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    Kemper always seems to beat their own path. Innovating and coming up with unique and elegant solutions. The KPA itself is/was an unheard concept. The devolpement of the software and implementation of new features is both different and very welcome. I,ve never had an electronic unit that matures and improves with age. A concept of drastically improving something without the money sucking parasites of the world milking it for every last cent. With that kind of track record why would you expect them to blindly follow everyone elses method for an editor?

    l use Unobtainium. Encased in the gasses of the lower atmosphere of Neptune, that contain 99.99999999999999999% material that does not exist on the periodic table. This gas, sealed in a platinum polymer, creates the environment needed for the unobtainium to work at the optimum levels needed by today's demanding guitarist.
    No more misplaced notes with this cable, the unobtainium senses what and when you meant to play, and an added bonus with the kpa, decides on the optimum profile needed for that particular passage of music.
    This incredible cable is now on sale at an unbelievable festive price of 0.001 cents per Planck length.
    Exciting times for the discerning professional. :saint:

    l thought I'd arrived with the v pick screamer back along. Initially they were great, but for the price wore down at an alarming rate, losing their edge and benefit. The rate they needed replacing made the cost of them ludicrous.
    I've since moved on to dava rock control and am very happy with them. Any technical aspect of playing doesn't feel at all hindered by this pick, my ability sure but not the pick, as previous picks have done. And it is that hindered feeling that makes me seek out a better ( for me) pick. An added bonus for me is a dava outlasts a v pick- a pack of 6 dava's cost approximately 1 v pick. It's not always about throwing the most amount of money at a problem to solve it.

    Thanks again for everybody's thoughts and opinions. You've all sold me, one way or another, on stainless steel for my next refret :)
    One follow up. Which make of stainless steel fretwire to go for? It'll be for an Ibanez S5470, if that makes a difference. And I do like the fret size it came with, whatever that was.
    Thanks again for all your help.

    Before you decide to refret, have you checked if a fret leveling wouldn't be enough ?

    Probably. Have done that before though and, l like big fat jumbo frets, it completely changed the feel of the guitar. Couldn't wait to refret it, begrudging the wasted effort. :(

    Thanks for all the input so far. @Dean R
    you raise some interesting points. While l do appreciate your concerns from the tech side of things, that for me will be reflected in the price of the job by someone competent.
    Does anyone have experience with
    1. The longevity of ss frets, do they wear out?
    2. Do ss frets wear strings out at a noticeably quicker rate?
    Thanks again for all your inputs, valued as ever.

    Hi to all,
    The frets on my guitar are starting to look sorry for themselves and l can see a refret on the horizon. So l thought I'd take the chance to ask all you good folks your opinions on stainless steel, or any other options out there. All and any input is greatly appreciated.

    None of the scare monger stories put out over brexit have come true ( suprise suprise). The pound has taken a hit because of the uncertainty in the markets of the direction the U.K. will be taking.. Once the uncertainty is lifted, the pound is very likely going to get stronger than before.

    Even if you believe in 432 resonating with the universe and bringing you closer to god, equal temperament negates all that new age hogwash straight away.

    Would be nice to hear BOTH sides of this sorry saga before jumping on the butt hurt bandwagon. And how come there is this general trend to assume the worst and bash on the Kemper team at any given opportunity?

    Indeed. I am never 100% sure if my memory serves me well. :wacko: Tried to find it with google (they are never forgetting!). No success. On the other hand: the Kemper guys MUST have a good reason, it is their business. Its their website. Its their responsability.

    I wouldn't worry too much. It's obviously the 'Mandela Effect'. Times they are a'changing. ?(

    Kemper has been innovating since day one. They have been coming up with unique and elegant solutions to many feature requests.

    Morphing, l think, addresses a lot of things that a lot of us haven't really begun to consider yet. To just think it's a clean to dirty thing is, to me at least, a very limited and short sighted way of thinking.

    The plethora of delays looks stunning and likely to become a new standard.

    Kemper is trailblazing and l for one am more than happy to follow the path they lead. Roll on February :thumbsup: