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    they are both great units, I have both and use both,, if only I could mash them into 1 unit,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    have you tried all of these? it works for my rack,,…4MS5n3qMFeiz3hXjZULlf0dhM

    esp, this part,,,,

    KPA does not start anymore

    There are different reasons why the KPA may not start anymore.

    The most common thing is a corrupt rig e.g. after downloading a corrupt file

    To reset the last used (corrupt) rig do like this:

    • Switch the main knob to off
    • wait a few seconds
    • hold the 'Rig' key
    • while still holding the 'Rig' key - switch KPA to tuner

    If the above did not help:

    There are other keys to reset other parts of the KPA memory.

    To reset the (corrupt) Midi settings do like this:

    • Switch the main knob to off
    • wait a few seconds
    • hold the 'Quick' key
    • while still holding the 'Quick' key - switch KPA to tuner

    To reset the (corrupt) System settings do like this:

    (Note: All your system settings will be erased - but not your rigs)

    • Switch the main knob to off
    • wait a few seconds
    • hold the 'System' key
    • while still holding the 'System' key - switch KPA to tuner

    If the three options above did not help your KPA back to live, you may have a completly corrupted rig library or even the firmware may be corruped

    Check the sections below to recover from this.

    no matter how good the unit is,, if I cant see it,, I cant use it,and I aint using reading glasses on stage,for the love of god,, please,, kemper 2 with a big display!!!!!

    I luv my TJ and RM profiles,,still use the Morgan AC,,,

    as far as the sound of the units go,,maybe someone smarter then me can chime im in, but as far as I have read/ heard, these units dont have a "sound" of their own, maybe im wrong, I think the more power/speed it has, the closer it can reproduce what its given/or samples,,,,Its a profile player,,that can can altered it after its loaded,,,,, I would love to know, not that it matters,prob not that simple,,( but I am)

    I've been a kemper guy for over 10 years ,as well as all the others,,I have my kemper set up, in the quad,now,,I worked years to get it to sound and work the way I like,, I Use what I use now because I'm old,and my back is shot,,I'm mostly blind, cant read the kemper window, under stage light condions, or dark studio, without huge reading glass's, and it fits in a backpack carry on, had nothing to do with sound,but thats just for me,,kemper now has a home in the studio, and the others travel,,Love me a can dream cant he???

    I own a studio, so I have whatever one might need here,,also a hired gun so I need to cover whatever gig comes my way,,also have fractal, helix headrush/moore,, and some others,,right now the quad is killing them all. mostly because of size and the ability to take all my pedals inside it,and a huge color screen I can read without glasses,,Im a kemper man,, but, just cant read the little green screen anymore,cant get my reading glasses out during a gig,,,,loaded my fav kemper profiles into the quad,it works,,been here for last 5/6 years asking for smaller modern kemper, when /if it comes, ill be ready.I love my Kemper,but it sits in the studio now,,

    Dear santa,,,,I mean Mr Kemper,,

    I need a mini profiler floor board,no bigger then 12" by 8" by 4"ish,,,,at least 8-10 foot buttons,,,,built of alum,,,light,,rugged, water resistant,,,,with a sun visor,of some kind,or a back light option, (just cant see in bright sun filled stages anymore) that fits in a small carry on,,WITH a 20/30 watt mini amp built in,( like the mooer baby bomb) it must have hybrid mode,,,(presets on 1 row, stomps on the other row???,thats how I roll)

    with a 5 inch color touchscreen, and all the ins and outs of its big brother,and,,it does not need to make profiles, just store and play,

    I would glady pay up to a grand for it, NOW!!!!!!

    I just dont need anymore bells and whistels on the old kemper,It works just fine,,( other then transpose)

    Im old , back and eyes are shot,and just need smaller lighter, SMARTER,easier to see,, kemper,,


    with color pix/vid, coming in from mars, 5g phones,, super computers,profiling amps, pedals,, etc,,, why cant we get a transpose that works cleanly,, ??

    Just asking, not trying to be a wise assss,,,,,is it really that hard to move it cleanly a semi tone up or down without all the artifacts?

    I have a real silver klon,(Paid1650 way back in the day) and a Mosky golden horse,,( 35 bucks) with eyes closed and a little tweakin, no one can tell the diff,,

    In front of the Morgan,,its fantastic,,chewey, and when pushed acts the same as the real deal,,

    jus my 3 cents( inflation)