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    How long would you expect a pack of foil sealed strings to last?

    A couple years back I got loads of packs of Ernie Ball Cobalt strings that were on offer. They were in foil bags and I thought they'd be good for a long time. i've still got a few bags, but the last I opened today was pitted with, what I guess is rust? They've been kept in reasonable ( for the the U.K.) conditions.

    Thought it might be interesting to tap into the wealth of knowledge around here and ask for opinions on how long to expect a pack of strings to last.

    I'm going to throw a party for time travelling kemper users. If anyone would like to come, please bring the new firmware to my place last tuesday.

    This sense of humor (if it's a joke) is too much for me too subtle for me as english is my second langage . You mean to bring the new reverb at your party last tuesday? which mean as soon as possible? No surely not... I dont get it sorry... I try very hard

    An interesting paradox too. If the time traveling kemper user brought the future firmware to mollydyer's last Tuesday he would not have to ask them to do it now.

    I've looked into Bluetooth before. The best aptx I found claimed to clock in at around 40ms- good enough for lip sync watching TV. 16ms for Bluetooth is by far the best latency I've come across, guess the progress of technology marches ever onwards.

    Thanks for pointing out the mono aspect Atlantic, never thought of that.

    Hopefully unspeakable things, in the inner circles of hell will happen to the perpetrators of this act.

    Sorry to read your bad news Morph. Best wishes for something good.

    I disagree. I think this place will be a ghost town. People will be too busy playing them. ?

    Sadly that won't be the case. No matter what awesome brilliance the Kemper team come up with. This forum will be enduring another round of " why didn't they do this?" thread, closely followed by a "why didn't they do that?" thread, with a thinly veiled " it's all about me, and they got it wrong" thread.

    Still. Most of us are going to delighted and grateful and blown away by the next chapter of Kemper genius.

    I had a similar issue, setting a new performance in rig manager on the current betas. On the remote it was a jumbled order, however on the profiler it displayed the order as per rig manager. At the time I thought I'd messed up somewhere along the process.

    I've recently gotten in the habit of clearing out the browser and just using a performance slot.
    It focuses me on playing, instead of the endless 'ohh I wonder if this one would sound better?' As much fun as that can be, it seriously eats into the available time I have to play. When I need to expand or try out I have to fire up the rig manager, and that's when I mostly decide to just carry on playing with what I have. Seems to work better for me this way.

    It could well be me :thumbsup: . Unless there's some sort of quantizing going on I'm not accurate enough to keep loops bang on in time.
    The only way you're going to find out if the looper is good for you is to try it.
    The remote is a fantastic bit of kit, but to be honest I was a little underwhelmed by the looper. However for auditioning rigs, for that I think it's great and well worth having.
    This is only my opinion. Others can and probably will disagree with me, and that's good because everyone's different.

    Yeah. There is a pre and post setting for the looper. It's in there somewhere, system probably, sorry can't remember off hand. Personally I find it nigh on impossible to accurately punch in and out of this looper. Good luck to you if you can. Until the looper gets a serious upgrade, I find it's strength is in auditioning rigs. Lay down whatever and scroll through. It's a lot less taxing to just have to concentrate on the sound instead of having to play every time too.

    I had an issue earlier. Made a new performance slot of five rigs on rig manager, the first in ages.
    On the remote it showed the order I made the performance in the rig manager, on the profiler the order was jumbled up, and that was the order the rigs came out.
    Thought it was a bit odd and just assumed it'd been such a while since I made up a performance, that I'd messed up somewhere. Now I'm not so sure after reading your posts.
    The profiler and rig manager are on the latest software or beta updates.