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    Michael,thanks for taking the time out of your busy life as a wonderful guitarist,to share all these wonderful amps
    Went to see Toto a few weeks ago,with a good friend of mine,who is a massive toto,and steve lukather fan..Also a musicman fan,as i am
    What a concert!...Luke's playing is just phenomenal,as were all the band

    Anyway,i downloaded one of your packs,with exact same Bognor,as Luke,and i was smiling the whole night,knowing how it should sound,and knowing the next day,and forever,i can switch my kemper on,and be in Bognor heaven
    Its little things like this,knowing you are playing the same model amp as Luke,that constantly inspires me to play

    I have two of your packs now,and i will be buying more..Your efforts are much appreciated,and you have captured each amp perfectly

    Just to let anyone know who doesn't
    Andy is one of the most helpful and genuine people i have done business with over the internet

    He talked me through every part of the downloads,when i couldn't figure it out
    Nothing was too much trouble,and i will be back to purchase more,after my Wreck and Roll Custom Purchase
    Brad Paisley lover or not,there are so many tonal options,and its a joy to play

    Thanks again Andy

    Im glad you know all about computers..When i turn my on,matthew broderick appears a la wargames.haha
    Thanks for explaining that to me..I work with computers,yet i know little of them
    at least im back up and running again :)

    The problem i have is..I hit download for 3.0,and when it saves to downloads,and i click it,it has these files

    How to update kemper profiler firmware PDF file 197KB

    Kemper profiler addendum 3.0..PDF file 292 KB

    Read Me 3.0.0 PDF file 397 KB

    The last one is the says

    Kaos VLC media file (.bin) 6889 KB...I dont even know what that is..
    There isnt anywhere on the download for OS

    Sorry,i am useless with computers,but i am doing something wrong

    I posted last night but still have a problem

    I tried to test some of the latest profiles from the rig manager,and it says there is a mismatch with software on rig manager..I need 3.0
    I downloaded 3.0 from here last night,and today,i cannot try anything at all on rig manager..
    Also,when i put the usb stick in,after copying the file containing 3.0,i noticed that it is no longer saying that its a toshiba usb stick,its unnamed ..Then when i put the usb stick in the kemper,it is only giving me the option of back up,or restore.nothing else
    Also,when i looked in the files i had from before,they were all gone,and when i copy it to os update,or backup,and then try to transfer the update..Nothing

    I hope you can understand,and give me your help please

    Im a massive Blackmore fan,and you sir,have done the great man proud...Even the metal profiles are crisp and clear..Not too harsh,just right
    thank you for taking the time do this for us..It is much appreciated!