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    Hi Chris,

    THe Kemper actually sounds better ....fuller than the Valvetrain real amp

    I do think the Kemper sounds better direct. But as far as hearing the Kemper on stage, I think this amp is the best way to do so. It's very warm but still has the ability to cut thru the mix. It also feels and responds like a real tube amp. I'm going to try some different mics and see if I can capture the actual sound in the room. That 57 I had on the cab sounds too much like a close mic'd 57. I need to try a ribbon mic a few feet back from the cab.

    Hey y'all. I just got the Britt ValveTrain amp and did a quick demo of it. I tried to get a comparison of how it sounds in the room and direct. I really need to try some different mics to try & capture the real room sound. The 57 I was using sounds a bit too much like a 57! Anyway, to my ears this amp sounds extremely close to what I'm getting in my IEM's. I usually just have 1 ear in and having this amp on stage really fills out the sound for me.

    Take a listen & let me know what you think.

    And sorry about the sloppy playing!

    ValveTrain Demo

    So I have tried most of the powered options out there and have gotten so ok results with some. Some went back the same day. I got in front of the ValveTrain MBRITT and I have to say it’s THE BEST. Nothing else is as true to a real amp as it is. You don’t need to EQ anything. You don’t need to turn the cab off in the Kemper. Just plug in and turn up. It sounds freakin great. Real tube amp feel with the Kemper tones. I am a true fan. My main gig is a Heart tribute with 2 gtrs, keys and a loud bass player. The VT cuts right thru. Never shrill or boomy. It just sounds like a gtr amp. If you’re looking for an amp to work with the Kemper , you should really check this out.

    I would like to see them come out with a Kemper Performer. All in a Remote style board. Take out the actual profiling hardware/software. Just something smaller like the Helix or Headrush board. I don't profile so I don't really need the extras.
    Just my 2 cents..

    the band sounds great! i'm sure that gig is a blast!

    Thanks! It really is a great gig. So many awesome guitar parts and everyone in the band is a great friend and fun to play with. I really look forward to every gig. And the Kemper/BRITT combo ensures that I never have to worry about sound. It always sounds great! Love my Kemper!

    Thanks guys. Both of us are going direct. The Marshall amps were just backline. Neither of us used those. The Kempers were just running thru the monitors. Main outs. Pretty sure we were just running mono out.

    I am using some old & new MBRITT profiles in my Heart Tribute band. Both guitars are 100% Britt profiles. For dirty tones I'm using 72 Marshall 2 4 & 2 6 and for clean I'm using Tweedy Tweed 1 3. Completely original profiles. Nothing tweaked.
    Here's some video from a recent gig.

    Heart Tribute

    I use the britt profiles live and they sound awesome. I've never had better tone. I use IEM's on most gigs and supplement stage volume with a cheap Tech 21 Power Engine. The XiTone Britt cab is also a great live cab. I have not changed a single parameter on the profiles. They really work great for me.
    Here's an iPhone video from last weekend. I really like the sound. Excuse the wrong notes please.
    Heart Tribute Band

    I am using the new 3P CSR profiles live and they are KILLER!!!!! I was using some older 3P Plexi w/ Klon profiles for my crunchy rhythm and rock-god solo tones, but the new ones have unseated those profiles. I think these are Mike's best yet. I have also been changing up older profiles with the new IR's he's made. These are game changers in my opinion. I've been swapping out cabs on profiles that just didn't really work for me and now they have new life. I also have a HeadRush pedal as a backup for my Kemper. I loaded the IR's into it & it sounds 100x better. I don't think the Headrush will replacing my KPA but I have taken it on some gigs and it sounds great with those new IR's. The whole IR thing has really awesome. Totally reshapes the tone.

    I think it was a late addition to the pack. I didn't have a lot of profiles of that amp and I can't remember who the amp came from but it was one of the 70's wide body heads with the channel inputs separated, not grouped all together like the old bass masters. I used to have one of those same models years ago and it sounded great for the money. I'll see if I can update the BoC info sheet to include it. thanks!

    I believe that Traynor came from a bass player friend of mine. He used it as his bass rig. Sounded pretty good with bass & awesome with guitar.

    I got my XiTone Britt cab a few weeks ago. It's been on a few gigs and had heavy use at home. At 1st I thought it wasn't gonna be loud enough. I had the gain structure all screwed up on the Kemper. I was sending it WAY too much signal. I was running out of the Kemper Main outs and was getting some clipping.I moved the output to the Monitor outs and then set the EQ flat. Now I have plenty of volume and the tones are very good. I am mostly using mode 5 on the XiTone. Today I plugged in my Tech 21 Fly Rig into the Xi and it sounded really good. It's my backup rig and I'm really glad it sounds good with the Xi. I am using Mode 4 for the Fly Rig. So..... I am happy with the XiTone cab. It's getting the job done quite well.
    By the way, it took about 6 weeks to get mine. I was in no big rush. Happy customer!