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    Hello. im a very very satisfied user of the kemper toaster. I have made some profiles myself mostly to use some of yours i downloaded from rigmanager and then changed to my own taste. I then got so close to the final best sound i ever can i guess...from day to day i am day i do some small changes...i love the unit...I think tere is only one competer (is it right word? im from sweden) and it must be the axe fxII...ive heard about other also (line 6) but the other guitarist in my band uses this axe unit...i have watched anyway a guy on utube, ithink he is working to make commercial for the axe unit...i like hes metal sound so much too (the bite, yhe bottom of the sound, how to explain??) hope its ok to give the link here

    and i just want to ask if there is some profiles for the kempers that sounds the one video he plays loud and i guess there the "bite" comes for free...but the other one is bedroom volume and in the night i thing and still he got this bite there

    I understand he is a proffessional and makes this sound for axe in a way i couldent do with the axe and i guess he would do it the ame with my kemper too easy...but it would be great to just buy the profile and play :)

    I have tried several times to download this newest beta OS now. But the site just show me the 3.3 release. Even if i choose in the category: op system beta versions nothing happens. I guess its something simple to do but i dont know what it is...HELP:)

    I wounder if i can hook up my kemper and fcb 1010 with phantompowermod and have this one (Neusonik iM/One) in the middle of the two and conneckt the usb into kemper and feed the 1010...hopefully you understand my bad explanation and bad english