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    You clearly have no experience as a producer or an engineer!

    I don't think it's a good idea for you to accuse me of being dishonest, just in case we meet one day.

    If it means so much to you get a CE-2 and spend an hour or so reproducing the setting you like on the Kemper.

    *removed by mod*

    I have a Dimension D.
    You're right, I haven't found a way to recreate that in the kemper.

    I use it on a great deal of sources.


    Great for widening a sourse and adding some carracter.

    The "eventide micro pitch" is another great effect that you can't recreate in the Kemper that is essential to recreate certain guitar sounds, Van Halen from the 1984 record onwards.

    Yeah sorry,
    I've just spent three days in the studio but didn't have any time to look at the kemper.
    I'm sure there's someone else here with a CE-2 that can get an approximation for you quicker than it's going to come from me.
    I'm doing an album for a client that is going to keep me busy for at least another month or two.

    Spdif is just so damn convenient.
    No need to patch or set levels, always comes up on the same inputs on my daw.

    The only time I go analog is if I want to add a specific colour from a preamp, comp or eq.

    It also free's up analog inputs for other things (important if you always have a drum kit, several mics and analog keys permanently patched and ready to go)

    If you're going for a small interface with fewer in's/outs you'll be glad to already have one thing squared away and not taking up limited resources.

    The reason that you keep all of your individual tracks at a reasonable level, is so your daw doesn't have to sum too many loud signals.
    Daws aren't good at this, unlike analog consoles, that will offer pleasing distortion if that's what you're looking for.
    If once you have your track mixed, you want more volume, just go ahead and boost the two buss anyway you see fit as the summing stage has already been taken care of.

    The way the remote connects to the kemper is very poor.

    I can understand that it probably wasn't understood how much of a problem this would be when the unit was designed, or first produced, but it does seem odd that it hasn't been fixed for newer units.

    It's clear that Kemper hq are aware of the problem, so many users have had problems, and some have created a partial fix by adding a breakout box with a more sturdy connection.

    Kemper's failure to address this problem in newer units somewhat solidifies my feeling that they think that the way they do, or have done, things, is best, regardless of repeated evidence to the contrary.

    A kemper software editor would be in daily use in a professional studio for me, and I think for most others here who own or work in professional facilities, the same would be true.

    Taking away the ability to profile, would not bring down the cost in any significant way.

    The addition of foot switches and a larger display, would likely bring the price up to at least that of the current model, more likely a fair bit more.

    I spent 2 hours in the the studio yesterday building 1 rig!

    Found and edited the amp to my liking in less than 5 minutes, the rest of the time was spent filling the fx slots.

    That clunky browser for fx HAS to be sorted out!

    When you finally get what you want, it's great, but it should not be such a pain in the arse to get there.

    We've had the kemper in the studio for three years now, and it sounds as great as ever, but what a bloody inspiration killer it is having to fight the fx menu.

    A fix to this has been requested for as long as I've been visiting this forum, and I suspect, for some time before that.
    Whomever thinks that the current system is the best way forward is delusional.

    Please fix this.