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    I've been a happy Kemper owner for many years.

    The Kemper is connected to my Mac via USB. I'm trying to free up USB ports. Would it be possible to connect a blue tooth dongle to the Kemper's USB port and then to the Mac via bluetooth?

    Have fun!

    Yeah, Ampeg was never cosidered much for their guitar amps, but this VL1002 were well engineered and kind of unique, definetely not some sort of clone.

    Well I'll be damned! Now this is what I've been waiting for. The Ampeg VL1002. I remember the magazine ads back in the day....

    I have never played the actual amp but the profiles are right down my alley. Good job and thanks for profiling this rare and often misjudged amp.

    That said, Colorado suggests that you're an American, as am I. Kemper is a German company. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, there are significant cultural and social differences between Americans and Germans, just as there are between someone born in New York and a counterpart in Georgia.

    Germans are considered low-context on the high/low context spectrum, culturally speaking.

    As I work with a lot of Germans I often have to deal with these exact misunderstandings. Germans are very straightforward and frankly often blunt to the point of tactlessness and rudeness.

    When they say "We can tell when it's a manufacturing error" they mean that and only that. They don't mean "We know, you smarty pants". They mean "for us it often at first glance that we can tell when something looks off". They don't soften their words or beat around the bush. And generally do not have hidden agendas.

    I've heard the dutch are even worse. Once you get passed that, you'll find they are really friendly and easy-going.

    The pricing is very fair but the profiles really shine., so great value for money. I use his cabs for other profiles as well quite often.

    I play his profiles every time I fire up my kemper.

    I have nothing but respect for Dave but I have another take on the piracy issue.

    When you buy or download a Friedman profile you are getting someone else's take on that amp's "recorded tone". That's why there are 10k different Mesa Rectifier tones out there that all sound different.

    When you buy an amp you are getting the entire spectrum of that amp.

    The beauty of the Kemper is you have a library of tone snippets all in a single box.

    have you tried the Profiles in the Rig Exchange/Rig Manager?

    search for "orangutan" - I like the ones by Feck - and I became aware of the Orangutan by the same video as you :)


    Yes! In fact those were some of the first free profiles I found when I first bought my kemper. I absolutely love those profiles. There are a tonne of Marshall and Mesa profiles on the market but I've never seen that particular amp anywhere.

    I just wish I could play like Greg, too. He's one of my absolute favourite guitarists.

    Personally, I'm also drowning in profiles but there are a few amp profile I would like to see expanded upon or even tackled.

    I would like to see some of my favourite profile creators to tackle the following amps:

    • Soldano SLO 100: Although there are heaps of profiles out there I haven't found a set that covered it all. I'm especially interested in late 80's early 90's hair metal tones. I'd love to buy a pack specifically aimed at Ratt, Lynch, Van Hagar tones.
    • 3 Monkeys Orangutan: There's a Gregv demo of this amp on youtube that I love. I'd love to cop those tones from this particular amp
    • Ampeg Lee Jackson VL1002: Never played this amp but I always wanted to

    And I'd like mfolet to profile his Friedman Steve Stevens amp completely. That free profile of his rocks.

    Oh that would be great. I used to hang around metroamp forum at the time. He and a few others really captured the tone we were all looking for. RIP brother, you'll never be forgotten.

    I bought the HiWatt on Black Friday, what an amazing profile! That and your Black Magick are pure magic. I think you offer something in your profiles that are unique and I really appreciate that.

    LOL, only next time I should use the coupon code hahaha!