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    bring a small combo amp/ortube head,, you can count on,( almost every venue/club/bar. has a cab,)there is one for almost any style of music, also good for backstage warm ups, hotel room jam/song writting etc, good luck,,

    BTW,,,working with the kemper during sound check is a great way to dial in tone,

    playing Live with Kemper 7 years, now, not 1 problem, ever,

    but tweaking sounds,for a live show,,, MUST be done at concert level,, whatever that will be for the night,,,,

    and,,, I need a diff set up/EQ/Level/efx,,, etc,,, for stage , and then FOH,,

    I use a small Matchless amp for my stage sound, and send xlr out to house,I start with NO stage sound, and play till the sound guy gives me a thumbs up, then I set my amp as a monitor, , all being fed with a Kemper profile, once I make the sound guy/ mixer happy, Its always a great gig,,

    Thats my exp,,,I do country/ rock/ pop/ and blues shows, as a sub,,and session guy,, with this same set up, jus diff profiles,/guitars as per gig..

    It took me 2 years of searching, but I got there,

    Its a great time to play guitar,,choices for everyone,

    If Kemper releases a new device with a modern UI and faster convertors/lower latency a la RME it’s game over.

    I say a prayer every night that Mr Kemper is up to something just as you said, My old eyes cant see the screen even with reading glasses,what I would not give for a big color touch screen on a kemper,, oh well,, Ill go throw some cold water in my face and get back to songwriting,,

    And where did I advocate for changes? Please read what I wIf you are thinking of limiting the options in regards profiling (which might help level the playing field with these kinds of unscientific videos), can you make it a choice so the original options remain?

    celtic, I agree with you, did not mean to direct this to you, jus speaking in general about this whole thread, I like it jus the way it is,sorry for any misunderstandings,,

    If you are thinking of limiting the options in regards profiling (which might help level the playing field with these kinds of unscientific videos), can you make it a choice so the original options remain?

    if it aint broke..... don't fix it ?????????? Kemper is jus fine,,Leave all the options,,,its what makes it great and a cut above all others,

    ,,if you want something else, go get it, Kemper is just like the telecaster, everyones' been trying to improve it for 50 years, but you cant, because Leo got it right the first time,, just like CK,got his unit,,RIGHT,,, I know it pisses a lot of gear chases off, but you will just have to deal with it,they have all been chasing CK and always will,, sorry,, but facts are facts,remember, most of these folks yakin are GEAR CHASERS,( you must admit your problem before you can get better) and as soon as the next wiz bang unit comes out,,with the special Moon chips,, they will jump on that train as well,

    "Oh LOOK,, 9 amps at once,,,,,,..." I prefer to write tunes, record, and play music with my Kemper,, what a concept,,,rather then sit in a room to see how many delays I can stack up before it craps out,,, Lets see in a year from now just how many Quads are on the road with super stars, gig after gig,,I see Rack fulls, of Kempers on stages around the world in every type of music,,the rest is just noise from endorsers and gear chasers, who will move on soon enough,,its what they do,I may try other gear,,The Quad may be cool,,,or not,, time will tell,,not UTUBE,, but I will never sell my Kemper,,

    And,, I sure hope he( CK) has something cool in the works,,,

    Piggybacking off what creative360 has already said — HW (ToneJunkie) is one of the most generous, prolific, and (dare I say) important content/profile creators in the entire Kemperverse. Not only does he consistently make great-sounding stuff, but he is so giving of his time, knowledge, packs, and performances. And, if you're in the market for paid profiles, dude routinely offers 100%-off codes (as in, your entire cart is free) as part of his regular promotions.

    So yeah — let him make the occasional hype video! I'm personally pretty excited. Knowing TJ's hopped on the QC train is going to cause many of us to consider going cross-platform.

    Yes 100% I use his stuff everyday and hes a cool dude as well,,

    sounds more of a very high,, / whine/almost digital,, electric noise ,, when I dump all high end, its gone, but it kills the tone, with no sparkle, and pick attack,either way, no biggie, I was just trying it ,,now theres one in my headrush,came with the new update,,, same noise, tried diff guitars, diff pickups, just not there for me yet,but close...still not quite sure how to run it, first slot, nothing else? no profile,,?

    I am mostly concerned with live performance (although I acknowledge that others have different use models than I).

    Currently, an audience can't tell the difference between the original tube amp and the KPA in a live setting. It is therefore easy to say that the same audience could not tell the difference between the KPA and the NQC either.

    My point is that it isn't the accuracy of a capture that is going to make or break the NQC. It is a plethora of other things like usability, reliability, library of sounds available for free and for pay, and the business model of the NQC that will make the biggest difference in its uptake.

    Yes,, what he said,,,,,, for sure,,,the kid in the front row could care less if its kemper or anything else,,

    AMEN Ingolf,,, amen,,

    enough already if you want one,,, go get it,,( oh thats right,,, you cant,, a year later) I'll hang with CK,,,He cured my gear lust 7 years ago,,,

    I have never head of a tune going gold,, because the distortion pedal was captured so accurately,,,

    IF all these folks put as much effort into music , as they do chasing gear,, maybe they could afford both!!!

    As a Long time studio owner, I have seen first hand,,ALL gear, is only as good as the operator,,,

    Like all the other suckers,,I signed up for their contest and got spammed to DEATH with plug in adds, had to Un subscribe,,just a marketing gimmick to harvest emails,,in 7 years this has NEVER happened with Kemper, They respect their clients,,

    BTW,,,,If it takes this long to get it to market,, god forbid, you should need service on it,,,,,,or the cloud should go down,,and,, its NOT been road/gig tested,,lets see in a year from now, how it works,who is using it,,,which pros take it out and count on it, gig after gig,, LIKE the Kemper,,

    Hoping for news from CK,,he will get my money,,,his Co. has earned my trust, completely,,

    AI is neutral. Like a gun. Its not the gun that pull the trigger and kill . AI is the future. Whether you like it or not. It can be used for many good things but also many bad things too.

    and I would bet the farm that once its turned loose, and gets into the hands of greedy folks,,,,things "WILL" never be the same, I agree...this is informative,,