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    Do you have a reference to the thesis that converters sound different at different sampling rates?
    I doubt that there is a true difference.
    Faster is not better. Modern converters do they work at some MHz of sampling rate. This rate does not double when you double the incoming sampling rate. Don‘t get fooled by internet talk and false marketing.

    The added latency for analog AD DA conversion is less than 600 nanoseconds. Cannot be noticed.


    Bit of a side-step ....... but now we have sampling rates up to 96k ...... any chance of getting the option to Profile via SPDIF as oppossed to just "analog-ly" ????

    ie:- connect a Axe FX or Helix to a Kemper via Spdif .... set each unit to the same rate .... say 48k [or higher] and Profile that way ???


    The more I think about this, the more I think a K2 will be released at Musikmesse in Frankfurt in a few weeks ....

    -> German release for a German co.
    -> no major FW changes for some time now
    -> very quiet on the forum front from KPA even by Kemper "quiet on the forums" standard
    -> sale of demo units
    -> no changes to core profiling engine but significant functionality hardware / software improvements in a K2
    -> possible K2 profiling improvements to better capture "drive pedals before amps" and "power stage distortion"
    -> I would also expect KPA 1 support to continue for some time, if for no other reason other than the literal '000's of them in studios world wide .... KPA's are in studios everywhere

    Either this or there will be a major announcement of some sort at 2018 M/Messe

    Of course, I could be %100 wrong too .......:)


    To suggest - as some in this thread have - that a K2 is neither "wanted" / "needed" / "pointless" etc.... is just mind boggling to me.

    If you have a KPA 1 .... a KPA 2 will not affect you one iota.

    -> Can the profiling be more accurate - YEP ... try doing some direct/studio profiles of other modeller sounds.. or amps with power-stage distortion or amps with boosts / drives in front of them ... then tell me the profiling is "nealry perfect"

    -> More / better drives and other EFX.

    -> 48k / 24 Bit IR as a minimum

    -> Dual Profile Playback

    -> Some editiing software

    -> A non-fixed Reverb block

    -> Fast Boot time - Axe 2 and 3 boot in ~ 7 secs. Helix in ~ 15 sec

    -> A Steroe monitor out

    -> Dual Cabs

    -> Proper / Industry Std Hi / Lo Cuts on the Cabs

    etc.... etc.....

    This is just a super quick brain-storm list in no order of importance

    How on "Gods green earth" does having a KPA 2 with these and more features in any way upset or diminish anyones joy of having a KPA 1.



    In fairness to Kemper ..... it would, imo, be inconceivable for Kemper to not announce / pre-release *something* ....... ie:- new FW ...... major FW update ...... hardware .... software ...... editor .... preset managment etc..... at this years NAMM.

    Find out in 16 - 24 hours I suppose.


    I would be happy if they got rid of the dedicated reverb slot.

    That was one of the very first "feature requests" made 6+ years ago ... at has never been implemented ... and its never been explained "why" it has to be this way.

    As such, I dont imagine Kemper will change it now.

    Quite bizarre really.


    See MomentoMori's post #168 and the new L6 HX EFXFloor controller pic he posted. Whislt I have no idea what Kemper is doing for NAMM 2018, I posted the bit below [edited] over in the TGP forums:-


    Re: the new L6 HX Pedal ..... " ... it would need to have an fx loop [my guess is %100 yes] ..... Midi I/O [my guess %100 yes] ..... Exp Pedal Input [my guess %100 yes] ..... the FX Loop in the KPA is movable per patch [yes - tick !] ....... you get all the Helix FX and Drives etc ..... and button dedicated scribble scripts .... and I think (?) it is the same price (?) as the Kemper [ "Dumb" <- as in switching only ] Remote ...... this imo would be an absolute "no brainer" Controller and EFX pedal for the KPA ... plus its super small !!!


    As a long-ish time Axe user ..... I can assure everyone that comparing Kemper Profiling to Axe Tonematching is like comparing steak to spam ...... I've Profiled many an Axe tone = result was, as expected, virtually perfect/identical.

    Ive also spent [way] too much time Tone Matching Kemper profiles = result was terrilbly lifeless and far-from "real" ... and yes, I know/knew what and how to do it correclty.

    All I can say is, Kemper aside, now that the Helix FW has matured so much, my Axe XL is on the market for sale and the Helix is staying.

    Kemper and Helix ... all bases covered :)


    FWIW .. as astonishing as the KPA can be made to sound with the right profile ..... it is ... imo ... no longer the only-best-unit-in-town ...... equally sonically brilliant tones can also be had out of the Axe or Helix ....... so other than its core "tone" .... in every other respect the KPA has fallen waaaayyyyy behind the other 2 key players in the market ..... 7 / 8 years old with no hardware changes of any kind.

    I think a KPA MK 2 - rack and floor - is not far off .... whether thats this NAMM I dont know ... but for it not to have *any* official editor after 7 years .... and after years and years of users screaming for one .... is bordering on ... well .... frankly .... corporate arrogance and disdain for user convenience and utility .... I guess well see soon enough.



    All of our profiles are close mic'ed. Any room sound is just reverb added to the profiles.


    And rgardless ...... please correct me if Im wrong TJ ...... but these profiles are done as "merged" at the same time with the same settings (?) ..... so if thats the case, just use those "versions" and use your Cab IR of choice .... (?)

    Am I correct with the above TJ ?

    Also ... just to cheack...... is every every profile provided with the "Studio" Version -as well as- the merged "version" at the same settings ?


    Sounds awesome ... DC30 & Trainwreck ..... " mid-range-AC-like Heaven " covered :) ... yep I know the TW is EL34 :)

    Gotta ask / request:-

    By a country-mile, my favourite "Freidman" ... and quite honeslty the most versatile "rock" Friedman is the "Dirty Shirley" .... any chance there might be a TJ Dirty Shirley Pack coming ..... ?


    [ Unfortunately ] ..... if history is any guide, we wont see either an editor -or- improved drive pedals .... really hope I am wrong though :) ?

    Saw this and thought ...... YES ....... finally spdif-to-spdif profiling ...... take any modeller you want that has spdif and profile it ... perfect copy .. no refining needed etc.....

    Why this is not yet "do-able" is quite baffling ... uinless of course its not doable :) :(


    Hey all

    Quick question ..... and am absolutly not looking or wanting to start an "editor" discussion, but I cant seem to find the answer to this question:-

    => are Kemper actually working on an official Editor ?

    Only asking as I *thought* I had read a while ago that they [for now at least] would not (?) ..... then I *thought* someone said they spoke to Kemper at NAMM last year and that there were working on one (?) .... and then I *seem to recall* that someone said that they there were'nt working on one (?)

    Like I said, Im not getting in to they should / should have must debate ...... just looking for clarity about the actual / official situation.