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    I've got the Boomer part down. Any tips on the cashed-up bit?

    I mean, you know, besides avoiding strippers and supermodels.

    Any student of the media will tell you that simply by being a boomer and by virtue of your avoidance of smashed avocado at brunch you will have a seven figure account in your name at the Boomer Bank just for those little Dumble-style indulgences. Just ask your millenial broker and he will hook you up toot sweet.

    If it was a cloud service it would need a lot more bandwidth - it would probably need to be on AWS or some other commercial cloud service with global coverage. They don't even allow you to refresh RE without restarting it . The idea seems to be to keep the demand on RE within managemable limits and this probably made a lot of sense 8 years ago or when RE was first being set up.

    The other thing is that gigging musicians want local access to their materials and may not always have access to a fast internet connection so having as much of it as possible on hand locally makes a lot of sense.

    220.000 for an amp?? you've got to be kidding me!! :)

    What you are looking at is cashed-up Boomers indulging their youthful fantasies - eg buying 50s guitars and boutique amps etc - and bidding against each other for scarce items. They have figured out that you can't take with you so - the sky is the limit!

    Interesting and well made video, but I think he hit on the key point: "Imagine if Jim Marshall only made 300 amps ever."

    If I spent $10,000 on a guitar amp I would expect it to come with a supermodel to hold my drink for me while I played. In fact, if anyone offers such a bundle, I think I have room on my credit card...

    I would reconsider, those supermodels have all kinds of maintenance issues. Just one could make guitar GAS seem like a cheap hobby.

    I noticed there is no folder containing the profiles anywhere in my computer, or I haven't found it, so I guess they're stored in some kind of database, which makes sense. I also noticed that if I launch the RM with no connection, all the profiles in Rig Exchange and the Rig Packs are still there.

    So does the RM download them all and put them in a db at first start and then just updates them when needed?

    I ask this because it would be nice to know that even without connection everything would still be there and, most of all, RM would backup everything I can see.

    Does someone by chance know where this db is located (if it exists)?

    Just on the Rig Exchange thing, - yes your local RM downloads the rigs from RE and updates that list each time it connects to the Kemper website so you have a local copy. Rigs can be removed from Rig Exchange by users so the website giveth and it can also takeaway so it can be worth keeping a copy of profiles you like elsewhere in the database or exporting them as files.

    That's true, but I have my monitor out in stereo with the direct out. They go to the inputs of my SD700, and the outputs to my Kabs. Therefore the XLR out of the SD700 has the imprint sounds as well.

    OK - but unless you are feeding that signal to more Kones the results will not be as intended - the non-linear response of the Kones will be missing and so the imprint of a Greenback or whatever will no longer sound like a Greenback (or whatever imprint is in use) without further correction of some kind.

    The Kone speaker has a non-flat response. To achieve a flat/FRFR mode the Kemper applies a corrective EQ. If you wanted to use it with another modeller you would need to apply a similar correction - an IR might do the trick.

    When the Kemper applies an imprint to the signal via the monitor outs, it is applying a different corrective Eq to mimic the sonic signature of the chosen speaker.

    One way would be to use the XLR outputs on a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700. Just turn the Cab Sim off. That way you get Imprints to the Kones/Kabs and to FOH.

    The imprints are only applied to the monitor out(s). The Main Outs get the cab section from the profile in use - or whatever cabinet is locked on the CAB part of the Stack section.

    Control the volume from the KPA if you want low levels. Back off the output level using the level controls in the Kemper Output. Check out the advice on setting the BAM tone controls further back in this thread because while the BAM freq response is not flat like the Icepower modules or the SD Powerstage unit you can correct this to a degree using the tone controls. You could correct it further with the Eq settings in the KPA.

    So, I finally got my Kabinet and ended up going with the Bam200, but I'm not all that impressed with the sound. It doesn't sound like an amp to me, it just sounds the same as it always does, just loud, that is... a mic'd recorded cab. Maybe my settings aren't right, or are there only particular profiles this works well for?

    In Output I have Kemper Kone enabled, Monitor Cab Off, the Master Ouput is set to Master Mono, but I've tried the others as well.

    Is that how it's supposed to be set?

    Are you connecting via Monitor Output jack? That is the only output to which the Imprints apply. If you use the main outs you will just get the studio profile as you would send to the PA.

    no ,defnitley has to be off

    Kone has to be on , Monjitot Cab has to be off, only with that combination you are able to choose the different Imprints

    Correct - button is actually labelled "Monitor Cab Off" - and it must be depressed (activated) for Imprints not to be greyed out. I knew that the relevant button had to be active but is actually labelled with the opposite of what I had in prev post. Oops.

    Yeah - you are listening to studio profiles through the Cab in FRFR mode. If you want to hear the imprints, "monitor cab" has to be on, the CAB button has to be illuminated and Kone mode has to be on.

    PaulTS has quoted his own earlier posting of the correct settings.

    Kone imprints would only be applied to the monitor out. The main outs and headphone outs are getting the full studio or merged profile with whatever cab is loaded in the CAB section of the stack.