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    I have been playing around with the kemper for about a month now,and still havent found a decent profile for the piezo i have on my musicman
    Tried the A,B,C,D and E profiles,but to me,they dont cut it..I know its not an acoustic guitar,but on some specific acoustic amps,like a marshall as-50,it sounds good
    Anyone got any recommendations?

    Thanks Nightlight!
    As you will see from my previous reply to Raoul,im not that great with computers
    How do i drag them in directly

    Thanks Londonjeepster
    I am so jealous that you met him!..I would love to hear the stories,and how great he was live..The one guitarist who changed music for me after Hendrix

    Roth thanks!

    The JPX is one jp i've never tried,but i hear its wonderful

    You need to try the Majesty,because when you do,i promise you will buy it :D

    Thanks paults for the welcome

    You must be quite the Rory fan too!...A very underrated and sadly missed guitarist,this year 20 years on

    Thanks for all the recommendations..I shall have a look later,and give them a test..This is what is wonderful about the kemper..All these amps,available to even just get a taste of,to then be able to have them forever,blows my mind!

    Hi Raoul
    Sorry to be stupid,but i clicked,and it says i have to download first
    Am i missing something?

    Hi Good people of the kemper forum

    Im Barry,and recently purchased a kemper after a good friend of mine recommended this wonderful piece of equipment

    I have two musicman jp6's and the new majesty,which in my opinion is one of the greatest guitars i have ever played..Versatile,and a joy to play..
    JP certainly has worked hard to engineer this guitar,and a lot of thought has gone into the design,to make it so comfortable..I am very lucky to own Musicman guitars

    Anyway,im not here to brag,as im sure many of you have fantastic guitars

    I have some questions about rigs..
    1)..Being a Petrucci fan,can anyone recommend some mesa boogie profiles?
    2)...Also a massive Blackmore fan...Anyone tried his signature Engl's?
    3)..Any recommendations for another hero,,Rory Gallagher?

    Plus i have a piezo on my Musicmans..Not really found a good profile for that yet..Again,any help woud be appreciated

    Thanks,and also i must say this is the best forum for people helping each other out