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    Some members of this forum have been able to tell the difference in blind tests. Sometimes the differences are negligible, sometimes they're not. There's nothing wrong with chasing perfect reproduction. If there was, we might all still be using a Line 6 POD.

    To me, what's important is that gear does what I need/want it to do, not how long it's been on the market without a revision.

    Points well taken on your behalf. Let me further explain, absolutely the product has to do what you want it to do or it's worthless (that's a given with anything you pay money for). To me it does have a bearing on how much support and revisions the product has gotten over the years. I value where my money is spent, and for me (the word "me" being highlighted) the KPA fulfills everything I need it to do and sounds good doing it therefore it excels by far something like FX products that have put out how many versions since 2011 and at what price? This is all relative to my needs as so expressed and I don't hold any grudges on someone that wants to pursue their grail in other products. There are many many people that have to have the latest cellphone when it comes out even though the prices went from a couple hundred dollars for top of the line to $1K +. Really, that's an addiction in my opinion as the features aren't there for the price unless it's something you live on. Talk, text, data pretty simple but expensive. OP was unhappy with the profiling results and that ok for him/her, then just find another product that does it better as it doesn't fit their needs. Hoep that makes some sense, all good..

    One professional musician after another has indicated on video that they couldn't tell the difference between their amp and the profiled version on the KPA. Most said it was a 50/50 guess on their part which one was their amp. I don't profile but that was good enough for me to know that it was covered if I ever did need to profile an amp, which takes some experience and tweaking just ask the guys that turn out profiles commercially. This beast has been rock solid for 6 years plus with constant upgrades and new features. Even if they tweaked the profiling process to make it a tad bit better, wouldn't even make me think twice about getting the newer model. "They said" is all marketing on the oppositions part but you are welcome to spend your money on all the gear in the world to find "your" holy grail of tone. Enjoy your journey as I'm content right where I'm at for many years to come.

    My final thought on the KPA is.... Where in the world are you going to buy a digital piece of hardware that has been backed with updates and features since 2011. Unheard of as that is money well spent for pocket and ear! Go in Peace:)

    Welcome!! Was that picture of you taken when you first heard the Kemper? Watch your head on that ceiling...:)