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    OK cool,,still cant get the pedal to control morphing, it works with the remote,
    just watched the vids, but cant seem to assign the mission pedal to morph, still at it,, went to system, picked pedal 6,on remote, plugged it into output 1 from pedal,just cant get it working,,
    Thanks all

    I have read all I can find, but I cant find the delays, I find the legacy,, but none others no matter where I look or what knob I turn,, no delays, could someone enlighten me? Thanks

    Yes it takes much longer to boot up,, and I was hoping for shorter boot times,,

    tried it both ways,, works/ sounds best coming out of the wireless into the Kemper,
    It really adds a little something / weight,to every rig,,, clean or dirty, just backed down the gain on all of them,,, ,,,, just what I was hoping for ,and it fit in the rack,,waiting on advice for the power supply,from [email protected]
    Just had another flawless Kemper gig , full year now,, no amp,
    thanks for all the great advice,

    The silver Klon always makes everything better,bigger,, at lest for me, its a shame not to use it,,
    just want it on all the time, but dont want it on the floor, I use a wireless in my rack so no cords other then the Ethernet to the kemper pedal,,,
    Would the loop work for that, maybe in slot A loop? locked? so it moves with all rigs?
    Thanks so much,,,,

    I would LOVE to have to have 2 delays,,I hope we will be able to put 2 back to back,,always had 2 ,, or more on my pedal board,giged last night with the kemper,, flawless, great tone,sound man again came up and gave me thumbs up,,So much nicer then being asked to turn down,,,,
    Happy Easter all, thanks for all the help,

    took a shot,, updated the OS,, all is well,, no bit crusher on restart,,everything is as I left it
    I am sure the Kemper team have their hands full right now , I am a happy Kamper,,
    So far. So good,,just updated Rig manager, see how the session goes tonite,,

    no offense intended,at all,,on the " crap Tone " comment,,,,
    but that's what the engineer said,, when he heard what happened,stopped my over dub,,and said,,," your tone is crap, what happened?" it was funny at the moment,,,,,
    I play mostly clear/clean,, stuff,, so when I step on the green scream for a little little boost , it sounds like lightning hit my rig and its cracklin like a almost dead TV,, I am sure that its a useful tool to some, but it destroys my track,, its annoying, and should not happen, two days later , I turn it on after saving all the last day of tracking,, and go to track, call up the rig,, step on the green scream and again,,,,,,gotta enter the green scream and hit save ,,because its the BIT CRUSHER again,,
    Just going to put up with it till 4 hits and see what happens,,
    all advice is very helpful, thanks all,
    Still,,,, this is the best money i have ever spent on a piece of gear,,,,
    BTW I found the perfect solution to me steeping on the loop button in the heat of battle, its a little plastic cap from a spray bottle, enjoy!

    every time I set up a stomp,, the next day I go to it and its the BIT CRUSHER instead, I set it to green scream, next day,, its back to the bit crusher,,,, driving me nuts,, anyone else?

    since the Kemper came, My tone has been 100% consistent every time,,, every gig,,, every practice,,,every session, I get way more studio calls now that I bring 300+ amps to the studio, I can carry way more guitars,,to sessions,
    For the first time in my life,( I am 62,) I have sound men coming up to me and saying
    " What the hell are you playing through? It sounds fantastic, I can get you way up in the mix without hurting anyone,, You can TURN UP a Little"
    ARE you KIDDING ME, no sound man has ever asked me to turn up,,,,
    I just smile and say,,,, Kemper....
    Thank you Mr. Kemper,,