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    Yes, there are good reasons for a second kemper, e.g. one at home and one for gigs. But last year all bookings are canceled and now I am waiting...
    Dual amp thing? Like V8Guitar said for live gigs I want it simple. For home usage maybe its a good thing. I wonder I you can get the same sound if you use profiles witch are already blended with two amps. Maybe not, because you can use different cab simulations with two kempers.

    Which has absolutely convinced me in terms of sound is the usage of the kemper with the kemper cabinet/kone (mid) and additional in my home studio with monitors (stereo). That sounds fantastic to me. Too bad I haven't been able to use the kemper kone live yet.

    Just some thougts...

    Again home alone

    with a Kemper Kone
    just grab your six string

    And you no longer feel lonely

    Again home alone

    go with a powered toaster

    just plug in your six string
    and you‘ll be the king


    Can you hear the amp in the room

    Nothing compares to this sound

    A powered toaster and Kemper kone

    it‘s like a bride and a groom


    Bought a Epiphone Sheraton and I am very happy. But I have to try a few before I find the right one.
    Some of them had sharp edges on the frets or the switch crackels or the wood was warped.
    The Push Pull for Coil Splitting gives another tone flavore. Very versatile guitar for that price.

    PETERFR>>> I see. I thought it sounded wrong and couldn’t believe that this couldn’t be done. I don’t experiment with midi myself. Is the 5-pin port that much more a pain in the a**, that it’s much better through the USB port?

    So I think it depends in witch context you wanna use it.
    On a large stage it could be you run into problems with longer usb cables (max 5 meters).

    With MIDI we have no problems over 15 meter.

    For home usage it would be great if we could use midi over usb because most of us have already a usb connection using RigManager.
    So what I am try to say is, at the moment you need the 5 pin midi cable with audio/midi device or an midi bluetooth adapter.

    Hi b_tyan
    Of course you can control your Kemper via midi over the midi in (5 pin connector / cable).

    But it is not possible to use an USB connection and send midi data over this cable.

    A good alternative to the midi cable is a wireless midi adapter. In case your controller e.g. DAW is not next to your Kemper.
    In this Video I use an iPad and Bluebeard to control the Kemper over bluetooth


    There is a preset called cut in the mix yes. But there's no universal preset for all profiles that do the job.

    If I am check new profiles I lock 🔒 some fx, reverb, cab... Depends what I am after. So its easier for me to compare profiles. Maybe you can lock the EQ and store it with the profile if you want the profile on your Kemper?

    Thanks to Monkeeman for his great collection of Wah Settings

    Never had used a wah wah but now I had so much fun with it and used in in the chorus.

    This new cover song is from Jamie Cullum and I really love this Christmas Song and covered it for friends and family.

    Have a good time.

    Is the noise still there if you switch the kemper in tuner mode?

    Ist the noise still there if you lower the volume of the guitar? Is it gone if the volume of the guitar is at zero?

    +1 for KPA with Kone. All others nice option but playin at home over the kabinet with bed room level makes me smile!

    Then I got the Kabinet. Best of all worlds if you like a guitar amp in the room experience. Personally, I still use studio monitors most of the time but he Kabinet is amazing even at low volumes. As others have said, physics plays a bit part in low volume listening for two reasons - Equal Loudness Curves (often referred to as Fletcher Munsen effect) and the fact that you can still hear pick and string noise acoustically on top of the amplified sound.