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    can anyone explain why it is happening?

    updating analogboard firmware .......

    in the last 10 months I happened twice.

    the first time 10 months ago

    I started kemperamp, finished the tone test, everything was ok.

    I started to gig and I noticed that my output volume was too low ... I checked all the cables and equipment all was ok but the volume in the monitor and the FOH was too low ...

    I turn off kemper and tried to start it again and then ...


    Two days ago I installed a new beta version of the software and I thought it might be because of that ....

    I plugged the usb stick on which I had the latest official software version, press page button, left and right together and started reboot ..

    After three trials and half an hour delay , kemper did a reboot ...

    The second time was Friday, November 16th

    I finished the tone test and everything was ok ... before the end of the test I noticed a big buzz .. I thought it was a voltage, ....

    turn off the kemper, turn on the power supply to the second socket and then

    updating analogboard firmware...

    Since the first time I did not install any new software version. I did not connect to rig exchange ....

    Usb stick IN, both page button, kemper on .... I tried reboot but nothing has happened ....

    After half an hour, I and several attempts turned off all the pedals and cables that were connected to the kemper ... and started the reboot and after two minutes kemper did reboot

    Does anyone know why this is happening?

    How to avoid this because I slowly lose confidence in the kemper?

    why a few reboot attempts are needed?



    kemper remote

    mission E. EP1-KP

    volume pedal

    red sound RS LG12

    I did not want to open any discussion and I just wrote what I want..

    I understand that there are people who find what is the best for them and I respect that but, for example, I do not like Yamaha DXR...

    some may be able to understand this, and some can not ...

    I wrote what I want ... maybe I'm the only one but still want to ..

    Please Kemper ....

    Make your GRFR cabinets and FRFR monitors

    I'm the first one to buy them ....

    I'm tired of tasting various monitors and options ... I want an original monitor and cabinet for my Kemper

    Regards to all ..
    I have just ordered my Kemper and I can not wait to try it and to join Kemper community
    can someone tell me what are the reasons why I should buy Kemper remote ..
    I already have LINE6 hd500x and I have planned to hd500x on stage use as midi
    I saw on youtube several videos where it works very well..
    in one bank I would have
    4 patches
    4 effects
    tap tempo
    volume pedal
    wah pedal ..