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    So everyone- the gig is done and it was superb- sounding.
    Finally I used Dorrus fishman performer- sounded quite perfect.
    And I also found Morphing so useful to blend between a more rythm- focused sound an do boost it with a bit of delay, Reverb so on...
    so thanx a lot everyone- this fprum is such a great community of nice people with so much knowledge!
    I´m so glad to be here!!

    Hi @Totter - you have to download CabMaker utility for Windows or MAC - this tool allows you to convert IR files to Kemper's *.kipr cabinets.

    Tried it out- but the cabmaker doesn´t transform the IRs into a kemper usable data:
    I open CABmaker, klick a IR- data and open the folder it should be saved then I´m told:
    "1 file cannot be imported. 44.1kHz sampling rate with either 16 or 24 bits are required."

    Where I my mistake/ what do I have to do to get this thing working?

    WOW- I am impressed by your response ;-)
    I will check the IRs, I think and also have a look at your ( @breu) chandler...
    @Sharry - I found a lot of cool rig in RE...recorded a quick tune and checked them all via my 3 favourites at the moment are:
    fishman performer fromDorrus
    Paults clean fender from Eltzejupps NewDelays
    Fishman Loudbox by Navdeep_Singh

    Have to check the all with a PA...But One of these (or the IRs / chandler) will be my go to sound ;-)
    So...half way gone...thanks a lot to you all...I´m sure- further questions will follow ;-)

    I'd recommend loading some free acoustic IRs to use instead of a clean amp. I recently started playing around with acoustic IRs and was able to get great recorded sounds with my Taylor GS Mini pickup through an IR.

    Here are some free ones to check out:…vH3j1ZkVoTFJLQ241WTg/view…Et-UVeLAhuvV4YwMY7Wa?dl=0

    sounds quiete interesting- but I never did anything with IRs...what do I have to do to check this out?

    Thanks for your quick I mentioned, Cabs will be off, of course ;-)
    I searched through RM and found a lot...But I don´t have the time right now to check them via I´ll test them via Headphones first...
    Any suggestion of how to dial in a "basic" compressor?

    Hey everybody,
    I am going to play an acoustic- set in the future and so I am thinking about "pimping" my dry acoustic sound by using the kemper.....
    but first, I have a few question that maybe someone can answer...
    1. Do I have to use a DI- Box for that?
    2. I know, it depends on personal taste but how would you configurate a profile?
    for example:
    --> front of amp: Guitar --> EQ --> comp --> chorus (clean amp without cab) --> pureboost (for solos) --> Delay --> reverb?
    Any suggestions? Any Profiles?
    The gig is on December 2nd and we have a lot to reahearse - so there´s is not that much time for tweaking and walking through 1000 profiles...I´m looking for "the out of the box - thing"

    Would be raelly graet If someone helps me!
    Thanks a lot so far...

    Yes! Kudos to Paul, Gerald, R.U.S., Tim Owens, Jevo, Maurizio, Thumas, Haysie, Dan (MentaL) and all the other "big" contributors and tweakers. We'd be nowhere without those guys!

    Good luck with that one, brother! :D

    Someone has to break the rule first- so I do:
    Thnx, Frank for all your work, patience and -the most - for your time- ´caus that´s really the biggest thing you give to many others of course!!! ;-)

    I unfortunately don´t have the time to check all these settings at the moment- but i´m sure I´ll do th this within the next weeks.

    Thanx a lot so far to everyone´s work- such an awesome forum here!!!

    Hi guys,

    I had the pleasure of testing some profiles during the last month for Bert's profile pack 2.
    The first one was a real beauty, Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30.
    It inspired me to make a little demo with it, so all guitars recorded with the Jackson Ampworks NC30.
    The rest of the pack, all high quality killer sounds....

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    just beautiful playing!!! Graet!

    Thank you! I'm glad to bring joy to fellow guitar players!!!!
    I know that my Recto profiles need work, but I've been learning a lot from people's comments. Those were one of the first ones.I made some new profiles which I think might be better and I also made different profiles with a single 57 and 4 different speakers which I'll post them and see what you think. I honestly like rectos better with a Maxon OD808 and sometimes a Furman PQ3 or other eq's that I have in the front end.
    I'm mainly a Marshall guy. I bought a Recto because I write music for TV and I need different guitar tones for the music that I write.

    No need to excuse ;) I am really looking forward to your Rectiprofiles...I liked it the best when Bass was not that much high, even so the gain to get that punchy, tight fat ballsyrythmsound we love the recto for...and it´s always a great idea to boost it with a tubescreamer in front to tighten it up...can´t wait for your next profiles ;)