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    The way my gigs usually go is that we decide what songs we are going to play, write it down (spread sheet with big print so you can see it on a dark stage from a standing position when it is on the floor). If I could just have the tools for that .... it would be a great Christmas present :).

    That’s the reason we use an app (BandHelper). We create the setlists with it, share,print... it

    If I select a song from the setlist the banhelper app sends bpm and midi infos to the Kemper which switch to the performance/slot.

    +1 on recommendation for Mattfig's Bassman profiles. Like other said before, the profiles have excelent clarity and maybe I'll have to reduce some highs in loud situations but I think this should be done easy. The other way around it is much more difficult, the attempt to make dull sounding profiles sound alive.
    Big thanks Mattfig for the profiles and price offer!!!

    For a long time I was looking for a bass profile that was deep souding and three-dimensional.
    Until I tried the profile with the name SC Gabriels Hammer from Michael Britt's bass profile pack.
    Maybe it's just my personal taste but for this song with acoustic guitar I think it supports it perfectly.

    Maybe it's helpful to someone.

    Oops are we allowed to discuss Kemper realted stuff in this topic :/


    It think it is related to QC, which is for sure a new great product. But I am no longer realy interested in QC or any other comparable product.
    Not interested due to the historical and future Kemper strategic product orientation (support, maybe second toaster or stage, kone cab,...)
    But I found the discussion and the different points of view very interesting. :thumbup::)

    The Kemper is 10 years old and still holds its own, in some areas still is ahead. That to me says a lot about the design of the Kemper.

    Yes and it still gets better and better! I wish other vendors release firmware updates (fixes and improvments!!!) after a so long time.
    Best investment ever!

    Have you ever used a Kemper hooked to a guitar cabinet and if so, how it compares to a Kabinet in terms of feel (not profiles' translating accuracy)?

    Yes I used a nice MegaBoogie cab with celestion C90 speaker and love the sound.

    But the cab colors the sound.
    For home usage and low volume I always switch the bass boost to on with the Kemper kabinet and I then get enough „ompfh“ :)

    Maybe it depends also on genre? Playing rock and six string.

    I have unpowered HEAD and I tried Kabinet with poweramp (TC electronic BAM200) and I returned the Kabinet, wasn't much difference to DXR10, which I had then.

    I have a completely different experience.

    I had used a DXR10 over three years with good results on stage for monitoring, not so good results in playing at home (noisy and plastic mid focused sound).

    BUT with my powered toaster and the Kemper Kabinet I am no longer missing any other gear.

    Is‘nt the TC BAM200 designed as a Bass preamp? Could this the reason that you had not satisfying results?

    I remember Doug Castro stating it was 1.8ms? Also, I never really know what signal path these figures are representing (is it 1.8ms with or without an amp model or capture or profile in the middle?)

    Latency from distance from the source is perceived differently: our brains compensate for it interpreting environment's early reflection.

    You can compensate it if you have longer arms ;)

    That being said I can also feel a latency with the Kemper especially next to an amp and also to the Atomic Amplifire which for some reason is almost as direct as an amp.

    The qc is said to have a latency around 3ms which is a comparable to the Kemper. I believe Amplifire’s latency is lower than 1.5ms. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a noticeable difference.

    3ms is as if you were one meter away from your speaker. I can't feel or hear any latency at 3ms.

    Yes, there are good reasons for a second kemper, e.g. one at home and one for gigs. But last year all bookings are canceled and now I am waiting...
    Dual amp thing? Like V8Guitar said for live gigs I want it simple. For home usage maybe its a good thing. I wonder I you can get the same sound if you use profiles witch are already blended with two amps. Maybe not, because you can use different cab simulations with two kempers.

    Which has absolutely convinced me in terms of sound is the usage of the kemper with the kemper cabinet/kone (mid) and additional in my home studio with monitors (stereo). That sounds fantastic to me. Too bad I haven't been able to use the kemper kone live yet.

    Just some thougts...

    Again home alone

    with a Kemper Kone
    just grab your six string

    And you no longer feel lonely

    Again home alone

    go with a powered toaster

    just plug in your six string
    and you‘ll be the king


    Can you hear the amp in the room

    Nothing compares to this sound

    A powered toaster and Kemper kone

    it‘s like a bride and a groom