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    I'm using this method as well

    It enables to stack extra effects In the loop and after the amp but I prefer the kemper delay and reverb so just use hx into front of kemper mainly

    Hx effects sends cc messages to the kemper

    I am using the hx controller to change performance slots and also turn both effects on and off on kemper and hx at the same time

    I also use the hx to change synth patches and play samples on my keyboard via the foot switches by note on off messages

    It takes some programming but once you figure it out you can copy and paste the settings quickly across performance and then build setlist in hx programs

    i have always found the Joesph at fundamental changes books quite good and i have a few of them

    lots of tab examples in the books and scales and chord diagrams etc

    again, i think it requires multiple reads and effort for it to sink in

    i think transposing down that far it will not sound the same as tuning the guitar down properly, with heavier strings etc

    i generally only transpose down a semi tone which seems to work ok most of the time


    Similar story for me, before the internet and tabs, would play along to records by ear and then had a rudimentary idea of chords etc. I think the first year is the most crucial as it takes a while to master the shapes and getting your fingers in the right place etc, and at first ,it is very difficult to get anything to sound like it should !

    Over time its a case of learning more about technique, scales, theory etc and how the music relates to the song, it is something that you are always learning as you go along i feel.

    I had some lessons a few years ago and i thought that was useful about music theory and working more on technique and bad habits that had crept in etc.

    the biggest benefit i had though, has been playing with others in a band, you really make some large strides forward in terms of timing and progressing your skills by practicing different types of songs etc and playing with others.


    Hi and welcome

    I play in a cover band and we have about 35 songs in the set list

    i can then pick an amp that is similar to the one used in each song and get a good approximation of the sound

    I have a performance for each song with different slots for intro, verse, chorus, solo, end etc if needed to change the sound for a part

    its then just one foot switch press to change the sound between parts,

    also might morph the volume or individual effects for certain parts, but there are not many of these



    hi everyone

    Is it possible to send an output from the kemper into the roland fa series synth vocoder?

    I'm looking for some bell sounds and was thinking of playing the notes on the guitar and doubling them on the synth

    Was thinking of using the monitor out as I can control the level into the synth etc



    I do some research on the song and try and fine what gear was used to get you roughly in the ball park of the original if possible,
    although the type of guitar you are using also affects the tone and i dont have every type of guitar

    I then pick an amp that sounds real close and then tweak the eq and cabinet if needed.

    then would apply effects to the tone, eg delay /reverb/ chorus etc if needed

    I generally use performance mode and then would have up to five patches per song, eg, intro, verse, chorus, solo, etc

    i then might use morph to change a setting for spot effects

    i find this works really well and you can get close most of the times



    I'm putting my Kemper Profiler 'Toaster' and atomic clr for sale due to not playing live any more and its too much for home use

    Comes with Kemper Remote
    Kemper Bag
    Atomic CLR cab
    Ultimate Speaker Stand
    some MBritt and TAF profiles

    Bought from in November 2014 - . I have not encountered any issues with the unit, no led failures or problems and still has plenty of warranty left if needed to be returned to the Kemper Mothership.

    I'm based in the Leicester in England, UK

    buyer to collect or arrange courier etc

    Im not looking to split and would like £2200 ono


    finally brought my kemper, been researching for a long time and treated myself to an early xmas present

    only played through heads phones at the moment as I am waiting my CLR to be delivered

    sounds great so far and some of the profiles are really amazing