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    Got some profiles of that Honey Bee Amp?

    I have the newest Beta 7.1.12. loaded on my Kemper Head.

    I still think my Fuzz DS had more gain before the Beta versions.

    I know it says "fixed" since 7.1.4

    Anyone else noticed that?

    Ok, so I just profiled the same thing again, with "No Cabinet" unchecked. After it was done, I still got the popup that even though I had selected a clean profile, it created a distorted one. I still needed to add a cabinet, and again lower the gain all the way. I got excessive clipping, and I tried to pick a cabinet that sounded better than dome of the others but it's still terrible. I tried backing the guitar volume off, and even checked my output settings. I also noticed this time that it sounded muffled and dark. But if I played harder into clipping it was less muffled, but clipping instead.

    And just so nobody thinks I'm blowing em off and just telling stories from the couch, I've uploaded the last attempt. Sorry I didn't have any better luck.

    Again, this was a failed attempt at a slightly overdriven tone as in the video above.

    Yes, still not what you would expect... maybe Kemper Support can give some tips how to do it better. I have no clue....

    I tried again today through the NOR channel with the volume turned up and the master down (like in the video), as well as matching that tone through the FET with the volume much lower and the master on 2/3.. No luck. I'm bordering that fine line of erroring because the return input gain is too low, vs having it sound like a fuzz box as the finished product. It's pretty frustrating as it sounds nothing like the amp and just a sizzling fuzz. The profile completes and has the gain on about 6, so I've even backed that all the way down. But it still retains that fizzy character and sounds nothing like the Welagen. I tried playing with the master instead of the return gain and the other way around. I tried lowering the volume while still maintaining a slight "on the edge of breakup" tone when played harder. No such luck. Sorry sledge, I tried!!!

    But you did choose a cab on the Kemper Rig right? All profiles are direct out?

    I just tried these parameters with "DLY Reverse 1" and haven't noticed any noise. Are you playing chords, particular notes, picking, strumming?

    Sounds even strange with single notes, I try to do a short demo this evening.

    I have some strange noises in the reverse delays when set the mix to 100% wet, Feedback to 0% and Reverse Mix to 100%

    Can anyone confirm that?