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    Hi all!

    I have a problem with my brand new Scarlett 18i20 sound card. I'm well familiar with Focusrite from my previous Scarlett 18i6 but now I'm having some problems getting SPDIF to work:

    I open Focusrite Control and find the Device Settings to make sure my sample rate is set to 44.1kHz and the Clock Source to external, like I used to on my 18i6. This works for a second or two at a time before the unit loses its "Locked" status with the Kemper and I get sound dropouts. The lock then comes back for a moment, I hear sound from the Kemper, before it drops out again. Rinse and repeat.

    As I said, this exact same setup, same cables, used to work fine with my 18i6. Has anyone experienced anything similar with the 18i20 or another sound card?

    Hi @timowens

    are you still profiling the BE 100. I wonder if you could do a profile of the settings that Bill Keliher uses as shown on the attached picture (click on it to see it full size). A DI profile would be especially cool.

    Anyways thanks four your work and have a good one.

    Check out this post @KoMa: Have amps, will profile the BE100: Lets make some profiles...

    I think @timowens already have you covered :)

    I've been drooling over everyone's rooms, nooks and corners, I love what you've set up for yourselves! And of course @and44 in a class of his own. Beautiful rooms..!

    Here's mine. It's simple but I'm really happy with it. And if anyone is on the fence about acoustic treatment: I recently put up some pads and it was like getting new monitors. I could hear them like I never have before. Just out of the picture there's a 2x4 pad in the ceiling and bass traps in the top corners as well.

    Couldn't agree more, @Michael_dk, this thread is a goldmine and @timowens is a saint! I keep hoping someone else with a cool amp will come forward and do something similar, this thread was so much fun to follow and resulted in some fantastic profiles.

    So, how about it, other amp owners? :D

    I could do a marathon session of my Pignose but I don't expect the demand to be very high.. ;)

    Edit: btw, the profiles are all linked in the first post of the thread, for anyone seeing this for the first time.

    Cool! Count me in as another Supro fan, currently using a Michael Britt Supro profile from his Modern 2 pack (I think). So I'd definitely be interested if you felt like sharing any profiles you make of Supros!

    I haven't heard that many examples of kind of chaos / noise / lofi / torn speaker stuff from Kemper users, so do share samples and tips when you get up and running! I can't imagine the Kemper will disappoint you with delays, it'll be more down to finding a good controller that works for you so you can play with the settings live, I would think.

    Hi all!

    One of my performance patches that I use a lot is a very slight crunch. Maybe some people would even say it's just a clean with some dirt in it.

    I would like to incorporate a Leslie effect in this sound that I can turn on and off, and have a second effect button that controls the speed slow/fast. All that is easy enough with the remote.

    What I'm wondering though, is if someone has tips for good rotary settings, the sound seems to get very colored when I switch on the rotary effect and I would like a more transparent and light chorusing when it's on slow. I don't mind it getting more effected when it's on fast. Listen to the wonderful Josh Smith just twenty seconds into this video:

    You can hear that when he switches the rotary to slow his guitar has a lot of clarity and snap to it. This is what I'm not able to replicate, it all seems a bit too muddy when I turn the rotary effect on.