watch the video and think "this is some ground breaking new stuff"?? Crazy delays have been around for a long time. So you must be talking about morphing? I think its cool and innovative - a solid body guitar it is not... by a long shot. What am I missing? I want to feel that sense of wonder and excitement you are clearly experiencing. What specifically is getting you inspired?

    @Maxy Not to belittle your opinion, but I imagine many people said exactly the same thing with the introduction of the first solid-bodied electric guitars ;)

    Man, I usually agree with you but your comment was totally intended to be belittling. :rolleyes:

    You might want to save those kind of over the top analogies for people who slam the Kemper rather than the dude who's not sure this particular update will be very useful to him personally. Lord! :saint:

    Like I said - based on the video the delays I heard seemed totally unusable to me in my world of studio recording *but* I am thrilled to know that they're exactly what other guitarists are wanting. There are several points that I missed on the vid, and that you pointed out, that do in fact look fantastic. Thanks for laying it out.
    Also, in my world of recording I'm not sure the morphing will be useful but hopefully I'm totally wrong and it will blow my mind. I might be in the minority that can't get the reverbs in the Kemper to work for me and I'm hopeful there'll be some cool surprises there at some point. I am always impressed that the Kemper team is moving forward and continue to be innovative.

    Based on that namm video there is nothing of interest to me. From a recording point of view I don't see anything usable. I'm not complaining because new features are cool. I just wonder what they are thinking. Those delays seem so out of touch... but maybe when I have them I'll change my mind. Is anyone excited about the new delay algos?

    Just want to say again - these are up there with MBritt and Berts profiles. I've bought a lot of profiles and these are the three that work best for me. I know its all a matter of taste etc but I highly recommend spending the $10. I do studio work and never use any profiles live - for what ever thats worth.

    Bought and love these! There are some really fun quirky sounds in there that I've been seriously missing in other packs. Lots of great variety and solid quality! Damn! Plus the for the price its an easy impulse buy. I think these will make it on to many recordings.

    I made a demo using a couple of my Bert Meulendijk profiles.

    Cheers, Bert

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    You just tickled all my guitarist erogenous zones with that tune! My inner guitarist is jumping up and down right now : )

    I bought these yesterday and played with them last night. They are outstanding! There is a naturalness to them. I compared them to the MBritt profiles (I'm a huge fan and have almost all of them). I think they are on the same level of quality and a fantastic compliment. I could see using these primarily but time will tell. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to use them for an upcoming recording project and really put them through they're paces.

    Just a head's up for anyone interested… I'm gonna try to do another Periscope broadcast around 2:30p today. It may be a little later depending on a few factors. Lonestar is playing in Nashville and I wanted to shoot a little of our sound check as well as do a run through of my gear. It won't be as extensive or informative but hopefully will still be interesting and hopefully the audio will translate ok. Thanks!

    I missed this but I hope you did it! Looking forward to checking it out! Thanks

    I love pack 1! I could probably use it exclusively... but I have pretty much all the packs (minus a few of the minis) and I feel that way about pack 2 and 3 as well. I haven't spent as much time with the vintage and modern. I often bounce around between 1, 2, 3 and now the tweed mini. I also love the new mini Marshal specially the use of different speakers as they give me better textures for recording doubles. I hope Michael keeps doing packs with more speaker options - I understand it may not be everyones cup of tea but for recording it really helps me... to the point I would probably skip anything that doesn't use some other speaker options.

    I listened to the samples and download the free profiles. The samples sound great! I'm excited to try out the profiles! I will report back.

    I know that it's all a matter of personal taste, but coming from the "real amp world" (this is my first experience in the digital world), and after trying profiles from M. Britt and TAF (both of great quality), I seem to find the profiles from Soundside the ones least polite, more raw, less produce and a lot closer to what an amp sounds in the room with you.

    Whats your favorite?