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    This seems to have either been deliberate or will be implemented later. I couldn't believe it was missing when I installed the program. Thankfully all the actions surrounding the cab swapping process are much easier, so the scrolling on the profiler itself irritates me less than it otherwise would.

    G1 Productions 5150iii, Blue 2 profile specifically. Holy shit. It's the same rig (5150 iii with a Zilla Fatboy 2X12) that Periphery used to record Juggernaut and it sounds fucking MONSTROUS while still being ridiculously precise and clear. Far and away the best profile I own. I always come back to it and it's going to be the main tone on the album I'm recording.

    Hi all,

    I have an odd issue with my Kemper that is becoming increasingly problematic as I've started layering multiple guitars. When I use certain profiles, cranking the distortion results in a very unpleasant amount of digital noise that gets worse (and different) the closer I move my guitar to my PC. Here's a clip:


    In the beginning I turn the noise gate all the way down and then back to around 5 or 6. Starting at around :23, I bring the guitar near the GPU of the computer, and then around the front. At the end I click the mouse a few times, which also makes a short noise.

    The sound goes away if I turn the volume on the guitar down all the way. If I use a clean or low-gain profile, the sound is much reduced (but still present); some component of the noise is nearly eliminated by turning down the Definition setting on the KPA. I have ruled out:

    * My audio interface (unplugging it and monitoring through headphones on the KPA makes no difference)
    * Monitor (switched to a brand new monitor just today)
    * Instruments (my bass and guitar both have the same issue; guitar has active EMGs and bass has passive pickups)
    * The instrument cable (moving it/putting it directly on top of the PC case makes no difference)
    * Studio monitors (on/off makes no difference)
    * Pickups (have tried the pickup switch on both instruments)
    * Displayport vs HDMI for my monitor
    * Lights in the room on/off
    * Toggling ground loop switch on the KPA and audio interface

    Any thoughts? It's not unbearable, but if I quad-track my guitars and let the note ring out it is definitely noticeable in the recording. Thanks in advance for your replies :)

    Apologies if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find anything about it. Does it matter whether I'm using old or new strings during the profiling process? I'm just thinking it might affect the refining stage, but I'm not sure. Was planning on making my first profiles this afternoon and I'm a cheapskate :P