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    Hi All

    Just wondering if at some point the location of the Amp in the chain could be made more flexible, ie have it last in the chain so all effects are before the amp, or put it before the mod slot etc.

    Dont know if its possible but it would be a nice feature




    At the moment im just playing through the pa system with the EQ flat on the desk, ive cut the output presence to nearly -5 and I put the "cut the mix" eq preset locked in after the cab, ive adjusted the high and low cut to 80hz and 7k ish

    Then try some profiles, and move the output presence and or the eq high cut and see how it goes, I raise definition on things a good bit too,

    This is working great for me at the moment


    Hi there

    Yes I have tried the hp /lp filters but its another slot used up so im trying to avoid that, I just picked the low e string and turned the pick knob fully to -5 then +5 theres a big difference between the two extremes which I hadnt noticed before -5 seems muddier +5 seems to clear it up.

    I could be wrong as to whats actually going on but I like the + side more on distorted profiles.

    Let me know what u think


    Ive never used the pick parameter. But today I noticed if I have a heavy rock sound loaded up, playing through a pa speaker, moving the pick parameter to the right a little about +0.5 or higher, so positive pick setting, it cleared up a lot of mud /boom from the sound.

    I dont know if that is what its designed to do but it does?

    Im sure this isn't a revelatory breakthrough for most of ye but I think its cool?


    Hi guys

    It was there previously as far as I can remember, and id like it back if its possible. I have an m13 for years that I really liked but the delays did bump up the volume and I suppose ive just gotten used to that happening

    Maurizio70 has u2 stuff up and it sounded really good if you search for him on youtube and here im sure you will find some inspiring sounds


    I would prefer to see separate speed and depth controls for the modulation but it still works, and tho it seems subtle it can be quite prominent at volume, id try a high setting of 8.4 ish, and put the delay before the amp and boost the delay with a stomp boost/od and adjust from there also maybe check your stereo percentage try 0% it might focus the delay a bit. The wobble is there tho?


    I just was playing with the One Ds drive,, in front of a vox ac type profile. I rolled the mix down to about 50% and it cleaned up really nicely and to me sounded like an sdd type preamp.

    I didnt see anyone mention this before so i just thought id put it out there. Might be an extra boost option.


    Id love more comprehensive tone controls for the drive stomps too.I try to replicate my pedalboard with the kemper and struggle to get the ods to work for me even tho they do sound good to me but bass mid and treble settings would be great for me!☺

    Thanks for the tips guys I actually hooked up the profiler to a power amp and a guitar cab the other night and started getting some great realistic amp tones I don't think I'm going to be adding the extra weight of a preamp after all. kempers kicking butt. Easier on the back too

    ya i heard somewhere that a preamp could sound good just into a cab sim but i havent tried it yet it would be nice to have a poweramp model i think the axe fx has a flat amp model tube pre or something maybe i could make a "poweramp profile" from that.
    Just thinking out loud to be honest :)