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    then your prob out of the running for the give away,, like we were ever in it anyway, looks like a giant email phishing scheme to harvest mail adds, to send their plug in spam to,,how pro of them,bait them with a prize,,then spam them till the box is full ,,,2 today so far and its only 8 am here,, just the kind of Co, I have tried to avoid,Thank god for the kemper biz model,,

    Go try the tone junkie, 66 dual showman,,there it is,,,

    Im not waiting for anything,,,,but good things, from the Kemper team,, just keep coming,,

    I've never been happier with a piece of gear, or a company,The kemper hands down has been my best musical investment,ever,

    It brings a smile to my face every time I plug in, 7 years, never once let me down , stage or studio,

    It would be be impossible to complain about ANY aspect of this unit or Co,

    The very fact that they just "GAVE" us a ton more toys to play with,,, for free,,,,,(DUH) ,,,is mind blowing.

    Thank you CK and all at Kemper,Im all in,,

    My 2 cents

    As I Started out as a rock player,Dan was a MUST listen,took many lessons over his licks,,,, as guitar player,,and country guy,, I have followed Dan for years, jus thought most folks had heard of Giant,,my mistake,,I always assumed Dan had a lot to do with Keiths rock leanings guitar wise,seeing he was the producer and a monster player,,on some of his first studio efforts,,

    Btw.. its how I found out about Keith Urban way back when he got started,,

    thats all,,,I guess its a very big world out there,,,, music wise,,

    I have, but I'm curious why you ask?


    Mats N

    he produced some of his bigest tunes as well as many other acts,,based in Nashville,,Dann Lee Huff (born November 15, 1960) is an American record producer and songwriter.[2] For his work as a producer in the country music genre he has won several awards including the Musician of the Year award in 2001, 2004, and 2016 at the Country Music Association Awards and the Producer of the Year award in 2006 and 2009 at the Academy of Country Music.[3] He is the father of American singer and songwriter Ashlyne Huff and brother of Giant and White Heart drummer David Huff.

    Here is one of my all time fav tunes,, and solos,,,

    As far as I can tell unclemar s post was more about the guitars volume knob than about "hands"..which indeed is relevant.I mean for this thread.To be honest I always miss this part a lot when people dive into the OD pedal "controversy".

    Yes,, exactly what I was meaning, sorry for not being clear,, BTW I do not have my fists up,I am( was) just enjoying the conversation,, the dynamics of the player , In my humble opinion, greatly affect what happens in the signal chain,,,so the exact same test done by one person, with his guitar, pickups, picks,strings, cables, etc...... and touch, might not bring the same results, with the exact same settings, and another guy,Playing,,,but,, Im done here,, it was big fun, Thanks all for the cool insight,Still,,,, to this day, I have never head a piece of digital gear, sound, and behave exactly like the real analog gear,,close,,,very very close, but after all... it is what it is,, and real is real,, I will just be lurking,,,did not mean to offend anyone,its very hard not to,, these strange days,,

    In my years of studio ownership,,I have heard many times, two diff players plug into the exact same rig,, turn a few knobs, and sound completely diff,,

    Many of my budget sessions , I just set up a head, two pedals, and a 4-12, two mics, and cut tracks,for 2 players,,in the same band,with great results,One time a guy came in, did not like the set up,, pulled a Fender Pro Jr out of the back room, plugged in his strat, turned it on 10,, OMG,,he had his Vol knob thing down So well,,,,what a touch,,No Pedals,,, I have used that amp forever after that, still have it,My point is,, most of the tone, comes for the person playin, not the gear,,Just me exp,,cause I've also had my share of rich kids with their, EVH ,full set ups and matching gits, and sound nothing like Eddie( bless his soul)

    I'm lovin this,learnin a lot,,Thanks to all you guys for the passion to look further,,,,but for me... there are no rules,just great players,that make their own sound,,just saw and heard Jimi with a 3 pickup SG,and some weird amps???,,he still sounded like him,..funny how that works,,

    the ODs work great for me,,sound great,,very usable, Many thanks to the kemper team for more great stuff,,

    I am NOT a tweaker,,,,,,I have 3 profiles I use,for guitars, 2 for bass,,,that's it,same cab on both,( on the gt),,I look around,,and try diff ones,,I LOVE tone junkies stuff,,Mike britt,,etc,, but Im very happy, with my setup,,works for me, between the Kemper, and my Matchless,and three pedals.., i have never looked back and spend my time making music, not chasing tone ,,and gear,,

    I mean that Kemper Drive is not Precision Drive. Does it sound 100% like Precision Drive? I don't actually care. I can do that and more with Kemper Drive and more importantly, I can dial my sound with it. For me, that' what matters.

    Thus said, my hat goes off for those who are currently A/B'ing and tweaking their pedals and Kemper Drive. That is what R/D is all about and that keeps Kemper still improving, after all these years. My best guitar related purchase ever, hands down. I've been Kemper owner since 2013 and every year I have found better profiles, better little tweaks and my guitar tone has improved. Even to the point I don't actually need better guitar tone, finally I can focus just to playing and recording my stuff.


    AMEN,,, agree 100%