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    Second time I've owned one. Switched to the axefx/ax8 for a while.

    What's the best commercial profile for getting a scott henderson dog party tone? He was using a DC or HC 30 I think. I have the ampfactory HC30 profiles but i'm not crazy about them so far. I know scott was using an RC booster but I'm looking for a slightly dirty version of the matchless sound, not a full blown crank. The ampfactory HC30 is good but not quite "there". The closest one so far is the HC30 push.

    What's a good holdsworth lead and holdsworth clean?

    Yes. I totally feel the Big area where digital amps typically fall down is cleans and mod gain sounds. Pretty much anythng can do a solid metal hingain tone (often better than valve amps) but getting the touch sensitivity right and edge of breakup sound always seems like their weakness. The Kemper just seems to nails that stuff beautifully.

    I think the cleans are easy too. For example, when I first got the axefx I had it and the kemper. The kemper excelled with overdrive and semi-distorted tones but for pure cleans (think of wes montgomery or early fender-twin-era pat martino), there was very little difference. Eventually , i got the ax8 and the footswitch built in along with the better effects caused me to sell the axefx and kemper. However, kemper has made great strides and while I still love the ax8, I sometimes feel like i'm missing that "feel good" vibe of a real tube amp when I'm practicing and the kemper had that 3d tube amp sound. This time around, I got the switch with it so that won't be an issue either.

    Cat 5 works fine for remote.

    There is no official editior but there is an unofficial one Toast Me. I haven’t tried it but those that have seem to be very impressed with it.

    There are loads of great Dumble and D Style profiles now. michael Britt has a great pack as does Tone Junkie and Norbury Brook.

    Thanks, I have a ton of mbritt profiles including the dumble ones. That is one area that the kemper really excels over anything else at. It feels like the real thing when you play loud and when you turn the volume down on the guitar. Extremely touch sensitive.

    I started out with the kemper and then switched to axefx and ax8 but just bought another kemper and the remote.

    A few questions...

    1. Can I use a standard cat 5 network cable for the remote?
    2. Is there an editor now that works on windows?

    It's been a couple years since I had my kemper originally. I'm sure the firmware/sounds are much improved!

    I use mostly fender and matchless style cleans and semi-cleans and dumble style overdrives amps.

    Anything new I should be aware of?

    I'm thinking about coming back to kemper from fractal, mainly because I'm interested in doing some polyphonic synth stuff and saw that someone had profiled a GR-300 sound. Are there any more synth profiles out there?

    Wait for the stable release, but I would make the upgrade. There are a lot of other features in 4.0, such as the ability to set pure cabinet globally.

    Also, while you may not see any use of features such as multiple delays and morphing right now, you will never know for sure till you try them.

    I've heard from several folks that i greatly respect that the pure cab technology isn't ready for prime-time so I probably won't be taking advantage of that.

    The only thing I dont like is that when I dial back the volume on my guitar, it does not resonde like a valve amp and get a clean sound. Ive tried messing with the compression and power sagging, but the sound still is not the same.

    I disagree completely though I suppose it varies with the profile. Using mbritt's robin ford ODS 100 profile, the amp reacts just about as well as any dumble amp I've ever played through or owned including many of the big name clones. It is much more amp-like in that respect than the axefx. I like the axefx models very much but your description applies way more to axefx than kemper. The kemper seems to be much more amp like in terms of the guitar's volume affecting the tone than any other modeler.

    In terms of what I *DON'T* like:

    • The effects are generally weak, particularly the time based effects
    • no spring reverb
    • no multi delays (impossible to get a holdsworth clean sound because of this)
    • No univibe
    • non realistic trem
    • choruses don't compare to axefx choruses
    • overdrive and fuzz pedals have way too much gain
    • no zendrive
    • no editor software

    However, in terms of realistically modeling a tube amp, the top of the heap. The real issue it has is not enough CPU horsepower. The single processor just doesn't have the bandwidth to do what axefx does in terms of effects. But in terms of sounding like a real amp, IT DOES THAT REALLY, REALLY WELL!

    wow, saddens me greatly. Not only were your profiles my favorites but you and your support were one of the driving forces behind me coming back to kemper

    Yeah, agreed with what @viabcroce said. Kemper is not amp modeller, it is profile "player", there for it just plays back, what was captured on profiling session.

    No, it's not a profile player. It's not as simple as just playing a wav file. It's doing lots of real time audio transforms, not just selectively playing back a pre-recorded signal. My point is that it *IS* doing modeling and algorithmic effects and it just plain doesn't have the horsepower that the axefx has so it will never be as good at effects as the axefx but IMO, it's approach to modeling yields more realistic amp results.