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    Thank you all very much for the help and tips! I'm very sorry I haven't replied earlier, I didn't have a chance to try things for a long time and then I actually forgot this thread for a while. Adding presence, that low shift / high shift thing and lowering definition all work nicely, some better with some profiles and some not that much with some profiles. I like that pure cabinet thing too, thanks for telling me about it! But yeah, some profiles are just not that good sounding to me but luckily there usually are more profiles from the exact same amp or a different one with eq settings better suited to my taste. Thank you again and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas or whatever it is you are celebrating!

    Joe :)

    Hi! I hope this is in the correct place, and I hope you will understand at least a little what I'm talking about because I am not a native English speaker and not very informed or able musician, yet.

    I've had my Kemper for about eight months now and I'm a little sad because I'm beginning to believe it is the only guitar amplifier I'll ever need and there's so many cool amps to buy and have... but there's this one thing that bugs me, this "wah" type thing in some profiles. I've read people talking about it and while I really don't know what it should be called I've understood that lowering amp definition parameter will help with that, and it usually will more or less. But I'd like to know why this is happening, I'd guess it's probably a thing with miking because it can be heard on some records too. A good example is this Green Day part at 2.04

    and generally probably the whole Kerplunk record. I've heard it on some AC/DC live recordings too. It's this autowah thing when guitar is strummed and when the sound is muted, gives me some kinda old Line6 or "digital" feel which I don't think real amp counterparts at least in so called "amp in the room" situations will do. Can somebody explain to me what is this thing and are profiles sounding like that generally badly made or are these things "curable" with EQ?

    While we are at it I've found out that usually those wahey sounding profiles are very "blanket on the speaker" or muddy sounding. Do I make any sense when I say that most profiles I feel are like this sound much better when adding presence or is it in my head? While presence as the whole word says should add presence and live feeling, am I correct to think that guitars in the mix, while of course lacking bass and vocal and whatever frequencies, are generally more less presencey? Then of course the tone I'm after while playing alone should have more treble and presence? I just mean that if most of the commercial profilers are making profiles for recording with a band they could be less "present"? I want to mention that TAF profiles don't suffer from these problems, they deserve all the praise they can get! :thumbsup:

    I really can't tell how my tastes in guitar tones of my own messing go because I lack comparison here with not much people to even talk about this stuff. But if you compare that Green Day thing to for example this Bogner Helios

    which is probably my favourite tone right now, or think about Slash for example, those tones are pretty edgy and bitey and have lots of presence, not muddy or dull at all, or with wahs.

    I'm sorry for the long rambling, I hope I made some sense. Be welcome to suggest me some badass present "Ultimate Plexi" profiles too, Young brothers, Van Halen, Steve Stevens, George Lynch, Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa etc. style tones without any autowahs or blankets on.

    Thank you very much

    Joe :thumbup: