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    Having taken all your input, size, weight and convenience into account, l finally went for a shallow 4u skb. Even though l own a tape measure, l was kinda surprised how big that was when l got it. Thank you for the voices of wisdom, stopping me from getting something l would've regretted. Now l have 1u of space to play with. Any suggestions?

    Have found a nice pair of gardening gloves. Thanks for the warning Raoul23 lol. Sold the pod, meambobbo. Was gutted to find out just how well line6 holds its value. I guess once line6's marketing people have finished, then just the market knows best. Anyway after playing the kemper today, l felt guilty taking what l did for the pod. Hey ho.

    Hello again, I wanna thank each and everyone of you for helping me out with my indecision. Earlier today a little package ( well, maybe not so little ) came through my front door. Dunno what to say but F***ING HELL! I have'nt stopped smiling all day. All I've done so far is plug and play, no fiddling with anything yet, just browsing through some stuff on there, and not too much of that either. I mean, why? It sounds so good. Got the rack version going through a pair of rokit 8" monitors and it's just brilliant. I'm really looking forward to the journey this Kemper is going to take me on. I want to thank you all for nudging me along to start it, and no doubt the inevitable help I'm going to ask for along the way. :)

    Thanks for the input so far guys. Some good points to ponder. The KFC is a good one. I think that little wait is coming to an end? And wouldn't it be great if it fits in a rack case? What the KFC and KPA can achieve together will, l think, ultimately determine how my rig will end up. I am leaning toward a full 6u case. I don't think it's too big and as mentioned that extra space will almost certainly come in handy. Also as mentioned, any other toys ( toys for want of a better word, not to imply anything naff), l think l would want wired up in a self contained unit.
    Any other thoughts on this matter would be most welcome. Cheers for reading.

    Apart from leads and strings, the usual odds and sods, nothing yet. Then l think shallow 3u job done.
    Then in the near future l could maybe see some other toys going in. So maybe a 6u normal? As you say any bigger, or maybe that would be too big?
    Maybe even get another case if the need arises later? I just can't decide on the best route.

    I'm going in circles with this one, so opinions and insights would be most welcome.
    So in the new year a kemper rack unit will be ordered. That leads to a rack case. Whilst l don't play out it will be frequently bounced from A to B and l figure rack is a more secure set up.
    The problem- which one? 3u?4u?6u? Shallow? Normal? High-end?
    Everytime l think l've nailed the decision l see an advantage in another option!
    I should add that I've never racked anything before. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

    I like many (all?) am very interested in the forthcoming KFC. Just can't help feeling for the kemper team on this one. With the level of expectation that seems to be brewing. I wish kemper all the best on this project.
    Also with all the advice to use the FCB set up until the KFC unit finally comes out. Seems to me there are going to be an awful lot of FCB units on the second hand market. Just saying....

    Thanks for all your input. I read your guide meambobbo, l thought it was a fantastic piece of work, without it the pod was unusable as the l6 manual was useless.
    Ok. In summation for the kemper from what I've gleaned.
    1. It's the best out there
    2. From the almost ridiculous number of profiles out there l will find my sound.
    3. Someone else's opinion of a profile is not necessarily gonna marry up with my guitar, strings, pick ups, leads, speakers, plectrums and anything else unique to my chain.
    4. Only l can do the leg work to find these fundamentally tweak free profiles.
    5. The return policy won't be needed
    I hate tweaking ( just thought that was the way with digital stuff) but please feel free to tweak this list. Thanks again for the help. I look forward to owning a kemper in the new year.

    Thanks for the welcome Zappledan and inputs of yourself, deadpan, Oz_LA,ascl. I appreciate you all taking the time to help me out with this. Whilst l'd snap your arm off for a bargain, like the next guy, this isn't so much about shaving a few quid. The way l see it kemper is the top of the pile. Imagine if l was dissatisfied? Where would l go from there? Soundproofing? Thankfully your replies are pushing me along nicely. Would love to hear more opinions on this. Once I've survived the onslaught of Christmas l shall be taking the plunge.

    Hi nervousfingers_29, thanks for the input. I totally agree about tweaking the pod and the nightmare it becomes. Tail chasing and never ( in my case anyway) quite getting there. I would sincerely hope for more of an improvement than 25% by the kemper over the pod. I can't offload mine for £125 ( bean version) currently and the kemper rocks in at, well a lot more. Diminishing returns?I know to quantify it like that is very subjective.

    Thanks for the welcome Viabcroce and Audiochains. And the replies. I think it's a given that everyone here will say kemper is better and l don't doubt for a second that that is fact. What I'm trying to discover is where other users of pod hd have found its ceiling of performance and how the kemper has superseded it. I'm hoping some answers will resonate with my experience of the pod and finally convince me to go kemper. A lot of my reticence is down to my ultimate disappointment in previous digital gear. Cheers for reading.

    Hello All, firstly I'd like to say what a pleasant vibe this place has and the generosity of members in sharing their hard won knowledge. Thank you! I have done quite a lot of thread reading and am reasonably confident in sussing the unit now. I'm a home noodler who has always yearned a tube amp but the volume makes this unviable and have gone down the digital path. Like many I'm sure, l have spent an unhealthy amount of money and have been ultimately left dissatisfied and with the residual value of a politician's promise. My current toy is line 6 hd. Trying to get a good tone out of that is like trying to level water with one hand whilst throwing pebbles in with other. Not impossible but l just wanna play! So this question to ex line 6 people. How much better is the kemper?