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    Really great stuff,, Thanks so much,,,

    Kemper cured me of the endless tone search,, I thing I loved about my guitar heroes, was after 2-3 notes,, I knew it was them playing.,, they had a voice,, kemper has given me my voice, for better or worse, 7 years with the same basic tones, I'm still gassed every time I turn it on,,

    For some ,, its the gear,,, I get that, , but for me, its always been about making music and writing tunes, because,, that's what my heroes did,I bought their records and that inspired me,,so,,, another 1500 bucks??? I dont think so,,esp after going thru the helix, fractal, head rush, Moore,NUX, Red Truck,,I could go on,,,I've taken the Kemper Cure,,,it works,,I get a new amp every morning, with my coffee,,for free,,,,,( except for guitars, still cant help myself)

    I never been happier with a purchase,,and, I now have a great guitar collection, because i have STOPPED losing money buying amps,,,and then selling,,I wont buy one,till they hit the used market in a few years,,,You guys will surely let us all know how it sounds and works..cant wait to see some real side by side,,vids,

    ... 619 posts and almost 1 year later I think I will prepare a birthday cake from the same "hot air" this product has been made of so far.

    You can pre-order a slice now, the cake will be made with the latest technology and Quad layers of hot air Cream

    we will find out sooner or later,,

    if any of that might be true,,, Please put my name on the top of the order list???????

    My only beef with the kemper is my very bad eye sight and a bigger color screen would be FAB,,,

    but everything else is GREAT!!!!

    Thanks for the link,,,,gonna look into that,,The Dr Z stuff of course is a great start,,but lately I've been using a free Vox AC 10 twin, profile with a greer light speed, slap delay,, I get pretty close,,but I cant play anything like him,, in my opinion, he's a very under rated Monster picker and,, tone master,,( plus his singing and song writing ain't bad either)

    you must be missing something, Here are my last seven years worth of music done ALL with my Kemper,,,every tune here is my Kemper, bass, acoustics, everything guitar related,,I am very happy with the recorded tone,a few of theses tunes made it on to broadcast with no issues or re- mixs,, I am also a session guy/ studio owner/ giger,, Its all about starting with the right profile,and cab,, and then, TWEAK it LOUD,,, not at bedroom or studio volumes,,

    I tried both and they were pretty good with my les paul and I kinda knew that with the tone I was getting a Tele would be a better match, then tried the one called "Tele Morgan" with my tele and it was fantastic! I juiced up the delay that was with it (kind of a nicely done double)a bit and it was super fun to play! It recorded amazing also right off the bat. Hard to put down I played it for 1-1/2 hours! Real clear and "gingy" like I like a tele to be yet juicy and thick. Sounded great on the neck pickup too. The two rigs have different pre slots loaded.

    Thank you so much for turning me on to these Unclemar, at first I wasn't that impressed, but with the intended guitar it was great! I'm definitely keeping this on the top of a single coil favorite list that will be tough to knock off. I've been playing since 77 and have never went on a journey like this with a piece of gear. I just keep figuring it out and finding better and better amps that are the "sound in my head". Very cool. There are just SO MANY sounds in this thing!

    7 years for me and everyday I walk into the studio, and see it sitting there I smile,,Happy Holiday Kemper family,,,

    I agree,,DP 100%,,

    I will say most folks at home have no exp standing/playing on an open air stage , meant for 30,000 or more,,folks,,, and hearing you rig,when your 30 feet away from it,, compared to a small club with no stage and no PA,and everything in between, But if you can make you own, and be happy, isn't that what this was meant for?

    I've found that most home made/home done profiles while sounding great while noodling at home or studio. just don't work for me, on the job,,without much tweaking( not sayin they cant be) but there is no time on the job to tweak,,, So I keep a nice collection of pro profiles handy, and set up a performance as needed,plus RM's AC20,,pure GOLD!!!

    I know that a M.Britt profile, while maybe not someones pick for tone,, is most likely, stage tested,, buy a guy who has been there,and seeing most of my paying work is in the mod country vein,, it makes sense to me,,,and works,,for me,,

    I tried my hand at it,I own great amps,, I own a studio with everything you could want, but for me,just no luck( or skill) I get my profiles from the pros I trust, That's the beauty of this device, Use it as you see fit,Its a wonderful tool, for the working player like myself who goes from, one crazy gig,and session,, to another, ( at least I used too),, man I miss those days,,