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    This works!

    i have the same issue. Try the scroll wheel on your mouse. Works for me :-)

    Nope. There's no info about the functionality yet.

    Correct. So the closer you are to this thread of great mass, the longer it will take until the editor release.

    It's less about when tomorrow or next year is, but who will be there when.

    And maybe Kemper uses his own time zone: UTC + Tomorrow.

    Trying to stay

    No, tomorrow is tomorrow and next year is next year for everyone at the same time whoever you are and however fast or slow time goes for you. ;)

    Time zones?
    Plus time slows down when in close proximity of something of a great mass. Trying to get away from my ego some meters now to speed things up ;-)

    Genuine question...what will the editor be able to do that we can't currently?

    My studio time = money....and if it makes things easier and speeds up workflow, then lovely...but is that it?

    6 1/2 saved minutes a day equals a full 40h work week a year...

    I'm thinking about switching to the Stage because I would like to put my complete system on a pedalboard solution. So for the Stage the editor could surely bring a better/easier handling. But yeah, on the Toaster/Rack its another thing. If the editor will be helpful just for Stage users or for every Kemper user will completely depend on the features and handling the editor will get. I think that having a better view over all the functions, effects etc. on a tablet/laptop screen versus the gameboy screen and button combination on the Kemper could already be the big point.

    Its surely gonna be interesting how the editor will change over time. Adding features etc. just like it happened with the Kemper. And how it will affect the style people use their Kempers.

    The editor could also be the first step in the direction of an app (and therefor needed module) in the ((really) far) future. Who knows. One can hope. Maybe they release it in a really far future when time travel devices have been developed, then travel back in time and bring it to us tomorrow. But I think all the wormhole-timeloop-paradox type of things would cause too many critical bugs really hard to fix nowadays. So yeah patience is what we need. But this shouldnt stop the ideas we discuss here and even the wishful thinking :)

    The editor already exists in all other dimensions than this one...I think the developers have travelled across to get some help from different versions of themselves, and have trouble getting back. All the bugs in 7.x might be screams for help that We are too stupid to understand :-o

    Nah. This thread is dead. It’s a thread no more.

    I got the Stage and sold my rack btw. Very happy with it! Got a good backpack for it and love the portability!