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    Thanks for all these freebies, Mick. Much appreciated. I was enjoying them so I picked up the newer 2203 set too - had the older one but it was lonely.

    In my experience the Kone dispersion is only a little better compared to a normal guitar speaker. At home I have a stereo setup (2 x 1 x12 with Kones) and still I have to stand in the sweet spot. If I move a little the sounds changes quickly.

    I have a similar setup. I have only used it in small spaces so far so I can't really say how it goes on a stage in a hall wrt dispersion but is seems pretty much like other 2x12s I use.

    I think everyone is saying the same should avoid using your backline for your frontlne sound at all costs, regardless of venue size.

    This applies to 1x12 or mentioned Im always surprised at the lack of spread from a 4x12, the difference of standing in front vs slightly off centre is quite large in my experience so its by no means a utopia solution even for pure backline.

    I have been conversely surprised at the spread from FRFR type other words I don;t think you can compare them easily and the logic of needing 4 kones to keep up with a regular 4 x12 I suspect ( but I don;t know the physics well enough) I don;t think holds up...

    The disperion pattern, of the Kone resembles that of a normal 12" guitar speaker - by design. I gather that was the intention according to statements by CK. Interesting points otherwise.

    Why not add the betas to the download page? Let people select beta version as an option there if you need to but make them easily accessible. This would also assist in people transferring the beta to another offline machine, for example, save bandwidth on the server in that sort of situation and remove the support burden of users asking where to find it from support &/or the forum.

    A single V30 can only handle 60W where the Kone/Kabinet can handle 200W (more than triple the power)

    That doesn't translate to triple the loudness... but it should be more than 50% louder than a V30.

    You also have to factor in efficiency. The comparable Celestion driver is stated as 98 dB @ 1 watt on the Celestion site, a V30 is 100 dB @ 1 watt. So, you are using up a significant chunk of the extra power driving a slightly less efficient speaker. Twice as much acoustic power would be about right. Just to complicate things, loudness, which is more subjective, is measured in phons.

    yes my mac is on all the time,i just restarted my mac and still same issue,but the thing is i get the notification window to install the new beta firmware but i didnt get the RM beta install window,that is weird,now i cant use my kemper stage with rig manager to test new profiles that i just bought:cursing:

    The install window can take a while to open - it has to download the file and the server might be getting hammered.

    Seems like the system reboot is often necessary to get the new RM version going properly. This is not an uncommon requirement with driver installs - eg update PACE copy protection and it will demand a reboot.

    My Win 8.1 machine has drivers for multiple audio related devices installed, it has iTunes on it and a bunch of plugin copy protection systems as well. I wonder whether the systems at HQ are as full of USB device drivers and audio apps as those of us having problems.

    I got some help from Arne overnight and managed to get beta 60 to see the KPA - yay!

    I rebooted to complete the install (logs showed reboot pending). Arne suggested I then repair install if driver was not present. I checked in Device Manager and no driver was installed even after reboot. Just to see if it worked, I clicked "Search Automatically" for new driver in (Win 8.1) Device Manager - both options there did not work with earlier betas. The correct driver is now apparently registered with Microsoft so the correct driver installed and Device Manager reported the successful install.

    I launched beta 60 and it was able to sync with the Kemper.

    Edit: Apparently, Device Manger "Search Automatically" also includes the local system and I am advised by Arne that the driver must have actually been on the local system and not on Windows Update - possibly from one of the many installers that were run.

    Of course it is supposed to work out of the box after installing Rig Manager, no matter if there was a different driver installed before or not. Anyway, we have identified 4 different problems when updating to 3.1, and the update to 3.1.60 was supposed to fix three of them. To find out what your problem is I need some log files. Did you already open a support ticket?

    Hi Arne,

    I have a ticket going ( ##KA00207108) from a week or so back so I have added the requested files there just now with reference to you and this request.



    @ Arne

    I tried installing this latest (60) build over whatever was installed - probably beta 59. I am on Win 8.1 and device manager still reports no driver is installed for the Kemper Profiler.

    Is there a specific procedure that you have in mind for getting this to install the driver on a machine where there is no driver installed?

    because there is no driver to install anymore, that's the big change in 3.1. unless you manage to deinstall the old driver(s) this will not work for you.

    I did uninstall the old driver - removed it using Device Manager.

    Rig manager and Windows Device Manager both tell me that no driver is installed for this device on the Win 8.1 machine. So, can I please now get the driver somehow because attempts to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling Rig Manager are failing consistently?

    Send me a PM with a link on the forum if you like or post it for anyone else who needs it on the Kemper site.

    It would make you wonder then how they got a 2Ghz SHARC to run fanless if those vents were just for wifi....

    The thing is, it is not a 2GHz SHARC. That was just marketing bullshit. It is a 4 core 500 MHz SHARC. (So in marketing speak: 4 x 500 = 2000 ... genius!)

    Not discontinued at all. The pandemic has lots of stuff in short supply.

    Try buying a decent graphics card.:)

    I was talking to a guy in a local bike shop - 95% of bikes they sell ( Giant etc) are unavailable due to component shortages. Eg Shimano from Japan are 300 odd days behind on orders for the bike parts they supply directly and to OEMs. The factories these things are made in are just not producing as much as usual due to the pandemic and shortages of the inputs to the manufacturing process.