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    That reminds me. - I did a tons of bass rigs that were used on a few albums recently over in nashville. Nothing super gainy or edgy, but more smooth and silky (some had a fuzz effect added) I will share these soon as I get a moment, and once I get clearance that Im allowed to do so. (free of course)..


    Super cool of you!

    My opinion is it depends on the gear you have. If you have awesome converters and analog out board gear then the master outs make sense. Otherwise, I think the SPDIF makes sense. I like to pass it through a CAPI Missing Link (line level transformer goodness) and a compressor (atm a chandler little devil) as thats, more or less, how I recorded amps in my studio. I compared that to the SPDIF and preferred it with some analog magic. I don't think either method is a compromise. YMMV

    I played through the D profiles again from pack 2 and found I like them much more than I thought I did. In general they might just be too smooth for me though and I'm not sure I need a bunch more profiles with that essence. However, I am tempted to get them because I can hear and feel the quality of the profiles... If I get them I'll report back with my thoughts.

    Thank you everyone who responded to my question

    Maxy, Dumbles definitely aren't for everyone and they were even an acquired taste for me. I didn't like them at first and I keep finding new songs to add them to in our show. It might help to know what it was that you didn't like about the ones in Pack 2 and I can tell if there are differences from those based on what you didn't like. It may be that you're not a Dumble guy. I have a buddy who is a total Marshall guy and he has no use for Fenders. If you're not a Dumble guy, I'll have another pack available soon with some more amp options.

    Michael - thanks for taking the time to respond personally. I will play around with the D profiles from pack 2 again tonight and see if I can get a more specific idea of what I'm not jiving with.

    I love the AC30 and the Wreck profiles but the latest 2 don't call to me. I will definitely buy more of your custom shop profiles but I like the idea of getting special, legendary amps. It might be worth saving the custom shop method for just the most amazing amps you come across?

    At the risk of bringing this back on topic ; ) I have a question. I love pack 1 and 2 but I'm not a huge fan of the Dumble profiles in pack 2. Will I still like the D-pack? Do you think there enough variation of tone to satisfy someone who doesn't love the Dumble profiles in pack 2?

    Or get a session bass player ( or famous dude - whatever as long as they have world class tone ) involved and profile his rig. That would be sweet and unique.

    call me old fashioned. but find a bassman amp.. all is good :)

    Actually I might do some more bass rigs soon, normally I use a DI route into the CultureVulture, capture the clean+Driven stuff at the same time to blend at mixtime. - some really nice ballzy stuff to be had with the vulture, but that might make a nice set of profiles right there!.

    Please make some of these! Consider this a pre order :)
    I'm a huge fan of your guitar profiles. A custom pack with a killer / famous bass amp and several mic variations with some compressor and fuzz pedals.


    I record with a variety of tones, too - it depends largely on the genre. I save the ones I've recorded with on the Kemper (with song-specific names), so I can easily find them and re-use them for similar music.

    Solid idea!

    I'm loving these profiles as well! Once I got my Kemper and these profiles, I haven't so much time playing guitar since I was a teenager. I do "waste" a lot of time searching for a tone to record with. I think I need to leave them on the Kemper cause the tunes I work on require a variety of tone. It will take some time to learn where all these sounds work.

    I haven't had the problem with importing. I'm loving this set. Beautiful balanced tones that will be very useful for me.
    Before I bought my kemper I had a studio where I recorded a lot of guitar over dubs. I have a pretty sweet collection of vintage amps that are all special sounding (and were accumulated over 15 years of constant searching) but I used my 1964 fender deluxe reverb %99 of the time. I sold my studio and moved across the country (USA) to help my aging parents. I'm in a temporary situation now where I don't have a studio and the kemper has been a blessing. All this to say I miss my deluxe and I'd love a pack like this one but based on a killer old deluxe reverb. I have yet to find a deluxe profile that lives up to my girl.