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    Hey guys I just made my first profiles and was wondering if you would want to check them out. I profiled the amp that I use mainly with my band, as well as my bands 1970's Roland JC120 that we use for clean tones. I have yet to find a clean tone I like better than that amp, and I feel the Kemper did a pretty good job when it profiled it.

    The Egnater Vengeance tones I did were profiled with a Sonic Maximizer in the effects loop. The one that says BEH at the end was one I was tweaking to sound a little better through my spare guitar cab in my practice room, not sure how its going to sound through a good FRFR or PA system, but I feel the other one sounded pretty spot on when I was playing with it through a monitor. Let me know what you think!

    They can be found in the rig exchange by searching my name Pat Bowser

    Let me know what you think!

    Looks good!! Glad you're enjoying the KPA. How is the Stealth working out for you?

    It works great! I use it to just plug directly into my Krank Revolution cab for monitoring (plus you have to have a 4X12 on stage if you're in a metal band haha) and it sounded really good. The Revolution handles low end really well, and I was surprised I didnt have to really turn off the cab sim and it didnt get muddy at all on me.

    I also use it to power some of my band's PA gear when I'm at home so I dont have to play through a 4X12, and it does a great job for that as well.

    Hey guys, I was looking at some of the FRFR cabs out there, and I noticed most of them are in the 900+ range as far as price goes. I am using an ISP Stealth power amp; would running that to a Peavey 15" monitor give me close to the same idea as an FRFR cab? The Peavey I am looking at has Sheffield speakers in it, and since its made for a PA, not a guitar head, it should have a little less EQ on it, am I correct? Just wondering if this would do the job for a lot less cash. Thanks!

    This is the Peavey I am thinking of.

    Not sure if it has been suggested before, but I think it would be cool if Kemper made it so that you could plug in a keyboard to the USB port to help type in naming rigs, and maybe give other shortcuts such as space bar to toggle effects and the arrow keys to scroll through presets. Just a thought I had while naming presets the other day and it taking a few minutes to type in anything.

    Hey guys, new Profiler user here! I just got my profiler last week and Ive already played a gig with it, and its probably the best guitar investvment Ive made! With that being said, while tweaking some of the settings to my rig in band practice, my main tone in the performance bank sounds a lot different than the original tone I modeled it after. Is there any way to save this as a new rig? When Im in performance mode and I hit Store, it just gives me the option to store the rig as part of the performance.... I read the manuals but they dont really cover this part from what I can see, it just tells me what I already know, that the settings are independently stored from the Browse mode rig. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!