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    Some one else found that problem using a Mac. Also had updated the KPA before, instead of updating Rig Manager first and then installing the KPA update from Rig Manager. Bacause you can do it. It´s no longer required to update the KPA using an USB if you use Rig Manager.

    Check the threads talking about the update to find who was that had that same problem.

    Edit: Found it for you I heard a rumor about a new Kemper Reverb that compete BIG SKY or IMMERSE type of reverb

    Unfortunately, I don't have 2 computers, one with a working version of 2.1.7 for me to copy. So mine still isn't up to date. Tried removing and reinstalling, tried to install an old version and let it up date, but the old version on Kemper site is so old, there's no updater in it.

    In fact, I found a 2.0.1 version, installed it and it says it's up to date! WTH? LOL

    I guess I don't understand why there isn't a link to update to Rig Manager 2.1.7?

    Anyone else who can't find Rig Manager 2.1.71? I don't see it in the downloads. I clicked BETA in Preferences and Rig Manager still says it's ups to date. KPA has Beta 5.7, but it says I need to update Rig Manager.

    February 2015 for me. Never been to the shop, never had a backup, never an issue at a gig. Have now sold nearly all my other amps & pedals. Rig is really simple now, KPA, Kemper Remote, wireless and maybe a FreqOut, still experimenting.

    I am sorry but I use ALL rigs (Tone Junkie Selah Britt etc etc etc etc ) plus the best I find here on RE. And I ADJUST my volume after. I wont consider buying only Britt coz the volume is pre adjusted. This is more than lazy. I get an open mind. I keep on finding the BEST profiles I can from ALL sources, adjusting the volume is a simple details and this is not a consideration when I buy (I by rigs once a week and I find gold everywhere)

    agreed. emphatically.

    Been gigging with KPA & remote for almost 4 years. Not one issue that effected a gig. I did have to do some maintenance on the remote buttons once shortly after I got it. They got a little difficult to press, felt kinda gritty. Wiped the buttons down with a rag wit a little WD 40 on it. Then with a rag with a little 3in1 oil all while working the buttons. Never another issue.

    This is another reason I have a rig for each song (cover band). Load them all into performance mode to match the set lists. I tweak each rig's volume (if needed) to fit together with the one before and the one after, both the main parts of the song and lead breaks. Leveling at rehearsal, but also have the sound guy make notes on levels if he has time and hears significant difference.

    But we don't have those limitations. Instead of switching effect scenes or snapshots you could switch to a different Rig with the push of one button. Switching to a Rig with a different set of effects doesn't hurt. There is plenty of memory space.;)


    Yup, feel yer pain. I started with a Carvin powered monitor. It did and still does work great, with some volume. Always kept it flat in spite of it having all kinds of eq settings. Then got some Yamaha HSM(?) 5s. They sounded great, with some volume. Got slightly off track because they had a mid boost switch which I hit at some point and never compared them to the Carvin. Upgraded to HS 8s and at first, thought the 5s sounded better, but that was because the 8s were set flat and the 5s had the mid boost on. Got my rigs back in line with the set flat HS8s and they sound great, with some volume. Bought a Headrush FRFR 5 months ago and keep it set flat (boost off) and it sounds great, with some volume. The band broke up so I have a s#$t-ton of gear in the basement now, so I set up our old 3-way mains with a 3000w power amp and plugged my guitar in... They sound great, with some volume. So I compared everything to each other. Everything set flat other than the rigs themselves. Obviously, the 3000 watt mains sound killer because, well, 3000 watts of sound pressure. When turned up, the Headrush sound slightly better than the Carvin because it has 2000 watts vs 400 watts. When set to about the same volume, they all sound very similar, no dramatic differences. The differences come in with LOW volumes. The lower I go, the more they change. So now, when I set up a rig, I only do so at about the sound level I will play at. When I turn down to practice quietly, I don't make changes to rigs based on the lower volume. I compare the Headrush and the HS8s while setting up rigs at gig volumes and they sound about the same except, obviously, the HS8s are in stereo.

    The biggest change for me since getting the Kemper (Jan '15) is purging all the outside effects and pedals. There were a BUNCH, both on the floor in in the rack. And that didn't happen until a few month a ago. Happy to say I'm (currently) pedal free other than Remote and 2 Mission pedals.

    And stand back! I have have the Headrush and only turn it up to 7 (it goes to 11.) Its 2000 watts get really loud, and clear, a s%#t-ton of headroom.

    that while previewing rigs from Rig Manager, you can hold the stack button until it highlights, then press "COPY", go to one of your rigs, highlight the STACK and "PASTE" the copied rig? Awesome.

    No. Plus you can make changes to a rig in a performance slot and it doesn't change the original rig. Also, if you've made changes and you want to use the changed rig for other purposes, just export to rig pool ( hit STORE in Performance Mode while the rig is active and hit EXPORT TO RIGS(?) soft button, top right of screen I believe. You can tell which rig is newer in BROWSE mode by the date.

    Trying Stringjoy Balanced Medium Gauge (11-50) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings on epi rosso corsa les paul

    Stringjoy Heavy Bottom Light Gauge (10-52) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings on the rest for now.