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    I was just thinking about this the other day. Because the Kemper is so versatile at what the outputs do, it would be really cool to see "cab sim off" options on all of the output menus. That way you could use monitor out/direct out for cabs, or you could even use the main outputs for cabs into a stereo power amp for cabs onstage, and use the DI out and Monitor for outputs to a board if you wanted to.

    Hey guys! I have the FCB1010 with the Uno4Kemper chip in it. After having my pitch shift working with no problems for months, it suddenly one day stopped working, I kicked the pedal back and forth a few times and it started again, and worked that way for a few weeks, where I would have to rock it a few times before it would kick in. After a few weeks, it will not engage the shift at all. Now my wah still works just fine with no problems, so I dont think its a hardware issue, because the wah would have stopped too if that was the case. Has anyone ever seen this before? I havent updated to 4.0 yet, Im on the last version before that (3.6 I think?)

    And yes, I have my wah and my exp linked together, the volume pedal is solely used for volume.

    Cool tones! It would be neat if you could set it up so you could buy tones from specific artists instead of having to buy them all. Its a fair price for how many tones you are getting, but I wouldnt use half the bands in there. But I could always use some Maiden Metallica and Ozzy tones for sure.

    Hey guys, I pulled double duty on Saturday, my original band Xstrophy opened up for my Pantera Tribute band Penntera. I loved the fact that I could use the same rig and get killer tones for both bands, and the Dimebag Darrel tone I've been tweaking really sounded good at this show. I dont think I can embed Facebook Videos so Ill just link them to my page if you want to check them out! It was a live recording with a GoPro, the sounds better than most camera recorded videos but its obvious its not off the board. Let me know what you think!…489739345865/?pnref=story - My original band Xstrophy playing our newest song "47"…139597960/?type=2&theater - My tribute band Penntera cover 5 Minutes Alone

    I decided to try out the tonehammer and HOLY SHIT! Now I havent gotten to play it with my 4X12 cab yet, but the VH4 pack has some of the best high gain tones Ive heard out of my Kemper so far. Just had to adjust all my performance mode rigs to use it as my new rhythm tone. I cant wait to get it plugged into my oversized 412 and see what it does. Just the tone and feel Ive been looking for. Guess thats the difference between free and paid rigs huh?

    Best is hard to define IMO, what I like and you like will probably be 2 different things and everyone has their own opinion what best is. IMO 95% of free profiles will not give you the sound you are after, paid profiles are the way to go. The only thing is, who offers the commercial profiles that will suit you again is trial and error. id look through the commercial sellers and listen to their demos see if any come close to the sound you are after. Sorry I couldnt be more help and I've probably made it harder for you now to find that right profile ;)

    Yeah tone really is subjective, no doubt about that. Its just tough to listen to the demos and choose because I know its going to sound good when recorded, but the live feel is totally different. Hoping to try some of the ToneHammer stuff, heard good things about them.

    Hey guys,
    Im looking for the best free or paid profile of the Diezel VH4 for live playing. I got the Kemper instead of a VH4, but I can never seem to find any profiles on the Rig Exchange that do it justice. The thing I love about the VH4 when playing through a real cab is the bass response and the tight compressed sound you get. It sounds like the amp is roaring - best way I can describe it. All the profiles I have tried with a real cab sound decent, but they do not give me that low end punch Ive been searching for, which I would love to have in a live setting. If anyone has some good profiles that are available that match how a VH4 sounds on channel 4 in a live situation, I would definitely be willing to purchase them, or if you know of any free ones in the rig exchange/online for free, I would like to try them out as well. Please let me know your suggestions! Thanks

    So when I first got my Profiler, I profiled my friends 70's Roland JC120. Ever since then, any time a chord is played at any volume, it sounds like its breaking up (gains on virtually 0 - not on dist setting), but picked notes sound fine. We thought it was the speakers, we just replaced them last week, and its still there. When I profiled, I plugged unplugged the speakers from the amp, and plugged the ext cab outputs into a mesa 4X12 since it was already miced up. Has anyone else had anything similar to this happen or know what it may be? Im hoping we didnt somehow blow a transformer or something... :cursing:

    So I just ran the update, and got the latest version installed. It took a bit longer than I thought, and when I was playing with the pure cab, toggling it on and off, it would every once in a while make a really bad crackling noise. Doesnt do it when Im playing that Ive seen so far (played around for about an hour with it to make sure it wouldnt happen as Im switching channels). I also had an error screen come up, which I took a picture of and sent to tech support, when I was trying to set an EQ on a preview rig from the exchange. Lastly, I was toggling between performance mode and browser mode to A/B to rigs to compare the sounds, and then the screen froze. The kemper still worked, I could play and when I clicked the left or right button the rigs changed, I could tune and everything, but the screen was stuck.

    Has there been a bunch of issues like this? All this happened to me in like an hour span of playing with the Kemper after updating it. The Pure cab feature is neat, but I dont know if its worth all these issues happening. Has anyone seen these issues before and found a fix for them? Thanks in advance!

    I love the sound of a BBE Sonic Maximizer in front of some of my amps for rhythm work. I know you can set EQ's and kind of get the same idea, but I love the 2 knob simplicity of the Sonix Max, and the usefulness of being able to tweak it easily and get some real heavy sounds out of it. It would be awesome if we could get a Maximizer effect for the Kemper! I always use mine in the effects loop, so probably in the X section is where it would work best I'd think.

    I got the Midi Moose for simplicity. It works switching rigs in performance mode right out of the box, and I create rigs with the effects I want already set up, so it doesnt matter to me that I dont have effects toggles on the board, I just change the rig to whatever preset I would want.

    Hey, I upgraded to 3.0 last night and was playing around with it, very cool! But when I went band practice today and plugged in my Tech21 Midi Moose, it was completely unresponsive. I tried going into the Midi input section under System, and it looked like everything was set to channel, one, and there was no option for Omni, which is how it was setup I believe on 2.7. I then reverted back to 2.7, and had to change it back to omni in the system controls before it would work again. Any idea if theres a fix already in 3.0 or if this is a bug that will need fixed in an update?