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    Thank you. I did contact customer support and they have responded.

    They suggest what you said. They advise placing the 7.3.2 Kaos Bin on a formatted USB stick but not in a folder. Place the USB stick in to the Profiler then power it up while holding both page keys down. Once this update is done then the update to 7.5 should work.

    I updated my Stage to the latest release OS no problem but my toaster went about 75% through the process then stopped with an error message saying failed to update firmware.

    Now it is unresponsive .... no lights are on except the LCD and no buttons work .... I hav turned it off and on several times with and without the USB stick and it will not boot up. Any way to restore or get it back?

    I just purchased a Stage with the Tone Junkie Everything Pak.

    These profiles are absolutely stellar ..... sound great for live use with little or no tweaking

    I also have a ton of MB profiles in my old toaster .... they record great and select ones are easy to use live but I had to really tweak a lot of them for live use .... I think Tone Junkie has the edge here (my opinion.....your mileage may vary )

    No experience with those particular amps but I have played mine through several small combo amps with and without effects loops.

    I think it's possible to dial in very nice sounds with a variety of small amps.

    My best result with small amps was straight into the guitar input of a Princeton style combo amp made by Robbie Kirsch. Also got very good results with a Fender Blues Junior and an Emory Sound Superbaby.

    If you get a Kemper, take it to a store and try it out, see what you like. My prediction is that you can find something good with or without an effects loop.

    I have been working to create virtual pedal boards by saving sets of stomps and effects. Loading them into various rigs works fine but when I load them into a performance they do not populate the foot this normal and if so is there a simple work-around other than individually saving each stomp to each button on the controller? Thanks for any help with this.

    Wow playing "small venues" with a Marshall and MesaBoogie both using 4x12's ?

    Couldn't come close to using a setup like that in a "small club" anywhere around where I live.....but country music is king in my territory.

    Small combo amps are getting more and more popular for club gigs these days.....easy to load, keeps stage volume down and sound great with a simple SM57 through the PA.

    Very tricky do you think the original makers of the amps, mics and studio gear feel about profit being made from profiles created using their patented equipment?

    We can consider purchased profiles to be software or creative work product like music or art and I think they should not be pirated but to some extent the profiles themselves might be considered to be a technology that allows us to use "pirated" sounds.

    I have several of Britt's profiles and they are some of the best I have tried. His clean sounds in particular are great.

    I have noticed on many of his profiles it sounds like he added a touch of short reverb like a room sound or something.

    I think it helps your sound cut through a bit in a live situation but perhaps that is giving you a sensation of distance?

    I am playing live through a Xitone Michael Britt powered cab and I usually play a tele with P90's on his profiles.

    I think he creates a lot of them using P90's in a Tom Anderson or Suhr guitar.

    Actually he is very responsive to correspondence on Facebook, he has answered several questions for me in the past.

    It's been my experience that some profiles will "clean up" better than others by adjusting the gain but in general I agree that you will see the best results by using different profiles for clean and distorted or overdriven sounds.

    Many of the folks that create and sell profiles will actually profile an amp clean and at several gain settings or even with pedals and sell them as a package. That way it's easy to switch from a clean to a dirty sound on the same amp by just switching profiles.

    Another option for you is to add a stomp effect to a clean profile for your distortion or overdrive sound.

    I use a Xitone Michael Britt powered 1x12 cab and when first adjusting to it many of the clean sounds had an unwanted fuzzy or distorted tone and I was considering returning it because I thought it was defective. Through email with Xitone and Michael Britt the following is what was suggested. Don't know if it will work for you but perhaps worth a try.

    The things that eliminated the issue were:

    1. make sure all cables are correct and functioning

    2. adjusting the Kemper input to avoid clipping

    3. reducing the extreme highs in the global EQ

    4. adding an IR to the stack in the very last position (this made an amazing difference)

    <p>I bought a pair of old Peavey PR15's (powered) for a very cheap price and it is surprising how good the Kemper sounds through these. They can really move air too....sort of like an amp cab does. I got them both for less than 1/2 the cost of a Yamaha DXR 10.</p>