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    The Boss GT-100 has a polyphonic tuning mode and the awesome feature, that it recognizes if a single or mutiple strings are played and automatically switches between the standard and the polyphonic mode.

    For sale!

    All devices are in neat condition. Used in non smoking environment only.

    - Kemper Profiling Amp Rack, unpowered

    - many commercial profiles (Rock/Metal)

    - wireless system "Beyerdynamic Opus 910"

    - MIDI controller "Microdesignum MIDI Grande 8F1D"

    - expression pedal "Mission Engineering SP-1"

    - pandaMidi "midiBeam", wireless MIDI

    - case "Gator GR-6S"

    - case with integrated shelf for wireless MIDI board

    - breakout-connector for XRL, USB, ...

    - switchable power strip

    Fixed price: 2500 EUR

    Testing and pick up in Berlin, Germany. Shipping possible (Europe only).

    Mail: [email protected]

    Background information: the Kemper Amp sounds awesome and is totally reliable. But for me it's "too much", I got something smaller and simpler that gives me everything I need.

    If your Kemper is in a rack, you could completely close the rear side of the rack and then include a key switch for the power connection.

    Something like this:

    +1 :thumbup:

    I like the polyphonic tuner of the TC Polytune, Korg Pitchblack Desktop and also Boss GT-100. Would be nice to have such an option for the Kemper, too.

    A possibility to set semitones offset or other tunings (e.g. drop d) would be great.

    I have been using the Kemper for 4 years now and the sound, usability and reliability is perfect for me. I don't have the Kemper remote, but use a MIDI footswitch (Microdesignum MIDI Grande), which works great.

    As I only need about 5 sounds with no special effects I learned, that the Kemper is a bit "overkill" for my needs.

    My band's other guitar player uses a Boss GT-100 and with some tweaking we got totally awesome sounds out of it... slightly different compared to the Kemper, but not worse. In the band context it's impossible to tell which is the Kemper or the GT-100.

    Same for a Digitech GSP1101 and with just little limitations even a cheap Boss GT-1. With proper tweaking they can sound really good.

    I'll keep my Kemper, but if I wanted to buy a new amp/modeler today, I'd think twice, if it would really be necessary for my needs.

    It depends on the style of music, the original ammount of low frequencies in your sound and the other instruments, of course.

    For my guitar sound in a 80s/90s metal cover band I usually set up the low cut to about 170 Hz and push 3 dB Q3 at 200 Hz. So there is enough room for the bassguitar and kick drums.

    A high cut might be set at 4-6 kHz, depending on the basic sound this might be not necessary. Sometimes I just lower presence.

    Boss GT-1 "Power Drive"

    4 studio profiles & 1 direct profile

    I use the Boss GT-1 for playing at home, as a backup and for gigs, where the Kemper is not suitable (e.g. mobile applications, the GT-1 can be battery-powered).

    These are are coming from Boss' own amp model called "Power Drive" and the matched cab simulation "Origin", which is really nice for higher gain sounds.

    3 profiles include the GT-1 internal parametric EQs and are ready to use.

    1 profile is the raw amp sim with no additional EQ, but with cab simulation.

    The single direct profile is the same as the raw profile, but with cab simulation switched off.

    No external EQ or other gear was used when creating these profiles, all came direct from the GT-1.

    A special setting was in the main out EQ of the GT-1: as this device doesn't offer a low cut and in most cases it's low frequencies are way too much a workaround is to set the parametric EQ to the following: Frequency: 50 Hz, Q: 0.5, Gain: -20

    Have fun!

    Man! These profiles sound extremely good! The low-gain ones still have that ENGL-tightness going which I cannot get from any other amp. The high-gain ones can be pushed even more without going muddy by simply adding the gain or using your Green Screamer in the stomp section. Want less tightness? Turn down the Definition a bit.

    Again, extremely good profiling job!

    Thank you, RiF! :):thumbup:


    Danke für den Tipp, der Preis ist gut, werde ich im Auge behalten...

    Die Bose S1 hatte ich vor kurzem getestet, sie war mir aber etwas zu schlapp.

    Ich hatte dann die Behringer MPA200BT, die eine höhere Lautstärke und sogar einen besseren Klang als dir Bose S1 lieferten.

    Leider haben die Behringer MPA200bBT anscheinend ein serienmäßiges Problem mit dem Akku bzw. der Ladeelektronik: bei den 3 Geräten, die ich innerhalb eines Monats hatte, war der Akkubetrieb äußerst unzuverlässig. Unter gleichen Bedingungen hielt der Akku mal für mehrere Stunden, mal für nur 30 Minuten und es kam sogar vor, dass sofort nach dem Einschalten Schluss war... obwohl die Ladestandsanzeige 100% anzeigte und das Gerät für 2 Tage zum Laden angeschlossen war. Ich habe sie aus diesem Grund zurückgegeben, was eigentlich schade ist, denn der Klang und die Lautstärke war wirklich gut.

    Evtl. kaufe ich für mobile Zwecke dann noch einen LiPo4-Akku mit geeignetem Wechselrichter und betreibe damit meine Yamaha DXR10 bzw. dB Opera 12.

    Als äußerst leistungsfähigen, dabei kompakten und leichten (2,7 kg) Akku kann ich den "SIGA LiFePO4" empfehlen:


    Ich betreibe damit eine mobile PA, bestehend aus einer Auto-Endstufe "Sony XM-754HX" und einem kleinen batteriebetriebenen Mischpult "Behringer Xenyx 1002B" an einem Paar älteren Yamaha 15" Lautsprechern. Das klingt gut und geht dabei richtig laut, 50 Personen OpenAir für eine Metal-Band waren kein Problem. Mit dem kleinen Akku läuft das ca. 3 Stunden lang bei wirklich brutaler Lautstärke 8o

    If you park the expression pedal at heel or toe you have such a threshold already. In those positions the PROFILER doesn't immediately respond to small deviations.

    Ah, ok... thank you. I didn't know that.

    It would be nice to have a threshold at *all* positions. During the action on stage I usually don't think about correct parking positions ;-)

    You could also mechanically adjust the pedal to make it a bit tighter.

    I'll also try this.