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    Would you be willing to try disabling any auto-sleep settings? If it makes no difference then you could turn them back on, so no loss.

    The laptop is an i7 quadcore/16GB RAM desktop replacement job - and it stays plugged in. I just checked and the power scheme is "sleep -> never" when plugged in. As I recall, I used this same machine a lot for a month or two a couple of years back and on an off since with RM 2.x and never had any issues.

    It sounds like a disk-access issue, such as when it goes to sleep and the app has to wait for spin-up.

    Could this be it?

    Interesting thought - I think the power scheme is pretty tilted to performance though. The main thing mitigating against this idea is that the directory I am copying from (in Win Explorer) is on the same system drive as the Kemper RM database so I am (successfully) accessing that drive to copy the files and then accessing it again a few seconds later with the attempt to paste a copy of the files into RM.

    I tend to leave Rig Manager running all the time on a Win 8.1 laptop. On my Win 7 laptop, older editions prior to v3 and the editor were fine with this.

    With v3.x, I find that RM (and maybe the editor) continue to work for browsing BUT if I want to add a new folder and import some rigs into that folder RM (copying and pasting from Windows Explorer), I just get a busy sign and the alterations to the RM database fail.

    I close and restart RM and repeat the operation then everything works. Seems like 24 hours running is too much. Connecting and reconnecting the KPA makes no difference. I reported this issue to support but they cannot replicate it apparently. Anyone else see this behaviour?

    High end modellers are a niche market. It is kind of amazing how much creative energy gets poured into them. I guess they are cool things and attract the interest of guys with music and IT skills and we end users profit from their efforts.

    What's not to like?

    This is my main reason for not getting a QC. I'd never be able to use it in a live setting, so therefore I may as well stick to their plugins, if need be.

    I got the impression spacing would be tighter than the Kemper Remote but similar to something like the HX-FX and probably quite a bit wider than those Boss 500 series things with 3 foot switches on a pedal that is 5 and a bit inches wide.

    Sure, that‘s the way it is.

    But keep in mind, that overdrives are also widely used to shape metal sounds.

    Hi Chris,

    I am loving the new drives, the Fulltone model is phenomenal, but I wondered if you were interested in modelling tube overdrives like the Butler Tube Overdrive pedal which run a 12AX7 with proper plate voltages.

    This times 100. It’s amazing how those controls interact to produce such varied and quality sounds. The Klon against my Tumnus is so good it’s ridiculous. Running multiple Kemper Drives stacks really well, too.

    That would be the way to roll your own KoT drive - stack the boost and the distortion presets for the KoT in series, pair them with two footswitches if you like.

    I think the point has been well made that this is just the first beta of OS8.0 - by the time we get to 8.4 or so we may be seeing rather more of these things.

    I hope we some models of drives with altogether different insides like the Butler Tube Driver. That is a simple tube preamp circuit with a tone stack and could also be profiled but, since we cannot handle series profiles with the current hardware, a stomp model could be the ticket.

    There has been consistency with the approach to verbs, delays and now drives. Perhaps we can look forward to further editions in the series: ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Mod-Monster and the Ferkakte-Fuzz!

    paults - thanks for this reply - just what I needed to confirm I was on the right track.

    Yes, I had updated rig manager to 140 and updated to OS 8 beta from RM.

    I just had a 3rd go around with a restart of RM and managed - this time - to insert the 26 drive presets into the folder I created in all presets/local library. I copied the full set to the profiler from there.

    I found the folder with the presets in the OS update zip file and tried to import them in Rig Manager - just got a swirling animation on the RM display next to the presets folder and nothing actually loading. Is there as specific step by step process for this. I tried importing to the folders that are already there and I also created a new folder for them in the preset area and neither work. After watching the animation swirl for 10 mins I closed and reopened RM and my new folder was gone and no new presets had been imported.

    I cringe when I hear the word 'transparent' tied in some way to pedals like a TS or Klon. I've had different versions of both and transparent they are not.

    If you read the addendum for OS 8.0 that is the classification that Kemper has gone with for this family of pedals - following the usual terminology in the biz it seems. I agree that all these pedals can certainly create some saturation/drive flavors and are by no means clean boosts.

    Yeah, not for me.:D

    Those things are doing double duty as stomp switches and rotary encoders. If you don't want to handle them for sanitary reasons then you have lost your encoders and cannot quickly adjust parameters (eg the tone stack or an amp model, delay and verb level etc).

    If the buttons are covered they don't get dirty under the cover but then you need to remove the cover to make adjustments. Maybe that is a quick and not so dirty solution if the cover just flips up.

    Reports on other sites say Neural is shipping product to pre-purchasers for free. On the subject of paying for updates - the deal seems to be that those who have Neural DSP models in plugin format will be able to import them onto the new hardware and those who don't own them will not have them included.

    Seems they are trying to straddle the two worlds - the old one of loyal customers who have bought their software for $$$ and the new one of purchasers of the hardware who rightly expect them to shovel in everything they have by way of models and cabs etc. Given that the software models will remain on sale and will no doubt be augmented by others in time, it seems like a two tier world and "paying for updates/expansions" seems like a fair criticism of this system in a market where estabished competitors like Line 6 and Fractal give everything they have to purchasers of their hardware.